Exercise for Chin

Exercise for Chin


          Beautiful and clean chin of a woman brings improvement in the beauty of a woman. Often, women ignore it. There are different kinds of chin as someone has small and someone big chin. Some has pointed chin whereas another has another shape of chin.  If your chin is small than the normal chin, you should apply light colored powder on the chin comparison to face. You can give a small shape to the large chin making a line on its lower edge. Make a point on the pointed chin with simple foundation and apply light compact. Apply dark foundation around the round shaped chin and apply compact. Many women suffer from double chin. The reason behind it is walking by bending shoulders and sleeping by keeping big pillow under the head. But sometimes, lean and thin women have this problem too. Good and attractive shape can be given to chin with the help of make up.   


  • Spread mat on the floor and lie on it. Keep your hands along with legs. Now move your head first towards left side and then right side. Repeat it ten times. Now, sit on the mat. Bring your head backwardly by exhaling slowly. Stay in this position for some time and then bend your face forwardly as much as you can bend. Repeat it 6-7 times.
  • Brandish your neck clock wise and then anti clock wise.
  • Speak loudly such letters as AEUBOYX as you get time. A kind of strain takes birth in the muscles of throat and neck by doing so. Thus, a woman can get rid of double chin. 
  • If problem is serious and there is no benefit after exercise, massage and improvement in meal, the last option is plastic surgery.
  • Many women suffer from hairy chin. There is thin hair on the chin of many women which keep on growing. Some women keep on uprooting these hair or cut with scissor because of which marks and spots appear on the chin. The woman can get rid of such hair after threading or bleaching. Electrolysis can be adopted for permanent treatment.


  • Always take such food which has fat in minimum quantity.
  • Don’t walk by bending shoulders and face.
  • Don’t use big pillow while sleeping. Make a habit of sleeping without pillow.
  • Massage chin with cold cream and coconut oil once in a week. Bring your fingers from neck to cheeks while massaging. Massage chin by patting its flesh. Pull the flesh of chin towards the right side by left hand and towards the left side by right hand.