Abnormal use of pranayama


Pranayama and its facts :

Scientists’ views about pranayama-

        The body has been considered a machine in science. The body is made of the mixture of carbohydrate, fat, protein, sulphur, iron, ammonia, phosphorus, calcium, mica, water and other elements. The body is called machine in science because as machine requires petrol or other materials for functioning in the same way the body needs water, air and food for functioning. According to scientists, oxygen is vitality. The benefits, which are obtained by pranayama, are the benefits of oxygen.

        According to researches done on the body by the scientists, our body is made of uncountable small cells. Activities whether physical or mental, which are done by us, keep on destroying these cells. There is a sensation of tiredness and laziness in every body part if these cells are destroyed on large scale. If new cells do not originate rapidly in the body and dead cells are not expelled out from the body, the person meets his death soon. The water, air and food are necessary for the production of these cells.

        Supply of the air is necessary in the body before the supply of food and water. The person can live for only some seconds without air. Hence, the air is the most important sustenance for the life. The person takes about 1 or 1.250 kilograms food once a day and drinks 2-3 folds water than the food for the digestion of food and for the nutrition of the body. However, more quantity of air than the quantity of food and water is necessary in the body. To complete this need of the air in the body, air is taken through the nose, mouth and pores of the body.

        Normally, the air, which is taken in breathing, contains 76% nitrogen, 20.66% oxygen and 0.4% carbon dioxide. When we exclude the internal air (exhale), nitrogen comes out with the air (which is excluded by us) soon. In the common condition of inhaling and exhaling activity by the creature, the body takes only 4.5% oxygen. However, the body can get 13.5% oxygen by deep breathing. Therefore, scientists consider that the body gets more oxygen by deep breathing, which is taken by the practice of pranayama by which there is an enhancement in the vitality power and functions of healthy body keep on running properly.  

        To prove this fact, Dr. Hisple researched on the long life and health of the people of ‘Newgini’ community. He found that the meal of the people of this community was normal and simple but they are happy, healthy and have zest and activeness. He found that people of that community do the practice of long breathing exercise regularly. These people get the strength of air by the practice of deep breathing. According to Dr. Hispale, two such types of micro germs is present in the air, which remain left in the body in the activity of long deep breathing. These germs change the nitrogen which comes in the body into protein by absorbing it by which people of Newgini community not only live a long life but also they remain healthy and active. Thus, Dr. Hispale considers that germs, which are present in the fresh air, are the vitality of creatures. 

        According to some scientists, micro atom of carbon-dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, sodium, magnesium, iron, ayodin, chlorine and sinicum in the air. When we take breath, we only do not take air or germs infect we also take fibers quantity of chemical and minerals, which are used by our body. These minerals and chemicals help to maintenance the body. Therefore, this is vitality, which presents in the creatures.  

        To know about the vitality, scientists have done several researches. In this reference, views of scientist are different. Thus, a group of scientists considers that hormones of ductless endocrine glands are vitality. It is clear that scientists have different views about the ‘vitality’. Some say oxygen to the vitality. In the same way, some scientists consider that chemical atom which is present in air is vitality and some scientists consider vitality to other things.

Doctrine of Shastras about vitality-

        What the vitality is? In this reference, doctrine of our shastras is based on our sensual sensations. As shastras are not in the favor that the body of human being is not made of physical and chemical elements in the same way oxygen, germs, chemical or juice activity are not considered as vitality in shastras. The vitality is considered as the combination of five elements (Panchmahabhoot) of the mind, memory and consciousness. In shastras, it is considered that vitality is conscious power, which is extended in the whole universe. 

        In april 1967, swami shri satyamoorti declared to take Samadhi by sitting in the pit of luvkush ashram by pranayama. He took Samadhi in the pit in luvkush ashram on the definite time. The pit in which swami shri satyamoorti was sitting was filled by falling soil. The pit was filled by the soil in this way so that there was no way of air. After one week when the soil was dig out for bringing him out, he was in the same position in which he was at the time of sitting of Samadhi. When doctors checked up him, they found that his body was cool and there was an absence of nerve in him. After some time, veins and nerves started their work and he started to take breath. After sometime, he came in the normal condition and started to talk and laugh normally. He called in his speech that he had gone in such types of samadhis about 142 times.   

        Doctor Macragigar has described such types of incidents in his grantha named ‘History of Sikkhs’. He wrote in it when swami haridaas was gone into Samadhi in 1836, he was locked up in a box and that box was buried in the soil. When the box was brought out after forty days, swami Haridas ji was in Samadhi. After sometime, he returned in his conscious stage and started to talk and laugh normally. All the people gathered there observed that incident.

        This thing clear out that vitality power is not a mixed reaction of oxygen, germs, chemicals or hormones of other glands. A person lives alive in the absence of these things like the pit in which Samadhi is adopted. Healthiness and happiness of the person proves this thing that vitality is extra sensory power. 

Description of vitality in shastras-

          The description of ‘vitality power’ has been done in our shastras. Description of vitality power and its health has been done on the base of shastras. Vitality has been called basic consciousness in atharveda and it has been described while presenting description about vitality-

Pranom virat prano destri

Pranam sarva upaste

Pranoha surya chandrama

Pranamahu prajapatim

        Viz. according to Atharva veda, vitality is ginormous and vitality is the motivator of all. This is the reason that all pray vitality by pranayama. Vitality is sun and another mantra has been described as sperm, strength, zeal, talent, luster, virtue and air.

Tejossi sahossi, vilamasi bhratossi

Devanam dhayanamasi vishramasi vishrayu

        Viz. o vitality, you are radiance (light) and you are zeal, strength and luminosity. You are the center of divine qualities and you are the movable world. You are the life of the world too.

        The sun has been called ‘vitality’ in centipede universe. ‘Pranom vai arkah viz vitality is the sun.

Sahestra rashmi shatdha vartamanah

Pranah prajana-mudyatyesha surya

The of several rays and which generates several kinds of creatures is vitality.  

Views of scientists about the ‘vitality’-

        According to astronomers (who study universe), the earth is made because of condensing group of elements which had been separated from the sun. It can be understood easily by it that all the things, which are looked on the earth as visible or invisible, electric, magnate sound, metals, sub metal, vegetation, river, mountain and all the desires originated in the human being, are in liquid gaseous form, which are flammable. Gravitation of the earth, magnate, electricity, light, sound, vitality etc. all are originated by the suns. All the incidents which happen on the earth and originated elements are changed by the sun. Therefore, the sun has been called the soul of the world and it has been called vitality power too.

It has been described in while giving description about ‘Vitality’ in Vrahadaranyaka Upnishad -

                Pranau vai valam

                        Pranau vai amritam

                Aayurnah praanah

                        Raja vai praanah

        Viz. it has been described in this upnishad that vitality is strength. Nectar (which gives life) is vitality. Vitality is the emperor of the whole world. Vitality is supreme.

         According to the author of ‘Vrahadaranyaka Upnishad’, vitality is the strength, will power, mental strength and self power of the body. Vitality is hope, zeal, health, energy, cheerfulness and nectar (which give life) for diseases-disorders, anxiety, desperation and people of dead hearts (who suffer from disorders). As nectar gives life to a dying person in the same way vitality power circulates new strength of the mind and soul, which ends by the sins and dead will power in the body. It increases will power and knowledge. The mind and soul become magnificent and glorious. It makes the life auspicious and immortal.

        Here, vitality has been called age because the person, who gathers excessive vitality in self by pranayama, not only gets long life but also he gets death according to his desire. Its example is found in Mahabharata. Bhism pitamah could become able in checking his internal soul for six months because of having excessive vitality power. Hence, it has been described in Koushitika that ‘Yavadwayisman sharire pranom vasti tabdayuh viz. there is a life as long as vitality is present in the body.

In the relations of age and vitality, it has been written about the vitality by the mantra of upnishad

Pranatavage cha khilvarmana bhutani jayante

Pranani jatani jeevanti

Pranam prayatyabhi sanchishanti

        Viz. all the creatures come in the world by this vitality power and they live in the world because of this vitality. Finally, they dissolve in the vitality after entering.

Sarvaniha va emani bhootani pranaseva

Misham vishanti pranambhyujjita

All the creatures of the world take birth from this vitality and they dissolve in the vitality.  

Soanyamakash praren vrhatyavishthavaya

Tadhashyamsmakasha pranena vrihatya vispabdh

Avam sarvani bhootani aapi vipilikabhya pranite

Vrahatya vishtavyani-tvevam vidhat

        Viz. the vitality is present in the whole sky. Vitality assumes the world and this universe is situated in the sky by this vitality power. The life, which is present in the all micro and largest creatures of the world, is vitality.  

        It has been expressed while giving description of vitality by saints that vitality is not limited to our atmosphere. The circle of air is present to some extant in the atmosphere of the earth. After that, the circle of a little air is present and after it, there is a vacuum sky. By this sky, a little can be guessed about the voluminosity and hugeness the vitality element. Thus, the circle of air has been described as told rapacious.

       Science accepts such things that air vacuum sky is not vacuum or empty. Uncountable stars are present in them, which are many folds bigger than the sun and there are splendid rays, magnetic rays and electric currents. In addition to, there is pure great vitality or vitality in it.

        According to a philosopher (one who can perceive truth) that vitality power is that eternal element which is originating because of the rays of several currents, magnetic rays and gravitation-aversion of electric waves and it is appearing in the form of different structures in the whole world by flowing there.

        There are some people, who consider the iota of sun as the base of the life. They believe that the element named hemoglobin, which is found in the human body, is ‘vitality’, which comes from the sun. This vitality power reaches in our body by the meals, water, air and will power.

        Some astronomers consider aashno-sphontic plazma as life power or vitality. According to them, there are 10 billions stars in our galaxy. There is a struggle or explosion of atoms of light with fast speed in the central region of galaxy by which, a type of plasma spread in the form of several streams by making different regions in the hollow sky. Electric magnetic streams and important activities as gravitation originate by it. So, the plazma, which originates after explosion is called vitality.  

        All the people look sun light and all feel the warmth of the sun. It is the reality of the sun. However, there is another micro existence in the sun too, which is unarticulated and invisible. This visible stream flowing with the sunlight all the time is called vitality. When this Mahapraan, which comes from the sun, reaches in the body, it is observed in the form of healthiness, zeal, luster, energy, spirit, sperm, strength and long life. When this vitality power changes into the will power by meeting with the mind, the vitality power, it makes the memory sharp and good thoughts, stability, patience and mind peace originates.

        When that vitality power reaches in the mind, emotions of the belief, wisdom, discretion, acumen, imagination, micro observance (the power of knowing the subtlety of life), pure thoughts, love, compassion and mercy originate in the mind. When this sun light reaches in the internal soul, the capacity of doing strange work originates in the human being. The capacity of getting supernatural power, which is present inside the human being, complete in the spiritual field by the vitality.

        Therefore, the life of all the creatures of the world eynosphetic plasma is the vitality element. Magnate, light, heat, electricity are its many forms and this divine energy is gotten from the sun.  

        Surya sarita mahaprana is not any imagination but it is invisible, unseen yet it is clear. This ‘Mahaprana’ has been looked and felt by the spiritual meditation by the Sadhaks of ancient time to modern time. The mantra of Aitreya Brahmin confirms this truth of mahaprana-

Apashyam gopamalipadhamanbha

Cha param cha pathimishchrantam

Sa sadhrichih sa vishuchirvasa na

Aanrivarti bhuvaneshvantah

        Viz, he describes by these mantras that I have seen the vitality clearly. This vitality nurtures to all the senses. Neither the vitality can be destroyed ever nor it dies. It is immortal and remains youth forever. The vitalities keep on running in the body by the different ways and nerves. It enters in our both the through the nose and mouth and then it come out. Gas present in out body is it too. It is the form of micro air and it is the form of sun situated in the universe.

       Where this worldwide micro liquid or gaseous power gathers on a place, consciousness-liveliness and brightness start to appear in much quantity. This vitality is rich quantity in the the human body. This is the reason that it is the apex of the world. A person has more thinking power, imagination power, qualities and strength than other creatures. This vitality is kamdhenu. The means, which completes our desires, is vitality. A person feels happiness by meditating this vitality. Therefore, this vitality has been called philosopher's stone.

        It is clear by the examples of this time that hemoglobin or aadnosphetic plasma, subtlety or gaseous liquid or vitality power, which is presents in the body in the vitality form etc. is a type of consciousness vitality. The sensation of micro emotion, which flows in the body, is its sensation. The name of fasciculation of vitality power is thought and it is the main cause of the movement of this whole world. The power of our thoughts depends on the fasciculation of our vitality.   

        The vitality power is not visible or has no sound waves but it is lighted energy, which is felt. It is the light of the energy, which is felt by the mind. Too much micro or fast vitality power can be gotten by any radio or machine. It so much vibrating that it cannot be caught by the bulky senses. This energy of light is fast and micro comparison to ultraviolet rays.

This energy has been divided into three parts on the base of the intensity of vitality according to saint Arvinda-

  1. Low leveled vitality
  2. Lower vitality
  3. Higher vitality

This vitality energy has been divided into three parts by another yogi-

1. Slow vitality

2. Medium vitality

3. Deep vitality

1. Slow vitality-

        The person, who has slow vitality, are not believable and they are broken by heart. Their life is complicated and irregular. Such types of persons live their life without any aim or target and they are slow in movement. Such persons have no attraction. They cannot influence anyone because they are flashed from the slow force.

2. Medium vitality-

        The person, who has medium vitality power, has more splendid and clear thoughts than the person of slow vitality. This type of person has attraction by which he gets success in his education, behavior and functions but the person of such type of vitality is ambitious. Such people do not have the power to control their desires. In such condition, such people keep on becoming the victim of the attraction, instability, impatience, confusion and self-struggle.

        Dilemma and aberration emotion of such type of person keep on destroying their concentration. Do the practice of making these vitalities stable on the single center according to their desires by pranayama. By keeping single type of will and emotion in the mind for long time by this type of sadhna, the sacraments gather and become pure and a great power comes into existence. A person becomes the owner of strong thoughts and strong vitality from the strength, which originates inside the person for getting desirable aim present in it after fixing the meditation towards that side.

3. Deep vitality-

        Such types of people viz people who possess deep vitality or strong vitality have much patience. They have good acumen power and cool emotion. People of such type of vitality are more effective and brilliant. Such types of persons have control on the mind and brain completely and are able in getting great successes of the life.

        It is clears by these examples that vitality is a divine energy and this energy is gotten by us from the sun. This vitality power keeps on changing in different types of energies. It keeps on expressing in the form of thoughts in people. Another form of vitality (which is acquired by the person) is thought, belief, patience and working capacity of the person. All the persons, who desire completeness, health, strength, siddhi (attainment) and fame, should gather at most vitality. Pranayama is a means and the base of getting all the progresses of gathering vitality. Therefore, vitality is attainable.

        The vitality is very microelement. It is called electric flow, vital flow and Brahma and kundilini power too. The world is a changed form of vitality. The vitality is God, world and original base of the personality development.

        There is not a deep relation of the healthiness with the vitality because many such persons, who are strong and powerful, are lazy, idle, ignorant, pessimism, sad, depressed and distressed.  Besides these, activity like electricity, energy, joy, hope, belief, zeal, brave and happiness are found in such types of people, who are scrawny. The proof of the quantity of vitality can be guessed easily by producing good emotions, proficiency and working capacity in the mind of the vitality.

        Spirited persons have strange luster, excessive devotion towards the work, soft thoughts and clear mind. The vitality of such types of people keeps on appearing from their organs, talk, behavior and gestures. The person, who has the lack of vitality, remain sad, disappointed, lethargic and discombobulated and keep on creating problems for themselves because of bad mentality all the time.

        The spirited person is self-confident, determined, jovial, virtuous, theist and has good habits. Therefore, it has been described in shastras -

Pranompi bhagvaneesah prani vishanuh pitamaha

Pranen dharyate lokah sarva pranayamam jagat

        Viz. the vitality is shiva, vishanu and brahama too. The vitality has been assumed the whole world in itself. Therefore, this whole world is lively.

Particular use of pranayama-

        Pranayama is not the exercise of the lungs and it makes not only the breathing system diseases free but also the mind is subjugated easily by it. Personal mentally problems and weakness can be removed easily by pranayama. Such type of persons, who have bad habits and they are not able in giving them up, can leave these habits by pranayama.

        The person can increase his good qualities by pranayama. By it, stability can be made strong by increasing self-confidence. Excessive vitality can be gathered in self by the practice of pranayama by which many types of diseases and disorders of other persons can be removed. Illusions and ill wills of the other persons can be ended from the mind by it. Their mind and nature can be changed by supplying the good emotions and morality. You can send your massage to other persons by pranayama. Pranayama is very beneficial for the person, who follows the rules of celibacy. Om om  

        If the parents of a child have become sad because of child’s bad company, bad deed and bad sacraments as disobedience, quarrelling, smoking, giving troublesome for all and other such bad habits. The behavior of such type of child can be changed by pranayama.

        A woman can make her husband soft natured and good by changing his wrong behavior and thoughts by pranayama. Pranayama not only changes the nature of a man but also a woman. The woman can be made moral, gentle and vidushi by changing her bad behavior and conduct. With the help of pranayama, a person can get free from such bad habits as drinking, gambling, stealing and meeting with harlots. The person can be benevolent, courteous and truthful by changing the nature.

        The mind can be made fresh and active by ending the gloominess, mental tiredness by pranayama. You can take unexpected help by the yogas of pranayama for the solution of different types of problems. The pranayama can be used for the development of the intellectuality and for the kind heart. Nowadays, incidents of ‘Heart-fail is increasing daily. In addition to, number of such diseases as insanity, hysteria, epilepsy, neural weakness, illusion and other such mental problems are also increasing daily. You cannot cure these diseases completely but you can control these diseases to large extant by the complete practice of pranayama.  

        The technique of pranayama has been described for the treatment of the diseases. However, there are some such uses of pranayama, which can be called miracle. The person, who gets this attainment (siddhi) by pranayama, is known by the name of siddha purush (person) because common person is not able in understanding its result.

        After awakening surya chakra, there is a possibility to do strange deeds, having control on appetite and thirst and involving in the practice of sadhna for long time without eating-drinking in the caves of mountain after getting excessive physical capacity. Involving in the practice of sadhna on the icy mountain without wearing clothes in winter season is possible by the practice of pranayama. A practitioner of pranayama can send his message everywhere and can enter into the body of other person with the help of pranayama.

Awake the surya chakra by pranayama-

        The pranayama affects the surya chakra. In yoga shastra, special evaluation of the sun is done in the six chakras. A name ‘Stomach, mind, has been given to it by the persons, who studied its important activities. This name is not wrong (which has been given by them) because it is the center of micro activities of this region.

        European scientists consider magical gland (Surya chakra) as the center of the micro and strong nerves. They exclaimed after testing such thing that all the body works are governed and controlled by this nerve. This chakra has control on all the activities, which happen in the body. According to them, development and origin of all the internal parts of the body depend on it.  

        According to yoga shastra, the surya chakra is the vitality cell and the electricity (which comes out from it) flows in all the nerves. This center is the store of the power of lustre, so the majesty of the person depends on the health. Yogacharya believe that a person has incomplete knowledge about the surya chakra. There is a need of more researches in this direction. It has supernormal power. It is so sensitive that a little attack on it can be the cause of death.

        Surya chakra is called the ‘Solar plexus’ in English language.  According to yogacharya, this surya chakra is present upon the stomach behind the heart throbbing and at the both sides of the spinal cord.

        Normally, this surya chakra remains in the inactive and dormant condition. However, when the practice of pranayama is done, lungs spread and when the massage of surya chakra is done again and again by the lungs, as warmth, energy, activeness and excite originate in the body parts by normall massage of the body in the same way surya chakra starts to awaken by the massage of the lungs. All the micro organs of the body get strength after awakening the Surya Chakra. The strength, which is gotten by the surya chakra, appears in the form of physical and mental strength. A new activity of the body starts by its awakening.

        Surya chakra is the store of power and it remains active until new strength keeps on circulating in the person and the person, who gets attainment (siddhi), keeps on doing many types of miracles. The person, who gets such type of successes, becomes able in doing supernormal works too. If the person uses this development power cell in his spiritual exaitation, he can reach on the high position of divine place after sometime. All the ways of his progress open. If the person uses the power, which is achieved by surya chakra for showing, he will run on the path of decline and there will be complete stoppage in his spiritual development too.

        Surya chakra is the center of too many powers. A person becomes proprietor of supernormal powers by awakening this power in the body, which is called siddha purush (person) in yoga. There is another cause too of the development of its power. On the base of theory of the ovum and lump (aund and pind), According it, as surya chakra or surya power is present in the body in the same way bright lump of the sun is seen in the universe. There is no end of its hugeness and brilliance power. Scientists and astrologers could not imagine guess about its powers.

        But, the persons, who have search the technique of getting this power have gotten benefits of such great powers, which is impossible for the common persons. Different only in shape is found in the suryas of ovum and lump (aund and pind), but all the qualities of suryas are same. Powers of the Mahasurya can be attracted on the base of the qualities of both the suryas. Yoga Darshana accept the relation of both the suryas. Scientific formulae have been directed for getting benefits from the planets in ‘Yoga Darshana’. It has been declared on the bases of their experience by the authors of Yoga Darshana that knowledge of all the world is get by easing up in the sun.

         “The visit of attainment (siddhi) can be done by easing up to the mind and soul in the light (which originates from the sun)”. After developing supernormal powers, impossible works can be made possible by this activity.

        Benefits and energy power, which are achieved from the sun, are the base of the life in this world. Scientists accept power of the sun and they are involved in researching for getting new physical strength because of that power of sun. Yogacharya of ancient time considered that brighten and enlighten internal sun for attracting sun powers and for getting powers in rich quantity. The internal sun relates with Maha Suraya (external sun) automatically by awakening internal sun.

        This micro relation becomes the cause of the awakening of internal power of a person. Piercing (awakening) of the surya chakra is done by pranayama, so pranayama is necessary to attract sun powers. The surya chakra is awakened only by pranayama. Sometimes such benefits have been observed by pranayama, which are unbelievable. However, such magical uses are possible only by pranayama. The person can open the ways of progress in all the direction after awaking the surya chakra by pranayama.

        As minimal source of energy is kept after gathering and is used according to need in the same way this sun power is gathered in surya charka near the navel. Then, the treatment of self, relative and society can be done by using those powers according to need. That ocean of the air, which is all around us, can be gathered inside.

Technique of gathering mahapraan-

        First, choose neat, clean, beautiful, peaceful and alone place for gathering mhapraan in self or you can do the practice if it on the open roof by spreading a bed sheet. Now, lay a bed sheet or mat on the floor and lie down on the back. Keep your face upwards. Keep the legs, chest, head and the whole body straight. Put both the hands on that place of the navel where ribs and stomach join to each other.

        The place, which is situated near the navel, is called surya chakra and the vitality is gathered in this surya chakra. Think that all my body parts are becoming light and cool my while lying by keeping your body light. Inhale through nostrils slowly and think in the mind that I am taking fresh air by the breath from the store of air present in the whole universe and this vitality (air) is gathering in the surya chakra while flowing in all the nerve fibers by mixing in the blood.

        Try to concentrate your will power on this emotion of the mind or try to do it with so much reality that fast rays of the vitality power like electricity start to appear clearly while entering in the body through the nostrils. Circulation of the blood in all the veins by capering and flow of vitality in the blood start to appear clearly. In this activity, the more strong the will power is, the more vitality (praan) can be inhaled in rich quantity. Thus, fill air inside as much as you can fill with such kinds of emotions.

        After that, stop that breath inside the body for ten seconds. Then, feel the fast light of the vitality by stopping breath inside the body. After that, exclude the internal air by the mouth slowly and think that all the disorders, poisonous substances and elements are coming out from my body with the air. In addition too, exclude internal air and stop it for five seconds outside. Thereafter, take breath through the nose by keeping the mouth close.

        Thus, the pranayama, which has been done with clean mind and thoughts, should be done at least for ten minutes. The practice of this pranayama can be done for half hour by increasing the time slowly. The point of light becomes much clear and bright as its practice increases.

Yoga for ending depression-

        After finishing above-mentioned practice, do the practice of this pranayama by sitting for five to seven times.

Technique of practice-

        For the practice of this pranayama, sit in squat position and take deep breath. Stop your breath for 5-7 seconds thereafter make the lips position like whistle and exclude the internal air. Keep one thing in the brain that internal air should be excluded with 2-3 jolts. When the internal air comes out completely, close the mouth, take breath through the nostrils and stop sometime. Thereafter make the lips shape like whistle and exclude the internal air with push. Tiredness, which originates by pranayama, disappears by this breathing activity.  

Achieving excessive physical capacity-

        A person gets excessive physical strength by pranayama. Therefore, it has been exclaimed for pranayama in yoga shastra-

Pranayamat pushta-gatrasaya budh-itejom yashobalam

Pravardhnte manushyata tasmat pranayama-macharet

        Viz. the body is made strong and powerful by the practice of pranayama. Pranayama is the sadhna by which intellectuality, luster and result are achieved. Therefore, the person should use pranayama for getting these benefits.

        Air fills in the internal organs and lungs of the body by pranayama by which the chest becomes broad and strong. Therefore, the divine power is developed in the chest by pranayama. The person, who gets siddhin in pranayama completely, can bear the burden of a car or other vehicle on the chest and he can lift heavy weight with the help of the chest. The person feels no weight on the chest by doing the practice of this pranayama. All these processes have proved clearly by Pro. Ramamurti. He showed several deeds of this kind. He used to do such kinds of deeds as breaking of irons and making the stone into pieces by keeping on the chest. These types of impossible works, which have been done by him, were possible because of celibacy and practice of pranayama. He got this siddhi after the practice of external kumbhak.

Getting physical capacity by pranayama-

Akanga Stambha Pranayama-

        All the body parts become strong, powerful and well shaped by the practice of pranayama. Excessive power develops in the body by its practice. It increases energy and luster in the body. So much strength originates in the body parts by the practice of pranayama that several people cannot move the legs of a person. Development of this type of miraculous power in the body is the characteristic of pranayama.

Technique of Akanga Stambh Pranayama-

        The practice of this pranayama can be done in any condition as sitting or standing position. First, sit in asana for the practice. Now take deep breath through the nostrils slowly and think in the mind that the air (which has been inhaled by me) is entering continuously in an organ and the weakness of that organ has started to disappear and new energy is producing in that organ. After that, exclude the internal air and think in the mind while taking breath. Thus, do the practice of this activity daily. In this activity, take breath in the body until so much strength may originate in those organs so that many people are not able in folding those organs. This type of sidhdi depends on the practice.


        In the practice, take breath inside the body until the air reaches in all the body organs completely. Hands-feet and throat should be filled with air while taking breath inside. The practice of it should be done in the supervision of any yoga guru.

Nadi Avrodh (Nerve retention) pranayama-

        A person gets so much control on the vitalities (praans) by the long practice of this pranayama that the vitality can be flowed in any part of the body according to his will. So much strength originates in those at organs in which vitality is supplied that such organs can do strange deeds. Such people have the capacity to do impossible works too.

Technique of Nadi Avrodh (Nerve retention) pranayama-

        The practice of this pranayama can be done in any position as standing or sitting. First, sit in padma asana for the practice. Now close the right nostril by the right hand and take breath through the left nostril. Take breath in the body until it reaches to the surya chakra. The will power of the person, who does the practice of it, should so developed that he may send this internal vitality power in any direction what he likes. When the person becomes able in circulating the vitality air according to his will, this practice is known Siddhi Pranayama.

        After filling air in the surya chakra, the person should try to flow air first in the direction of the chest and then towards the left hand. Continue this practice until the air puff or retention start to come or hardness comes in the nerve. After that, try to stop the internal air (which has been inhaled in the body) and try to stop the nerve completely. The practice of it should be kept continue until the person gets success in it. Long time is necessary in this practice. Its success depends on this process whether the sadhak has gotten the capacity to flow vitality (air) into any organ according to will or not.

        Thus, the blood circulation stops by circulating the air according to desire by which hands become blue or black. Numbness of the nerve in this body in the series of practice starts to fill. This is the last activity of pranayama. After that, its benefits can be gotten and other impossible works can be done. 

        To increase physical strength, the person can get these benefits by doing the practice of sahinta kumbhak pranayama, sarvang stambh pranayama, vayaviya kumbhak pranayama, heart stambh pranayama and bhastrika pranayama besides these two pranayamas.

Subjugation over the appetite and thirst by pranayamas-

        The appetite and thirst can be subjugated by the practice of Kanth-Vatta-Udara Purak Pranayama. Saints of ancient time used drink air (vayu pan) by the pranayama by which they had no need of the water and meals. They remained in the practice of sadhna for the long time while keeping the body healthy by this pranayama.

Technique of Kanth-Vatta-Udara Pranayama-

      Sit in the Singha Asana position on a peaceful and clean place for the practice. Put both the hands on the knees. Now, generate the air by the mouth with the high word while keeping the mouth closed and take this air in the form of droughts. Generate air by the throat and mouth while keeping the nose closed. The quantity of air increases in the stomach by the regular practice of this activity. In the beginning of this activity, filling the air into the stomach completely is not possible but the regular practice of it keeps on increasing the quantity of air in the stomach.  

        When the air fills in the stomach, the stomach becomes so big and it appears that the stomach is in the grip of flatulence. Persons, who do the practice of it, say that the practitioners of it have to do the practice mayura asana and sheershasan for half hour for emitting the air entered into the body by the practice. Mayura asana and sarvanga asana also can be done but the time of one hour is needed for getting previous condition completely.


        The practice of pranayama should be done after learning completely and its practice should not be done without any yoga guru. There is a possibility of harm in the absence of precautions.

To stop the hear speed-

        The heart speed can be stopped by the pranayama. The human may be died by stopping the heart speed. But, yogi is stopped their pulsation according to his desire. This possible by the pranayama and is a miraculous work. The human can stop their pulsation according to his desire by the regular practice of pranayama.

Technique of  Pranayama to stop heart beating-

        First, sit in Swastika Asana for the practice of this pranayama. Keep your neck, back and chest straight and tight. Close the right nostril by the right thumb and take breath through the left nostril (do the purak). After filing the air in the lungs completely, stop your breath (do the kumbhak). Now try to stop the heartbeat by the air pressure. It is possible only when the air is filled in the stomach completely. The chest is heaved by filling the air in the stomach and the person gets help in stopping the heart throbbing.  

        Stop your breath in the body according to your capacity. After that, exclude the internal air (do the rechak). Thereafter, take rest for sometime. Then, take breath and do the practice of this activity. In this activity, keep one thing in the brain that the air should not go towards the Brahamarandhra through Mahachhidra. If the mystification or senselessness starts to originate in this activity, exclude internal air (do the rechak). Heart beating starts to reduce slowly and comes in the position of stopping condition by doing the practice of this pranayama.


        The practice of this pranayama should be done in the supervision of any yoga guru. Keep air into the lungs carefully in this activity. Internal air (breath) should be excluded in case of senselessness by stopping breath. Keep one thing in the brain when the air starts to come up from the throat, exclude the air (do the rechak). Precautions are must in this case otherwise condition of deep unconsciousness can originate knowingly or unknowingly. The practice should be done in the presence of a person.

Special note-

        If the person becomes senseless during the practice, sprinkle water on the eyes, move the patient, rub the ears and speak loudly in the ears. In this activity, the eyes of the practitioner indicate about the senselessness before the attack. 

Fascinating power by pranayama-

        Fascinating power or miracle of hypnotism is possible by pranayama. Entertainment or other activities can be done by it too but the fascinating power should not be misused. This power can be used to cure diseases of other person and change the bad habits and nature. The person can subjugate any person by the fascinating power. If any person misuses this power, he faces many problems himself soon. The practice of pranayama is necessary to get this power. 

        Fascinating power is the will power of the mind. The mind is subjugated by gathering vitality power inside for getting fascinating power by which will power awakes. The mind and brain are concentrated in such way that they are in the grip of the person. The strength, which originates because of their (mind and brain) proper meeting, is called fascinating power. The yoga pranayama is necessary to awaken this power. This power is gifted by yoga power, which awakens only by the practice of yoga and pranayama. Many activities of yoga sadhna are done to get this power.

Technique of awakening the fascinating power by Trataka Pranayama-

        This pranayama is done by many techniques. For the practice of this pranayama, sit in padma or vajra asana in any closed room and a round mark can be made on the white paper equal to one rupee coin and keep it four and half hands away from the body for concentrating on the mark. The mark should be black or green or burn any lamp or candle and keep it on equal distance from your eyes. Pure ghee should be used for burning the lamp.  

Now, spread a bed sheet on the floor and sit in padma asana on the sheet. Make your mind stable and keep the body stable, keep your concentrate on the mark (which has been made on the paper) or on the flame of lamp or candle. In this activity, keep your eyes opened on that object (flame of lamp or candle or paper mark) until water starts to flow from the eyes. Close the eyes before the flow of water in the eyes. Then, rub both the palms together and touch to the eyelid gently. Thus, after doing this activity for 15 minutes, you will look rays in many points near the flame but keep your concentration on the point of previous light (flame).  

Now, remove your eyes from the flame and all the light will disappear by trying to look the light in the side of the flame. By looking the light by becoming stable for sometime, the light will return like before. This activity is considered complete when a person centralizes all the light in the middle of his inner soul.


        Do the practice of Trataka Pranayama in Brahamamuhurta or midnight. This activity should be done until inflammation originates in the eyes. Do this activity once a time in the beginning. Do not use kerosene oil or bulb for the practice of Trataka.

Special note-

        Do this activity on a peaceful place and keep your mind stable. It can be done on any other thing too instead of lamp flame as according to will, sit at calm place in the garden and your concentrate can be kept on the flower. After getting success in it, you can keep your concentration on the moon in the moonlight. If any person is treating by the fascinating activity and he is not habitual of doing kumbhak activity by the practice of pranayama, poisonous elements (which come out from the patient body) will reach in the person, who is treating the patient by the help of fascinating activity. Thus, the practitioner will become the patient in this practice.

Preservation and relevance from cold:

        One can preserve and remain far from cold by the practice of Agani Pradipta Pranayama. A person can remain far from many diseases and disorders, which occur in excessive cold. In ancient time, saints and scholars used to involve in tap on the mountains without clothes by it. They used to preserve the warmth of the body by checking the augmentation of cold quantity. A person gets so much warmth by the practice of this pranayama that sweat comes even in the cold season. Sweatin on the body is considered as the success in the pranayama.

Technique of Agani Pradipta Pranayama-

        First, sit in padma asana for the practice of this pranayama. Now close right nostril by the right thumb and take breath through the left nostril. After filling air in the body completely, stop your breath inwards. In this pranayama, stop your breath forcibly until yon can stop or your face and chest become red. After that, exclude the internal air. In this activity, if you feel mystification while stopping the breath, exclude the internal air from the right nostril slowly. In this activity, increase the activity of stopping breath slowly.


        The capacity of stopping breath should be increased in the practice of this pranayama. Otherwise, there can be a difficulty during the practice. If you feel difficulty while stopping breath, exhale through the right nostril.


        A practical of messaging viz-sending message with waves is taught to the psychology students at Oxford University. In this practical, a student speaks any sentence in his mind by concentrating his mind and other student who is sitting on some distance tries to understand the sentence what the first one speaks. There is sufficient distance between both the students. Number of things what the students understand or level of success by concentrating the mind in the activity of pranayama are noted down on a paper.

        Later on, they compare the successes of their experiments. In these experiments, only those persons get success who are able in concentrating their mind on a region and their mental system is much active or minute. A person gets much success in sending and getting messages soon if his emotions are active or perishable. It can be clear that waves of words are the minute waves of emotions. These waves keep on rounding around us. This activity is called telepathy in English language.   

Invention of telepathy-

        First, telepathy was invented in India. This telepathy was used in the Granthas, Purana and Upnishad of Indian Hindu religion. Saints and scholars in the Ramayana and Mahabharata era, used to talk with other saints by sitting in the ashrams. They used to know the mind of other people with the help of this learning. At that time, there were no telephones and paths were full of obstacles and difficulties. 

        This learning had been invented by the saints because of thick forest, little population and difficult paths. They used to accept the messages sent by the state or other saint by sitting in ashrams and similarly they used to send their messages too. This invention of sending message by telepathy is popular even now who use it for messaging their thoughts and other things to their students.

Utility of telepathy in modern time-

        In this modern time, this invention is useful even now when there are sufficient means of transport and communication. A person can send his views to another person and he can change and affect the conception and prejudiced mentality of other person about himself. In this time, it is very important for increasing the pleasures by getting other’s sympathy, cooperation and love. Break up between two persons can be joined by it.

        This learning can end hatred for anyone or entangled emotions. It is very useful in increasing the intimacy of one another. Much benefit can be taken within a few seconds by the help of telepathy. There is no need to spend a little penny in it. In reality, the biggest quality of this invention is that a person becomes lively, healthy and good. In addition to, it makes the torment cells conscious and makes the cerebrum powerful. Both sender and receiver get benefir by it.

Good use of this learning is essential-

       Communication of thoughts is called telepathy in English and hypnotism learning in tantra granthas. In medieval age, this learning was misused by which there was great loss of the society along with people. When this learning is used for harming others or because of the feelings of revenge, the vitality power of the person start to destroy quickly and mental system destroys. In the lack of intellectuality, his life becomes much troublesome comparison to before. Nature never bears the misuse of vitality power.

        A person, who misuses this vitality power, has to face his sin in the form of disease, rupture, troubles, disgrace, non-cooperation and powerlessness. So, this learning should not be used for harming others or because of selfishness. When its messages are used on others, the power, which has been used on others attack on the brain of the performer with double strength and there is a great loss to the fibers.   

        Weakness of a person becomes weak by it and he becomes senseless and against the attraction. Discretion and intellectuality of a person ends by it because several cells and nerves of the center of person destroy forever by burning because of opposite reaction. Hence, the process of sending message should not be done because of selfish feeling but it should be used for other’s progress. This learning should be used by having good thoughts, truthfulness and good intention.

Technique of sending thoughts to others-

        Sit in padma asana at a peaceful and alone place for sending massage. After that, pray desired God in the mind for sometime. Thereafter, do the practice of cadenced pranayama after meditation. The number of inhaling and exhaling should remain equal in cadenced pranayama. In this activity, keep one thing in the brain that the time of inhaling and exhaling should be equal. Thus, this activity is done for many times. In addition to, the activity of stopping the breath after taking and then keeping the breath out after exhaling can be done too. There are two techniques of cadenced pranayama.

First technique-

        First, sit in Sukha Asana for the practice of this pranayama and keep your neck, back and chest straight. After that, put your right hand in the left side of the chest and take breath within six seconds. Keep your hand on the chest and stop your breath for three seconds. After that, exclude the internal air (breath) from the body to six seconds slowly. Now stop the breath outside for three seconds. Thus, do the practice of this activity many times. The person gets siddhi in this pranayama within two months by the regular practice of this pranayama. Increase the time of inhaling and exhaling slowly. When you get success in taking breath unto 16 seconds, stop your breath inwards and outwards for eight seconds. A person gets siddhi in pranayama by the regular practice of this activity.

Special note-

        Do not hurry in increasing the quantity of breathing in this activity. The person should do practice as much as you can do for making the breath cadenced. The activity of inhaling, exhaling, stopping inwards and stopping outwards should be cadenced in it. Concordance in this pranayama is very effective element. A person does not get siddhi in it until he feels vibration in his body in this activity.

Second technique-

        After getting success in cadenced breathing activity in pranayama, you can do the practice of this pranayama without putting your hand on the chest. When the breathing activity (inhaling and exhaling) start to run easily, you can send your thoughts with good emotions easily. Now you can send your thoughts and massages in the mind with rhythmic easily by which there  is no breakage in the cadenced of breathing and the speed of breathing activity (inhaling and exhaling) keeps on running properly. According to people, who have tested this experiment, the frequency of cadenced massage is very high. It can be sent and heard everywhere.

System of sending massage-

        When a person, who gets this pranayama, sends massage to someone by it, he should make the picture of that person in the mind first and then he should tell to that person in the mind that “I love you very much, my heart has true love and good feelings for you. I believe on your magnanimity and generosity. I am sending this massage with my vitality flow to you (in addition to, say these talks in the mind)”. Say after that, I trust on you that you will understand my talks properly. The illusion, which you had from my side, has finished now. I started to love you again. I am blessed. Now, there is a good behavior between us again.

        Thus, imitate your information on the mind of the person to whom you are sending message. After that, tell those things to the person, which cannot be spoken by you before him. Information should be spoken with the soft and peaceful emotions in the mind. Speaking massage loudly or in excessive anger may be the cause of harm of the performer. Therefore, send only auspicious massages by it.

        After making excessive vital to yourself by this pranayama, you can get answer by it too.

Soul enters in another body by abandoning the first one:

        In the relation of condition about life after death, European extramundane researchers have composed their epics. This fact has been confirmed in “Bhagwat Geeta” too. According to ‘Geeta’, such type of bulky body is gotten in this world in the same way there is a same body too in otherworld. There are seven cells of this body. Three cells and one bulky body of extramundane body of the person remain here. There are eight-sub body and one lively body.

        He wanders in the father’s world by its cooperation. After sometime, four cells of the extramundane body of the creature destroy among the eight cells of extramundane body. In this condition, only lively body remains left by which he can go and come in any world. Deeds of a person confirm the inhibition of the world. Creatures, which do good deeds, have the right to live in higher worlds.

        Bulky body and vital body are different. It has been seen in the experiments of scientists on the base of its proof that the vitality remains active even after the destruction of body.

        The description of an incident has been given in the book “Aap Amara hain’ by famous Tibetan yogi ‘Lama Shri Lavasanga Rampa’ in which the head of a traitor had been separated from the body in the revolution of France. Even in this condition, the mouth was jabbering. The record of this incident is safe in France.

        Several experiments had been done by American scientist of atoms named smt j.c. trust and colonel Town shade. They had full control over the body by the practice of pranayama. Once, they separate their body from the vitality (praan) before three scientists. They were declared dead after the examination of doctors because the movement of the heart was stopped and there was no movement in the veins and blood. There was tightness in the veins and coldness in the body like a corpse. So, doctors declared them dead. Later on, they brought their vitality (praan) in the body and return in lively life.  

        Such kinds of incidents and examples clear that there is an invisible body too like physical body, which is more important than this body.

        Dead bodies are not burnt in Egypt and china but the dead bodies are kept safe in some definite chemical practical, which remains safe for long time and there is no decay in the body. Dead bodies kept in the coffin are called mummy in the local language of these countries. They think that the soul comes to see their bodies. These activities are the activities of lively body.  

        The soul (body vitality) remains active even after the destruction of physical body. For proving this fact, there is an example- the light of a bulb appears spreading around the bulb but we know that the light is not in the glass but it remains only its support. Light remains present in the case when the glass is removed but it does not appear and its atoms remain active too. As the light does not appear after removing the glass in the same way activities of body vitality keep on appearing with the support of physical body. Activity of body vitality remains active even after the destruction of physical body. Body vitality does not destroy with physical body. The existence of body vitality is quite different comparison to physical body.   

Body vitality is quite different comparison to the physical body and several examples of it can be given as-

        A creature named pailelo is found near the samao island in the pacific ocean. This creature is rare. This sea creature makes its abode in water drowning rocks. It remain in the water throughout the whole year but when the moon is half and the tide is low, it comes out in the month of October and November and lays eggs on the surface of water and returns on the original place. The strange thing is that this creature does not come with complete body on the surface of the water but it leaves some of its part in its abode. It brings as much portion out of water as is needed for swimming and laying eggs. The body lying on the earth remains like dead body. Its body is divided into two separate parts. After laying egg on the surface of water  it returns at its abode and joins its alive body with the dead body. thus, dead body becomes alive and blood circulation of both the parts starts to circulate equally. Thus, the whole body becomes active.

        Another example of this kind of body vitality as a creature named tadigraph. The size of this creature is half inch long. When this creature does not water, it dries completely in the sunlight and no symptom of life or vitality (praan) presence. Yet, it is alive. Beside it, if we cut into many pieces and keep in a pot in which there is liquid named helium, the creature becomes alive again.      

        It is clear by these examples that the existence (righht) of vitality body is quite different from the physical body. The body vitality (praan) can play an important role in the physical development of human being. Physical body is temporary but the vitality (praan) body remains present in the long journey of getting salvation to the last moments.   

        Body vitality (soul) cannot be observed by these eyes directly. There is a strange movement and activeness in the soul of body vitality because of which assuming its power is not possible. The body vitality has capacity to enter into the second physical body because of its minuteness. Several examples have been given in which yogis had entered their vitality into other physical body.   

       Shrimad aadhya Shankaracharya ji interjected his soul in the body of others. He interjected his soul in the body of king sundhava after his death. Shrimad Aadhya Shankaracharaya had given the responsibility of the safety of physical body to his students. When king sundhava became alive again, Kulguru considered that any great soul was present in the body. king sundhava ordered that there should be no dead body in his state and burn the dead body if there is any in the state so that the vitality (praan) of Shrimad Aadhya Shankaracharya may remain in his body. such several miracles are seen by us in which a yogis was seen on two places. Saint had saved the life of their pupils who are in the misfortunes by interjecting their souls in their bodies.

        Such examples is found in an china epic how can vital cell (praanmay kosh) separated from the physical body (annmay kosh) with the help of pranayama. Shri Mulgen created an epic named “Projection Of The Body”.    

        This thing clears that pranayama is a scientific and magical legislation by which body vitality can be separated from the body. after knowing the technique of separating physical body from the vitality body, a person can help his friends sitting thousands miles away and can make body vitality can be made active and lively by his power. getting such kinds of success is possible by pranayama and the person who gets success in pranyamya can get great success in the life of a person.   

Fyling in the sky is also possible by the help of pranayama and below mentioned things has been called in Shastras -

Pranayamatatkheratav pranayamadarogita

Pranayamachchhaktibodh pranaya manmanonmani

Aanando jayate dhitte pranayami sukhi bhaveta

        In other words, a person can fly in the sky by pranayama. The person can feel that he is flying in the sky like birds by it. A kind of agitation is awakened in the body of a person. Its practice is imbued and he gets mental happiness and pleasure.