Air Therapy

Fresh air is essential for good health. So Air therapy is a very good treatment pathy to cure diseases.

Air is the second important element among all the five elements- sky, earth, water and fire. Water is life and air is the soul of human being. Our heart starts to puzzle if we do not inhale breath only one minute. Soul disappears from our body if breath is not taken for sometime. Therefore, air is very essential for life. A person takes breath 16-18 times in minute. A person takes from 25 to 30 cube inch in a time and 32-36 pound air is necessary in a day. Muscles more than one hundred are involved when a person takes breath one time.
We inhale 7 multiple air into our body than the meal taken by us in a day. The air inhaled by us round more than 15 square feet when we take breath once. Lungs has 60 cube inches air always and we exhale 25-33 cube inches air. Atmosphere of the whole world is surrounded in the distance of 300 miles.....................