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Ashoka Tree (Ashoka*) 

Acacia Tree (Babool*) 

Almond (Badam*)

Asafoetida (Hing*)  

Aconite (Vatsnabh*) 

Airissp (Pashan Bhed*) 

Asiatic-Greevia (False*)

Alum (Fitakari*)

Aganosma Dichotoma

Alocasia Indica

Alkali (Sajjikhar*)

Aniseed (Shonph*)

Andropogan Citratis

Atropa Belladonna

Arrow Root (Ararot*) 

Ailanthus Excelso

Amomum Aromaticum

Aconitum Palmatum


Asparagus Abscendens

Albizzia Lebbeck Benth

Asiatic Greevia

Anti-Poison Amaranths

Ammania Baccifera

Admant Creeper


Aconitum Falconeri Stapf

Arabian Lavender

Acacia Concinna

Asparagus Gonoclodos

Acacia Concinna

Atlternanthera Sessillis


Asparagus (Haliyoon*)

Apricot (Jardalu*)

Alhagi (Javasa*)

Anagallis Arvensis

Andropogon Jwarancusa

Aloe Americana

Azima Tetracantha

Aerua Lanata

Acacia Senegal

Arjuna Myrobalan

Arabian (Billilotan*)

Asteraceae (Gorakhmundi*)


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Apple is an ancient fruit because it has been described in the literature of China, Babylon and Egypt. It has many kinds and every kind has a different taste, size and colour.Introduction: Apple is a fruit which has a supreme position among all fruits. Mostly, it is grown in Europe and cold and hilly area in Asia. Several proverbs are famous about the apple like- if a person eats an apple at night before going to bed regularly, he never goes to a doctor. Here it means to say that the person remains far from all diseases. Its tree is not very big. There are many kinds of apple in which these ten kinds are popular. The name of these kinds are as Golden dilision, Prince Albert, Charles rose, Newton wonder, Bemlae sidling, Lakestan superb, Blenheim orange, Orange pippin, Red soldier and American madur. Apple is used for preparing pickles, compotes, sauce and syrup.  

Structure: Apple is an ancient fruit because it has been described in the literature of China, Babylon and Egypt. It has many kinds and every kind has a different taste, size and colour. In modern era, about 7,000 kinds of apple are found all over the world.

Mostly, apple is grown on hilly areas of India. Mostly, it is grown in Nainital and Almoda.Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir and Garhwal. Kashmiri apple is very famous in India. Its crop is considered an occupational crop in India. It is grown at the height of 6,000 to 8,000 feet on hilly areas. It seems hard outwardly but its peel is soft and pulpy from inside. The sphericity of its fruit is from 5 to 8 centimeters in round circle.

Nature: Its taste is sour and sweet. This type of apple is also considered the best. It eliminates bile and gas trouble. It quenches the thirst and strengthens to the intestines. It is good remedy in bascillary amoebic dysentery. The upper peel of the apple is sweet in taste. Apple should not be eaten by peeling because its peel has many nutritive elements. The pieces of apples taste sweet if they are eaten by keeping in sugar. Its use on empty stomach in the morning regularly is very beneficial. It is considered a good remedy to control high blood-pressure. Apple eliminates poisonous elements out from the body. Eating apple regularly makes the tooth and gums strong. Cut an apple into small pieces and put them in a china pot or glass pot. This pot should keep in the moon light. Eating these pieces twice a day for one month regularly makes a person’s body strong and healthy.

According to Scientists: Apple contains glucose, carbohydrates, potassium, phosphorus, iron, ether, maelic acid, listhin and other minerals. It also contains vitamin-B and C. Apple contains tartaric acid so it digests  within an hour and also digests the meal quickly.

According to Greek people: Apple provides energy to the heart, mind, liver and stomach. It increases appetite. Skin of the face gets a new lustre.

The elements which are found in apple:-

Element                    Quantity

Protein             :       0.3 percent

Fat (Vasa       :       0.1 percent

Carbohydrate   :       9.5 percent

Water               :       85.9 percent

Vitamin-B         :       40 percent

Calcium            :       0.01 percent

Phosphorus      :       0.02 percent

Iron                   :     1.7 milligrams /100 grams

Copper             :       In a little quantity

Vitamin-C         :       In a little quantity

Precautions: 1-3 apples can be eaten at one time. It should not be taken during hoarseness and by the singers.

Apple contains phosphorus which is the cause of burning sensation. It is the element which makes the stomach clean and strong.

  • Cut 2 apples into small pieces and pour half liter boiling water on them. Filter this preparation after cooling and mix sugar-candy if there is need in this mixture. It is tasty and nutritive syrup of apple. This syrup provides strength and energy to the heart, mind, liver and other organs of the body by mixing with the blood.
  • If someone has been suffering from decayed tooth, hollow teeth and gums’ swelling, he should eat apple after the meals regularly. Its use makes the tooth and gums strong.

For reading tips click below links     Apple is useful in different diseases
1.     Catarrh:


    If a person suffers from cold and catarrh caused by brain’s disability and no medicine has been proving beneficial, he should eat an apple before having meal without peeling. It ends the weakness of the brain consequently the person does not become the victim of cold and catarrh.
    2.     Cough:


      Mix sugar-candy in one glass juice of ripe apple and drink in the morning regularly. Its use provides relief in chronic cough.
      3.     Dry cough:

      Dry cough:

        Eating ripe and sweet apple regularly is useful to get relief in dry cough. Taking apple compote (Murabba) or apple juice daily provides relief in mental problems, cold, cough and tuberculosis.
        4.     Typhoid:


          Eating apple compote regularly for 15-20 days is beneficial in typhoid. It is also good for heart weakness.
          5.     High blood pressure:

          High blood pressure:

            Eating 2 apples daily is very good remedy for those patient who are the victim of high blood pressure.
            6.     For good memory:

            For good memory:

              Regular use of apple enhances the memory power and ends the weakness of the brain as well as ligaments. Eat 1-2 apples (without peeling) before 15 minutes of the meals.
              7. Stone:


                If there are stone after operation, the victim should drink apple juice. Its use stops the growth of the stone and the stone comes out after grinding in small particles through urine. Its use purifies to the kidneys and gets rid of them from pain. If a person eats only apple regularly for some days, the stone will come out itself. If the patient feels excessive hunger, he should eat other fruits and vegetables.
                8. Diabetes mellitus:

                Diabetes mellitus:

                  Eating apple is good remedy in diabetes mellitus.
                  9. Insomnia:


                    A person sleeps deeply by eating apple compote. Eating apple before going to bed is helpful in sound sleep.
                    10. Addiction of wine:

                    Addiction of wine:

                      Taking apple juice many times a day or eating 1 ripe apple thrice a day gets rid of the habit of wine. Eating apple during intoxication ends intoxication. Apple juice also can be drunk. Taking apple with meals also abolishes the habit of wine drinking.
                      11. Anorexia:


                        Mix sugar-candy according to taste in one glass apple juice and drink it regularly for a few days. Its use is good to get rid of anorexia. The patient feels good appetite. Knead flour with the juice of sour apple and make breads. Eating these breads daily is also beneficial.
                        12. Malaria:


                          Eating apple provides relief soon in malarial fever.
                          13. Stomach diseases of the stomach:

                          Stomach diseases of the stomach:

                            Giving apple to the child regularly is useful to cure all the diseases of the stomach.
                            14. Infantum Diarrhoea:

                            Infantum Diarrhoea:

                              If a child fails in digestion milk or vomits milk just after sucking, milk should not be given to the child for drinking. Apple juice should give to the child to take in place of milk. Its use provides relief in vomiting and diarrhoea soon. Its juice is also beneficial in chronic loose motions. Apple juice is also useful in loose motions along with gripping. It also stops blood diarrhoea. Apple should be eaten without peeling in loose motions. Apple compote is beneficial in loose motions. Peel an apple and cut into small pieces and boil them. Give half cup of milk after each an hour to the patient to drink. Its use stops loose motions.
                              15. For strong lever:

                              For strong lever:

                                Eating apple is beneficial in liver problems and its use provides strength to liver.
                                16. Sores and swelling of the intestines:

                                Sores and swelling of the intestines:

                                  Drinking apple juice daily provides relief.
                                  17. Constipation:


                                    • A person gets rid of constipation by eating an apple on empty stomach. Its use after meal creates constipation. Its peel is purgative. The victim of constipation should eat an apple without peeling.
                                    • Eating apple, grapes or papaya breaks constipation.
                                    • The use of apple with peel on empty stomach in the morning breaks constipation.
                                    18. Worms of the stomach:

                                    Worms of the stomach:

                                      Eat 2 apples before sleeping at night regularly at least for 7 days. The worms of the stomach will come out with stool after destroying. Water should not be drunk at all during night after its use.
                                      19. Moles and warts:

                                      Moles and warts:

                                        Apply the juice of sour apple on the warts. The warts start to fall by breaking into small pieces.
                                        20. Fever:


                                          Mix 4 grams bark of apple tree and 200 grams leaves of its tree in boiling water. Thereafter cover this preparation for 10-15 minutes and filter. Mix juice of one lemon piece and 10-20 grams sugar in it. Take this preparation to get relief in nervousness, burning sensation and exhaustion caused by fever. It quenches thirst and abates fever caused by liver problems. It is antipyretic and the person lives happy.
                                          21. Disturbances in digestion:

                                          Disturbances in digestion:

                                            Toast an apple on cinders then eat. Its use normalizes digestion system.
                                            22. Retention of stool:

                                            Retention of stool:

                                              The patient who has been suffering from retention of stool will get rid of this disease if one apple is taken at night. The stomach will be soft.
                                              23. For clean and shiny teeth:

                                              For clean and shiny teeth:

                                                Mix a little baking soda in apple’s juice. Rub this mixture on the tooth to stop bleeding from the tooth. Its use will be very beneficial for strong tooth and there will be no foul smell in the mouth.
                                                24. For good health:

                                                For good health:

                                                  Mix honey in the fresh juice of apple. Taking this mixture is very beneficial for good health. Its use will show its result within a few days.
                                                  25. Tooth problems:

                                                  Tooth problems:

                                                    Mix baking soda in apple juice and rub it on the tooth twice or thrice a day. Its use provides relief in tooth bleeding and other problems of the tooth.
                                                    26. Cough:


                                                      Drink the juice of ripe apple mixing with sugar-candy every morning. Its use stops cough.
                                                      27. Gastric ulcer:

                                                      Gastric ulcer:

                                                        • Prick a large number of cloves in an apple and keep for 40 days. Thereafter all cloves should egest and put into a bottle. Gastric ulcer heals up by sucking one clove after having meal.
                                                        • Cut an apple into small pieces and soak them in 250 ml warm water then cover them for 15 minutes. Wring these pieces and filter. Taking this mixture mixing with 2 spoons honey provides relief in stomach ulcer.
                                                        • A thin layer covers on the digestive organs by drinking apple juice which protects us from infection and offensive smell. Its use remains far a person from stomach gas, offensive smell of the small intestines and rectum. Drink lukewarm water after taking apple juice to get relief in intestinal wound and swelling.
                                                        28. Gums problems:

                                                        Gums problems:

                                                          Eat one apple after the meals regularly if a person has been suffering from tooth and gums’ problems. Its use provides a lot of relief.
                                                          29. Vomiting:


                                                            Mix rock salt in the juice of raw apple and make the patient drink. Its use stops vomiting.
                                                            30. Loose motions:

                                                            Loose motions:

                                                              • Give apple juice to the child to get relief in loose motions and vomiting caused by having milk.
                                                              • Cut an apple into small pieces and pour warm water on them. Thereafter, wring these pieces and mix honey in this juice mixed water. Give this mixture to the patient in loose motions and vomiting to get relief.
                                                              • Regular use of apple compote (Murabba) stops loose motions.
                                                              31. Urinary problems:

                                                              Urinary problems:

                                                                Drink apple juice regularly to get rid of diabetes mellitus and kidney ache. Its use also removes the stone of urinary bladder.
                                                                32. Weakness:


                                                                  • Regular use of an apple provides strength to heart, brain and stomach. Its use also ends the weakness.
                                                                  • Eat 2-3 apples followed by sweet and hot milk in the morning. Its use ends the weakness of the body.
                                                                  33. Liver problems:

                                                                  Liver problems:

                                                                    Liver becomes strong by the regular use of an apple.
                                                                    34. Over thirst:

                                                                    Over thirst:

                                                                      Mix water in apple juice and drink. Its use quenches thirst. The person of gaseous nature should not drink apple juice.
                                                                      35. Obesity (Fat):

                                                                      Obesity (Fat):

                                                                        Prepare scrap by taking equal quantity of apple and carrot with the help of scraper (Kaddukas). Eat this scrap as much as you can. Nothing should be taken for two hours after its use. It reduces body weight. Its use increases agility and brings attractiveness and beauty.
                                                                        36. For increasing fatness:

                                                                        For increasing fatness:

                                                                          Grind equal quantity of apple and carrot with peels together. Taking this preparation after lunch increases fat and the person gets rid of weakness.
                                                                          37. All stomach diseases:

                                                                          All stomach diseases:

                                                                            Give an apple to the child 1 to 3 times a day. Its use provides relief in all the diseases of the stomach.
                                                                            38. Stomach worms:

                                                                            Stomach worms:

                                                                              Eat an apple at night followed by water regularly for some days. Stomach worms will come out with stool.
                                                                              39. Insomnia:


                                                                                Take about 10 to 20 grams powder of apple tree’s root twice a day. It is beneficial in insomnia.
                                                                                40. Migraine:


                                                                                  Eat half an apple on empty stomach in the morning regularly. The patient gets rid of migraine forever.
                                                                                  41. Unconsciousness:


                                                                                    Give the juice of a ripe apple mixing with sugar-candy to the patient. Its use breaks unconsciousness.
                                                                                    42. Fast heartbeat:

                                                                                    Fast heartbeat:

                                                                                      Mix 10 grams honey in 100 ml apple juice and drink. Its use makes the heart pulsations normal.
                                                                                      43. Facial freckles:

                                                                                      Facial freckles:

                                                                                        Mix gram flour, sandal powder and turmeric with a little pulp of an apple to prepare a paste. Rub this paste on the face gently. Its use gets rid of acnes, flecks, wrinkles and freckles of the face.
                                                                                        44. Skin diseases:

                                                                                        Skin diseases:

                                                                                          Grind an apple and apply its juice on the skin. This juice is very beneficial in several skin diseases.
                                                                                          45. Heart weakness:

                                                                                          Heart weakness:

                                                                                            Eat an apple or apple compote regularly, it ends heart weakness and enhances the body power.
                                                                                            46. Skin diseases:

                                                                                            Skin diseases:

                                                                                              • Skin diseases disappear by eating an apple regularly.
                                                                                              • Make paste by grinding one apple properly and apply it on the face with gently. Wash face after 10-15 minutes with lukewarm water. Its use is very beneficial for oily skin.
                                                                                              47. Heart disability:

                                                                                              Heart disability:

                                                                                                Eat an apple daily to end the weakness of heart.
                                                                                                48. Insanity:


                                                                                                  Take the powder of Indian penny wort mixing with apple syrup. This medicine is a good remedy for the treatment of insanity caused by warmth.
                                                                                                  49. Ringworms of the head:

                                                                                                  Ringworms of the head:

                                                                                                    Cut an apple and sprinkle rock salt on it. Take this apple to get rid of headache. Its use ends the headache forever within a few days.
                                                                                                    50. Weak memory:

                                                                                                    Weak memory:

                                                                                                      Eat 1-2 apples (without peeling) before 15 minutes of the meal. Its use enhances the memory of the students.

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