Artificial respiration



        Artificial respiration is needed to anyone only when he/she is suffered from dangerous accidents like- drowning in water, suffocation, hanging down or getting electric shocks, etc. when the breathing of the suffered person is stopped or he/she feels difficulty in breathing due to these reasons, his/her stopped breath is made normal by giving artificial breathe (respiration). Today as the numbers of accidents go on increasing day after day, everyone must have the knowledge about primary treatment (first aid).  

Process of giving artificial breaths- If you have to give artificial breath to anyone in case of any accident, first of all make all his/her clothes loose. If anything is present inside his/her mouth, remove out. If the sufferer is feeling cold, cover his/her body with blanket and give warmth to his/her body through the bottles of hot water.

        Process of giving artificial breaths should be kept continue until the sufferer starts breathing normally. Sometimes, it may have to be continued for 8 hours. you should need to check the sufferer even after becoming his/her breath normal, because his/her breath may stop again possibly and you may have to give artificial breath again. 

Methods of giving artificial breath- artificial breath can be given to any sufferer by follow four methods-

1. Shaffer’s method.

2. Silvestre’s method.

3. Lab rod’s method.

4. Raking or Eve’s method.

Shaffer’s method- if you have to give artificial breath to any sufferer through Shaffer’s method, first of all make all his/her clothes as loose so that the body parts could get fresh air. After that, make him/her lie down on his/her stomach and turn his/her head towards a side. Spread his/her hands as straight towards the head. If the surface is uneven, keep a piece of clothe under the head. Then check his/her mouth, if you find anything that may create difficulty in breathing, remove out and clean his/her mouth and nose.

        After that, you should need to sit on you knees near the waist of the sufferer or bring both the thighs of the sufferer closed to your knees and then keep both your hands on the lower ribs of his/her back in such a position that both your thumbs could come on the middle section of his/her back i.e. on the vertebral column (spines) and your fingers remain little separate and bended towards shoulders. One thing should be kept in the mind that the palms are not present neither too outer nor too closer to the spines. The palms, as far as possible, should be kept at the distance of 2-3 inches from the spines. While giving pressure on the back, your arms should be straight completely. You should need to keep your arms from shoulders to palms as a straight line.

        Now, bend yourself little forward along with keeping both your hands as strong so that pressure could fall on the sufferer’s back properly. But in this case, you should give pressure only by your weight, but not apply extra force with the use of your muscles.

        By giving pressure on the back like this, pressure also falls on the lungs of sufferer resulting air filled in the lungs is come out. In case of drowning, water filled in lungs is also come out with air.   

        After that, you should make you pressure loose with ease, but your hands should be present on the back. By doing like this, air will come again in the sufferer’s lungs. This type of activity should be done in the same manner 14-15 times in a minute.

        Before stopping, take a rest for 2-3 seconds and then give pressure again. This method should be continued until the breathing of the sufferer became normal.

        After becoming the breath of the sufferer normal, give him/her hot milk, tea or coffee for drinking. Cover whole the sufferer’s body with quilt or blanket. Rub the hands, legs and the body of the sufferer gently. It enhances blood circulation.

        This method is considered as the best for adults. It needs only one person. in this method, the person who give artificial breath is tired soon, so he/she should need to call his/her other friends or one who knows this method properly so that when he/she tired, other could keep it continued.

        Artificial breath can be given through Shaffer’s method in case stopped breathing due to any reason.

By getting hurt on the chest or smelling chloroform, if anyone has become unconscious or breath has been stopped due to any other reasons as well as it is not possible to make the sufferer lie down on the stomach, artificial breath can be give to him/her through Shaffer’s method.

Silvestre’s method- One has to do hard work for giving artificial breath through this method named ‘Silvestre’s method’. So, two people are needed for giving artificial breath through this method. When a person drowns in water, his/her tongue is gone inside and no any type of secretion is able to come out resulting his/her breath is stopped.

        For giving artificial breath through Silvestre’s method, first of all remove out all the clothes from his/her chest so that the chest and neck could get fresh air. After that, make him/her lie down on the back straightly and place a pillow or cloth.

        After that, you should need to sit on your keens back of his/her head facing towards him/her and ask your friend to sit near his/her waist. Then, say your helper or friend to clean the sufferer’s mouth after keeping his/her tongue out with the help of a clean hanky. And then, hold the sufferer’s hands below elbows and pull towards yourself in such a manner that the elbows could touch the floor behind the sufferer’s head. It helps in expanding lungs as well as air enters in them.

        After holding the sufferer in this position for 2 seconds, the hands of the sufferer should be bended at the elbows to the chest and press down. Due to pressure falling on the chest, air filled in lungs comes out.  

This activity should be done 14-15 times in a minute (pulling the sufferer’s hands to his/her head and giving pressure by keeping the hands on his/her chest should be counted as one). This method is considered as the best in case of stopping breath due to drowning in water.

Lab rod’s method- for giving artificial breath through this method, first of all make the sufferer lie down on the back or on the side after loosing all his/her clothes. After that, sit on your keens on a side of the sufferer and then pull the sufferer’s tongue out with the help of any clean hanky and after holding this position for 2 minutes, release it. Repeat this activity at the intervals of 2-2 seconds. Repeat this activity 15 times in a minute. It gives strength to phranique nerve resulting diaphragm is contracted and there is a possibility to become the breath as normal.

Note- artificial breath should be given to the sufferer through this method only when two methods said above do not make any impression. In case of the fracture of ribs and chest bones, artificial breath can be given to the sufferer through this method.     

Raking or Eve’s method- for giving artificial breath through this method, first of all make the sufferer lie down on a piece of long and wide flat wood on the back and then place a piece of round wood or stand in the middle to it so that the piece of flat wood could be swung.

        After that, make the sufferer lie down on this flat piece of wood and tie his/her both the hands and legs. And then, move the flat piece of wood as up and down from its head and feet. Move the wood as up and down at the angle of 40 degrees and its movement should be 12 to 15 times in a minute.

        In this method, when the head goes downward, his/her intestines are moved upwards and start pressing on the diaphragm while when the head goes upwards, the intestines are moved downwards resulting pressure on the diaphragm is remove and it is expanded.

Nelson method- this method is used to give artificial breath to the children below 5 years.

        For giving artificial breath through Nelson method, first of all check the mouth of the child. If you find anything in the mouth, remove out. Then, after making the child as lie down on the stomach, give pressure with the help of your fingers’ tips on the shoulders of the child and stop giving pressure. By doing this activity 12 times in a minute, the normal breath of the child starts again.

        If the age of the suffered child is less than 5 years, give artificial breath through following method- first of all clean his/her mouth and place the fingers of both your hands under his/her shoulders and keep the thumbs on the shoulders so that breath could come out.

        Give pressure like this up to 2 seconds and then move your fingers upwards to the shoulders along with keeping the thumbs on same position so that he/she could breathe in. both these activities should be done 15 times in a minute.

Method of giving artificial breath to the child- for giving artificial breath, first of all cleans the child’s mouth with your clean fingers. Then, give little pressure on his/her back as shown in figure. It opens the breathing pipe of the child. After that, make the child as lie down on the back and up his/her mouth according given picture. Now, give artificial breath after place your mouth on the mouth and nose of the child as well as keep your right hand on his/her stomach so that enough air could enter.

        After reaching air in the lungs of child, remove out your mouth from the child, it will help in coming out air from the lungs. This activity should be repeated 20 times per minute. After giving breathes 20 times, you should also breathe a deep breath and take little rest.

        By giving artificial breath like this, the normal breathing of the child starts by itself.