Hair problems

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Hair Growth (Balo Ko Badhana*):

Most of women suffer from dandruff in the hair and lack of cleanliness of the head is the cause of this problem. Dead skin of the skull is the cause of dandruff...............Read More

Premature graying:

Grey hair is natural in old age but premature greying is a disease. It is called premature greying (palit rog). This disease occurs due to the lack of nutritious elements in the body................Read More

Hair Diseases:

Hair diseases occur due to improper supply of blood for the nutrition of hair, supply of impure blood in hair, closed pores of the hair root, supply of polluted water of chronic catarrh in hair root, excessive contemplation and gloominess.................Read More

Hair removing:

Grind 50 grams conch ash and 10 grams orpiment (hartal barkya). Mix it with water and apply on the hair according to need. All hair is removed by its use..................Read More

Blackening hair:

Hair becomes dry due to filth stuck in the skin of the head and hair fall starts because of weakness. Filth of the head gives birth to dandruff and it is the biggest enemy of the hair...................Read More

Hair Fall:

Hair fall is a normal process in all persons. A hair falls itself after gaining its full length but new hair born there soon. If hair falls in a large number, it is a disease...................Read More

Disease of Hair Fall (Alopecia):

There are several causes of alopecia or hair fall. Such causes are as excessive mentally work, hereditary, lack of vitamins in meal, old age, and blood disorders, head’s ringworm, dandruff etc...................Read More


Mostly, lice take birth due to sweating in the head that cling in hair, reach in hair roots, and create itching there. This disease can take another person in its grasp if any one sleeps with the victim...................Read More


A white layer of small particles makes in the head if a person is the victim of dandruff. These white particles fall down while combing hair or they stick in comb while combing wet hair...................Read More

  Some other therapies :


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Ayurveda got popularity in north India and its creator was Lord Brahma. He gave this knowledge to Prajapati and Prajapati to Ashwin Kumar and Ashwin Kumars to Indra and Indra to Kashiraj Divodas Dhanvantri.


Homeopathy is a best treatment of disease, Founder of homeopathy, Hahnemann started his career with allopath. Allopathic is known by the name “Medicine of System” in ancient time. “Medicine of system” had been called allopathic by Hahnemann which had been accepted by all the doctors after sometime.


The origination of human being is made by nature. The nature also gives life to each plant, animal and human being. Perhaps that is the reason why nature is called mother. If the rules of nature are not followed properly, we have to face bad consequences.


Several epics, Upnishads, Purans and Gita depict about yoga. Different ways have been depicted in all the epics related to yoga but the aim of all is one and that is making the mind and body healthy and calm. Practice of yoga is as necessary for all the people as water, food and wind are. Practise of yoga is for only the yogis.

Ladies beauty

Everyone wants all types of comforts and happiness in his life, but does not want any sorrow or pain even around him. For making this wish true, facial beauty plays very important role.

Sex therapy

Sexologists consider that both male and female have different point of views about sex. Often, the people define sex on the bases of their education or knowledge. Sexologists have found about sex after analyzing the views of people relating to this matter that a person thinks about sex