Sometimes, we have to think many times before going in any marriage or party because of some troubles on the beautiful face. Unwanted hair is one of such kinds of problems. Bleaching is the best way to get rid of such kind of unwanted hair. 

Removal of unwanted hair from the face by bleaching:

        Mix some bleach powder in bleach cream. Let it to leave on the face for about ten minutes. Keep on moving this bleach on the face here and there with the help of finger. Mop face with cotton after ten minutes. Hair of the face will change into the face complexion. Thus, the face becomes beautiful. 


  • Don’t bleach near about the eyes and lips. Pay attention on this thing while bleaching face.
  • Apply bleach on the elbow before bleaching the face. If you feel inflammation on the elbow and pimples, you should not apply bleach on the face.
  • Don’t bleach to the face if you have been suffering from allergy, spots or acnes.
  • Tie your hair behind the head at the time of bleaching otherwise color of bleach can cover on the hair. Try to avoid your eyebrows.