the blood is 7 to 9 percent of the total weight of the body. The volume of blood in an average person is 5 to 6 liter and 4 to 5 in an adult womanWhat is blood?

Human blood is a fluid connective tissue. It is such vital fluid on which the life of creatures depends. All the functions of the body depend on it. The blood keeps on flowing from one place to another in the body through the blood vessels. The blood is opaque and salty in taste and has a special kind of smell. The color of the arteries is red because it is oxygenated and the blood of veins is dark purple red because it is deoxygenated. The color of veins’ blood is purple red because of giving its some oxygen to the tissues viz it gets deoxyganeted and waste substances get mingled in it from the tissues during this process................

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