Body Weight in Pregnancy


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        Body weight of a woman in pregnancy depends on her living style and diet. Sometimes, body weight of a woman varies in her different pregnancy. So there is no any rule for weight in pregnancy period. In early, the people believe that increasing body weight about 10 kg in pregnancy is good while now a day, increasing body weight about 12 kg is considered as good sign.  

        If the body weight of a woman has less before conceiving and increased in pregnancy period, it is good, but if a woman has over weight before conceiving and increased more in pregnancy, it is harmful for her. Therefore, she should check her body weight periodically. Few women take less (insufficient) meals in her pregnancy for losing body weight that is very harmful for her. She should take meals according to her body weight. She should remain careful about her diet in pregnancy period, because a baby is also nourishing with what she eats. Therefore, taking balanced diet timely during pregnancy is most necessary for both the mother and unborn baby inside her body.    

        After conceiving, the body weight of women increases about 12-13 kg. In case of twins, the weight can be increased up to 18 kg. The weight of baby inside uterus is about 3 kg to 3.25 kg (3 ¼ kg). the average weight of Indian baby is about 2 kg 750 g and remaining weight of female body consists breasts heaviness, weight of accumulated fat, enlargement of uterus size, ovule weight, the weight of amniotic fluid, additional blood inside her body and accumulation of fluid, etc. the weight of all these is about 5 kg. The weight of amniotic fluid presents around foetus is about 1 kg. The uterus is also about 1 kg after increasing its size. Other changes keep on taking place in her body like- the weight of her breasts increases up to 1 kg and other weight is of the fat gathered in her body like- on her hips and thighs.      

Weight chart of a pregnant body-


In kilogram

Weight of the baby


Weight of ovule


Weight of amniotic fluid


Weight of breasts


Weight of additional blood


Total weight (approximately)


        Remaining weight of a pregnant body is due to fat and fluid present inside her body. What the ideal increment of weight of a woman’s body should have in her pregnancy per month is given below.

        The body weight of a pregnant should not increase from first month to third month of her pregnancy. The weight of a pregnant must increase up to about 25 % of her body weight during 3rd to 5th month and 25 % up to 6th month, 25 % in between 6th month to 7 ½ month and about 25% must increase in between 7 ½ to 9th month of her pregnancy. After completing 9 months of pregnancy, the weight of her body does not increase.     

Increased weight (in %) of the different body parts of a pregnant after conceiving is given below-

Weight of baby

38 %

Weight of ovule

9 %

Weight of amniotic fluid

11 %

Weight of enlarged uterus and breasts

20 %

Weight of additional blood inside the body

20 %


2 %

Body weight (in %) per weeks during pregnancy-

Period (in week)

In percentage (%)

Up to 12th week

10 %

12 to 20 weeks

25 %

20 to 30 weeks

45 %

30 to 36 weeks

20 %

36 to 40 weeks

0 %

Foetal growth during pregnancy period-

Time (in week)

Length of normal child (in cm)

Length of abnormal child (in cm)

28 weeks



30 weeks



32 weeks



34 weeks



36 weeks



38 weeks



40 weeks



Supposed age and weight of unborn baby-

Supposed age (in week)

Supposed weight (in gram)





















Supposed weight of unborn baby with increasing the weight of a pregnant-

Increasing weight of a pregnant less than 5 kg

Child’s weight less than 2.5 kg at birth time

5 kg

2.5 kg

6 kg

2.5 kg

7 kg

2.7 kg

8 kg

2.8 kg

9 kg

2.9 kg

10 kg

3.0 kg

        In pregnancy period, taking zinc is necessary for mother. It makes the bones of unborn child strong soon. Due to deficiency of it, the child remains weak and short.

       The women who take additional salt, spices and fat in their diet have no any control on their body. Due to increasing body weight in pregnancy period, fit can attack too that is very harmful for both the mother and baby.

     It often has found that a woman starts suffering from nauseate, vomiting and weakness after conceiving. These types of complaints persist in woman up to 3 months. Due to it, the body of a pregnant is become weak and it also influences unborn baby. In few cases, the body weight of a pregnant is become less after 3 months than early weight. It is due to vomiting excessively. In this case, taking food frequently is beneficial like- jalebi (a type of Indian sweetmeat), lapsi of suzee (coarse ground flour) or sweet hot coarse meal, etc.   

       If the weight of pregnant did not increase, the child can become weak too as well as the muscles of uterus is also become weak. In this condition, she feels much trouble at the time of labour due to applying weak pressure on her uterus and sometimes operation (surgery) can be needed too.

        After delivery, the weight of fat present inside woman’s body is about 5 kg that is lost (decreased) slowly by suckle her baby. The body weight of women who suckle (feed) their baby little or go to work or those who have insufficient milk in their breasts is increased. In case of over weight, taking exercise is very beneficial.    

Cause of increasing weight in pregnancy period-

        A pregnant should keep on checking her weight periodically in her pregnancy. Women should maintain their weight during pregnancy. Fatty food stuffs should be avoided in this period. The women having extra weight should take carbohydrates, sugar and other sweet eatables in little quantity. Milk without cream should be taken, because it also contains milk. Liquor (alcohol) is also very harmful because it has additional calorie. Liquid food should be taken additionally. Taking tea and coffee excessively is also very harmful.

        Foods having enough ghee, cream or thick juicy food is harmful. Only normal and balanced diet is beneficial during pregnancy period.

Diet before delivery-

        In modern time, the people believe that if ghee gave to a pregnant before delivery, she gives birth to young one easily due to its greasiness. So, ghee or almond is given to the pregnant with milk so that baby can born easily at the time of puerperal pain, but it is absolutely wrong that milk, almond, ghee, etc. are helpful in delivery because food goes in to the stomach. It is not related with delivery.   

        At the time of delivery, only normal food stuffs is beneficial like- biscuits, bread or chapatti, etc. additional food or liquid diet can be harmful. Due to heavy stomach, a pregnant feels trouble during labour and vomiting can take place too. Sometimes doctors make the pregnant unconscious for delivery, for this purpose, empty stomach is very helpful. If vomiting takes place during unconsciousness, it can be possible to enter vomiting materials in to lungs and it can generates obstruction in breathing pipe. Sometimes, women have complaints of pneumonia too. Thus, taking foods and liquid substances in little quantity is beneficial. the pregnant should take such food stuffs that give energy to her body soon and can be digested easily like- glucose biscuits, glucose mixing in little water, honey, pohe, murmure, bread with jam on it, etc. giving cola, juice (sharbat), lemon water, tea, coffee, etc. is very harmful. Therefore, these substances should not be taken.            

Balancing body weight-

  • If the health and weight of a woman is in sound condition during pregnancy, her body weight increases up to 10 to 12 kg during this period.
  •  If a woman already has over weight before pregnancy, increment of her weight from 7.5 kg to 10 kg is appropriate. If she already has weight 8 kg more, increment of her weight about 6.5 kg is appropriate. The weight of a weak woman can increase up to 15 kg during her pregnancy. It is not harmful for her.     
  • If the weight of a pregnant does not increase till 3rd month of her pregnancy, don’t worry. But it must be increased after 3rd month of pregnancy. After 3 months of conception, the weight of a pregnant must have increased about 400 gram per week, but increasing about 300 gram per week is appropriate in those who have extra weight earlier. This type of increment can be about 800 gram in physically weak women. 
  • If the weight of a woman is not increasing even after 3 months of her pregnancy, 300 calorie should be taken daily.
  • Addition to it, the weight of unborn baby is increased and at the time of giving birth of such fat baby, it can be harmful for both the mother and baby and operation (surgery) can be needed at the time of delivery.