Chemical reactions

Chemical reactions

There are two types of chemical changes during the chemical reactions:

  • Anabolism: The process of originating cells.
  • Catabolism: The process of breaking cells.

Both such activities are called metabolism.  


          Anabolism is structural metabolism in many all bio chemical reactions are included which make and develops cells and repair broken cells. For the general functions of the body, the body gets energy after the oxidation of nutritive elements present in the cells. And the heat also originates after the oxidation for keeping the body temperature normal. Anabolism is called biosynthesis too.


           Catabolism is a destructive metabolism in which all bio chemical reactions are included of which complicated chemical elements get change into normal elements and energy originates. Normal elements which give heat and energy keep on breaking and finally become such stuffs which are not necessary for the body. Generally, they are expelled out from the body through external organs. Heat also originates in the process of breaking. Some heat is used to the keep the body warm. The energy and normal elements produced at the time of catabolism are needed at the time of anabolism.

           Knowing it is very important here that both anabolism and catabolism both bio chemical reactions keep on taking place altogether continuously