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Color: Cinnamon is brown tinge with light redness.  Taste: It is pungent, sweet and fragrant.  Structure:  Cinnamon tree is grown in Sinhal, Malabar and other states.Introduction: Cinnamon is used as a spice in all over world. It is a bark of tree.

There are two kinds to cinnamon:-

Thick Cinnamon:  It is small, hot, pungent, sweet, bitter and dry. It ends phlegm, gas trouble, itching, and indigetion and cures dyspepsia, heart diseases, bladder disorder, piles, and chronic catarrh, and kilss stomach worms. It increases sperm count and bile.

Thin Cinnamon:  Thin cinnamon is sweet, bitter, pungent and fragrant. It increases sperm count and improves skin color. It cures Vaata and Pitta disorders and mouth swelling. It also quenches thirst.

Name in different languages:

English              -       Cinnamon

Hindi                  -       Dalchini

Sanskrit             -       Twak

Bengali              -       Daroochini

Gujarati             -       Taj, Bael Balchi

Tamil                 -       Karooya

Arabic               -       Darchini

Parsian             -       Darchini, Kirpha

Kannada           -       Lavang Patte

Color: Cinnamon is brown tinge with light redness.

Taste: It is pungent, sweet and fragrant.

Structure:  Cinnamon tree is grown in Sinhal, Malabar and other states. Its leaves are equal as cinnamomum tamala leaves (Tamaal). Its leaves are fragrant like clove. Its flower’s fragrance is like rose flowers. Its fruits are like Carissa carandas (Karounda). Its fruits are used to make oil. The perfume (Sent) is also made by its flowers.

Nature: It is hot.

Precaution: Excessive quantity of cinnamon may be harmful for urinary system.

Removing bad effects: Mastagi and sterculia urens (Kateera) remove its bad effects.

Comparison: It can be compared with cassia cinnamon (Taj).

Dose: Four to nine grams.

Qualities: Cinnamon keeps brain happy. It cures all the type of diseases. It makes normal to urine and menses. It increases sperm count. It ends insanity or madness. Its oil is useful to cure swelling, pain and the diseases caused by winter. It is the best medicine to cure headache.

The use of it: Cinnamon is used as a spice. It is also used to make oil. It is used to make sweets fragrant. To make tooth-powders, pastes, chocolates and perfume etc., it is used. It is contractible and clears to stomach. It kills worms, mildew and ends nausea, stomach gas, Vaata disorders and vomiting. If one mixes cinnamon in tea or coffee, it becomes more delicious and also cures catarrh.

Cinnamon is some bitter, sweet and fragrant. It increases sperm count and skin beauty. It ends Vaata and Pitta disorders and provides relief in mouth dryness and over thirst.

Spinach (Palak) is also cool. If one mixes cinnamon and spinach together, it becomes cool nature. Thus the nature of other substances becomes change if you mix cinnamon with their.

Cinnamon ends Pitta (bile) disorders. It is hot in nature and pungent, so it excites to the kidney, ligament system and heart. It is contractible, so it is useful for the sexual sensible male and female. It is harmful for pregnant women. Pregnant women should not take cinnamon, if you need to it, cane take a little quantity of it.

Identity of the best cinnamon qualities:- The best cinnamon is thin, soft, glossy and fragrant. Chewing it gives spicy and sweet taste.

Cinnamon oil: Cinnamon oil contains best qualities. It is found on Medical Stores. Its oil has fragrant like cinnamon. Its new oil is light yellow and turns into red and brown after becoming chronic. Its oil is heavy digestible, so it sinks in water. Cinnamon contains two percent flying oil. This oil has gum, sinemic acid, resin, tannin, sugar, starch, ash and others liquids. Cinnamon oil is useful to cure wounds, swelling and pain.

Dose: Cinnamon is hot, so one should take a little quantity of it afterwards increase its quantity slowly. If someone has been suffering from any harm or bad effect, he should not take cinnamon till next some days. After that, one should start on taking cinnamon in a little quantity of it.

Using 1-5 grams cinnamon powder is useful. It quantity or a little quantity of it should be given to children to cure the diseases.  1-4 drops of cinnamon oil can be used as a dose. Its oil is pungent and hot, so one should not use it nearby eyes.


Weather: Cinnamon is hot, so one should take it in a little quantity in the summer. Do not use cinnamon for a long time. The nature of all is difference. If any thing is useful for ninety nine persons, it may be harmful for one person. If we feel harm, should stop the use of it immediately.

Outer use of it: Mix cinnamon with sesame oil, water and honey together. Apply this mixture on the painful parts and massage and after that do not touch these parts overnight. If someone uses this mixture in day, should wash after 2-3 hours.

Cinnamon activity: Cinnamon affects to breathing system. It is useful to cure phlegm disease, catarrh, tuberculosis and pain. It excites ligaments and increases appetite. It ends anorexia, vomiting, loose-motion and eliminates gas and constipation. It kills stomach worms and ends foul smell. It brings urine easily and increases power of heart and liver power. It provides freshness to the body. It provides excitation to reproductory organs and enhances sperm. It makes the skin charming and ends itching.   

For reading tips click below links     Cinnamon (Dalchini*) is useful in different diseases:
1.     Stammering:


    Chewing cinnamon is useful to end stammering.
    2.     For enhancing sperm:

    For enhancing sperm:

      • Grind cinnamon to make fine powder and take 4 grams this powder with milk in the morning and before to sleep at night. It digests milk and increases sperm count.
      • Cinnamon is useful to eliminate stomach gas and also increases digestive power.
      • Two pinches cinnamon powder can be used with water to get relief in stomach gas trouble.
      • Taking cinnamon oil with one spoon sugar is useful to get relief in stomach gas. Avoid the excessive quantity of cinnamon, because it may be harmful.
      3.     Bile vomiting:

      Bile vomiting:

        Taking ground cinnamon with honey is useful to check bile vomiting.
        4.     Constipation:


          Grind cinnamon, dry ginger, cumin seed and cardamom together. Taking prepared mixture regularly is useful to get relief in constipation and indigestion.
          5.     Influenza:


            Grind five grams cinnamon, two pieces clove and ¼ spoon of dry ginger together. Boil prepared mixture with one liter water until remain fourth water then put down and filter it. One should make three doses with this mixture. Taking it thrice a day is useful to cure influenza.
            6.     Elongation of the Uvula:

            Elongation of the Uvula (Throat disease):

              One should apply ground cinnamon on the affected parts by the thumb, afterwards fall saliva from mouth. It will cure this disease.
              7. Indigestion:


                Take two grams powder of cinnamon bark with water twice a day, it cures indigestion.
                8. Loss of appetite:

                Loss of appetite:

                  Mix two grams cinnamon with equal caraway and then make three doses. Taking this medicine is useful to increase appetite.
                  9. Cough:


                    • Chewing cinnamon is useful to get relief in dry cough. This medicine is also useful to cure hoarseness.
                    • Boil fourth tbsp. cinnamon powder with one cup of water. Taking prepared medicine thrice a day is beneficial to cure cough and ends phlegm.
                    • Grind 20 grams cinnamon, 320 grams sugar-candy, 80 grams piper, 40 grams small cardamom and 160 grams bamboo manna (Vanshlochan) together then filter with flour-sieve. One should take half spoon of this powder with one spoon of honey twice a day. The people who can’t take honey, they should take with water. Keep safe prepared mixture in home.
                    • Grind 50 grams cinnamon powder, 25 grams ground liquorices, 50 grams dried ginger, 15 grams almonds seed and 50 grams loaf-sugar together then make tablets in shape of pea seed. One should take or suck one tablet at an interval of every 3-3 hours. It cures cough and normalizes mouth taste.
                    • Taking gall-nut powder with cinnamon is useful to cure chronic cough and whooping cough of child.