Climax or orgasm


Sex organs and knowledge about them :


We climb or step carefully while climbing on a tree or a mountain but after reaching there we get a satisfaction. This process also suits very much in the sexual relations between male and female. Those who complete this work in hurry never get orgasm.

If you and your wife want to obtain orgasm, both (you and your wife) should remember following things. 

1. A person should be aware fully about the techniques how to make loose to the organs of the body to make sexual relations. When a person gets aroused sexually, there is a strain in muscles as well as nerves which ends after ejaculation of the semen into the vagina or after masturbation. If you want to do it in your first sexual intercourse, it is not easy to get success. For this, you will have to complete this exercise when you are not on bed with your wife for sexual intercourse. First, loose your body completely by lying in a dark room and remain in the same condition. Thereafter, try to harden your neck’s muscles gently. After doing this, you should try to harden neck’s muscles as much as you can. Then try to loosen neck’s muscles as they have been tightened. Do this process repeatedly. In this way, you will learn how to loosen to the hard muscles.

2. After learning the technique of neck’s muscles, you should try to learn how to loosen the muscles of arms. After getting success in it, try to learn how to loosen the muscles of legs.  Thus, try to loosen every organ of the body and thus, you will be a well skilled person who knows how to loosen any organ of the body. Follow this technique many times a week. If you get success in it, you will be able to concentrate at a noisy place. If you will learn completely how to make loosen body organs, you can stop ejaculation by loosing the muscles of genital region. Thus, you will not become the victim of early ejaculation and get satisfaction.    

3. Observe the mood and mental state of your wife before establishing sexual relations. If you feel that your partner is not ready mentally or physically for coition, you should not force her to make sexual relation. Sometimes a woman suffers from mental or physical problems of which she does not want to tell her husband and this is the reason that she does not want to involve in sexual relation. If there is any such kind of problem in a woman, neither she gets aroused sexually. Besides it, the vagina of the woman will become wet that is the invitation for sexual intercourse. Sexual relation in this condition is not proper and adequate at any rate.  If you make relation in this condition, you will become the victim of early ejaculation and will not get orgasm. In this way, if you are disturbed mentally or physically, avoid sexual relations as much as possible. If your wife wants to make sexual relation in this condition, you should persuade her lovingly and tell her all the problems. If your wife is rational, she will understand all your problems and she will not force you for coition. We can say that involve in sexual relation when you and your wife are prepared for having sex mentally and physically.

4. For getting orgasm, you should keep on arousing the sexual urge of your wife after inserting the penis into the vagina and say your wife to help you in doing so. Kissing, embracing and pressing to the breasts should be carried on while stroking. This will make you and your wife active during sexual intercourse. Most women keep on lying on the bed like statue during sexual intercourse. A woman thinks that if she does something herself in sexual intercourse, she may be considered mistaken by her husband. However, it is quite wrong. If both husband and wife help to each other while making sexual relation, both will get orgasm at the end of coition.

5. Proper and adequate techniques are very essential to get orgasm while making sexual relation. Choose technique on the base of your experience. Techniques should never use by mistake for only change and newness.

6. A married couple, who is familiar to each other’s sex nature and excitement of sex urge fully, should forward to get orgasm carefully in a way that both may get orgasm after ejaculating the semen at one time. If a husband starts the job of sexual intercourse, the movement of waist and strokes of penis should be in balance. Movement of waist and hips is very necessary for wife too so that penis may enter into deepness of the vagina. After some days' movement of waist and hips of wife take place by itself naturally. This technique becomes very important to balance the movement of waist.

7. A technique, in which husband is on top and wife is on below side, is considered the best technique for the proper balance between waist movement and stroke. Besides it, the technique in which the husband sits on a chair and his wife makes sexual relation by sitting on her things, she moves her waist in a way so that the penis may enter into the vagina deeply and may stroke on the clitoris of the vagina. In this technique, both husband and wife get time for kissing, embracing and rubbing to each other’s body as nipples. To get excessive pleasure in this process, you can bring a change in the movement of waist.

8. When the movement of strokes is low, your wife should increase the movement of waist. She should move her hips roundly like a circle. At this moment, you can jump your penis into the vagina by contracting your anus and your wife can clutch your penis by contracting the muscles of the vagina. If both are masters how to contract the muscle of genital regions, they get orgasm surely during coition. Embracing and kissing should continue along with the harmonious combination between the movement of waist and hips. When the husband is pressing her breasts, the wife should rub her husband’s thigh and press his buttocks. If the husband keeps on rubbing the clitoris of his wife, both sink into the deep sea of sexual pleasure.

9. Wait for apt and adequate time to make sexual relation. Sexual relation without right time cannot be said just. A single negligence at this time can deprive you and your wife from getting orgasm. If both are eager to have sexual relation, you and your wife can use foreplay. Nails can also be used at this time. There is a technique to forward and backward. This technique gives more pleasure on one hand and prolongs the time of ejaculation on the other hand. In this stage, the husband should on the top and wife on the bottom because in this technique both can move their waist properly and they can keep the process of kissing and embracing continue. 

10. If the husband is tired, the wife should step first to make sexual relation. The husband should lie on bed and say to the wife to make sexual relation. If the husbands likes, he can move his waist and help his wife during sexual relation so that the penis may enter into the vagina deeply and clitoris of the woman keep on rubbing continuously. If both are tired, they should use the technique in which both lie side by side. This technique proves very good. Besides it, you should say to your wife to lie on the left side and then make sexual relation by lying on the backside of her wife.