Collinsonia canadensis




The medicine Collinsonia Canadensis is considered very effective medicine for the treatment of heart diseases and piles.

Use of the medicine Collinsonia Canadensis on the base of different symptoms:

Symptoms of head:

The medicine Collinsonia Canadensis is very beneficial in such types of symptoms as light headache which often occurs due to the suppression of bilious diseases, chronic diseases, catarrh, yellow filth on the tongue, sour taste of the mouth and other symptoms of head diseases.  

Symptoms of rectum:

In the diseases of rectum the patient feels as if there is any piercing thing in side the rectum, contracted rectum, congestion of excessive blood in the rectum, hard stool, and blood piles along with old constipation which spreads from the anus, light pain in the anus, constipation of women during pregnancy, painful menses, excessive gas in the stomach, itching in the anus and sometimes a person suffers from constipation and sometimes from loose motions, the patients should take the medicine Collinsonia Canadensis. Its use proves very good in above symptoms.

Symptoms of females:

If the symptoms are as painful menses, itching in the vagina, swelling in the genitals and reddening of them, feeling trouble in genitals while sitting, origin of constipation along with painful menses, itching in the vagina, sensation of coolness in the thighs during menses, swelling on the vagina, etc., the use of the medicine Collinsonia Canadensis provides a lot of relief.
Symptoms of breathing:

If the patient suffers from these symptoms as origin of cough by speaking or singing loudly, violent pain in the larynx, hoarseness in the throat, dry cough which troubles very much, etc., the patient should take the medicine ollinsonia Canadensis to get relief.

Symptoms of heart:

The medicine Collinsonia Canadensis is very beneficial in such types of symptoms as fast heart beating, dropsy of heart, origin of piles or menses after disappearing the symptoms of heart diseases, sensation of suffocation, difficulty in breathing, unconsciousness, etc. 

Anti-miasmatic medicines:

The medicine nux vomica is used to remove the bed effects of Collinsonia Canadensis.


The medicine Collinsonia Canadensis can be compared with the medicines as Asculas, Aloge, Hemaeime, Lycopus, Negundo, Sulphur and Nux.


The disease aggravates by emotionalism, by enhancing mental excitement, by cold, at midnight and during pregnancy.


The disease alleviates by heat.


Mother tincture to 3rd potency of the medicines named Collinsonia Canadensis.