If a person excrete out (stools) in little amount or feels difficulty in excretion and gastric, it is considered as constipation. Even cracklings and wounds are also appeared on the anus when constipation is become too worse. If this disease is not treated on time, later it can become responsible for piles, diabetes and epilepsy. Poisonous substances (toxins) are also be produced inside the body due to this disease causes various types of other diseases like headache, tiredness, flatulence, stomachache, etc. sometimes, stools come as small round pieces like balls in small children. It is known as santhambhi constipation. In this condition, the children feels violent pain due to fear of it, they hold their stools and become the victim of constipation.   


        This disease is occurred due to slow digestion process, excretion in little amount, avoiding excretion in the morning, eating less, loss of appetite, etc.

Treatment of this disease through magneto therapy-

        The patient should use powerful magnets on his/her soles thrice a day as well as should take magnetized water as a dose of medicine thrice a day.

Other treatment-

        To prevent constipation, elders should prepare their small children for excretion at a fixed time daily in the morning. It improves their excretion. The elders, too, should make the habit for excretion daily in the morning. No one should be careless about it, because most of the diseases occur due to malfunction of digestion. Fibers and roughages should be used abundantly in food stuffs along with water and other liquid substances. A glass of water should be drunk just after getting up in the morning. It helps in the clearance of stools.