Phthisis spreads by bacteria called ‘tuberculosis’. It is an infectious disease. Well, this disease is not considered as hereditary disease, but sometimes it occurs in those whose generation was affected by this disease in the past. The bacteria called ‘tuberculosis’ are found every where except in the sea or the mountain peaks. These bacteria affects easily to those peoples who are physically weak. Well, this disease occurs in any part of the body, but mostly in the lungs and the intestines. Attack of these bacteria on the intestines is due to secretion of the lungs. When the patient suffering from T.B of the lungs swallows his saliva, he also becomes T.B. patient of the intestines. Besides them, T.B. can also occur in the throat glands and the bones.    


  • In this disease, the patient is suffering from dry cough.
  • This type of cough begins to occur mostly in the night while sleeping or after getting up in the morning. 
  • Violent pain like biting begins in the chest of the patient with discharging additional saliva.
  • The weight of the patient begins to reduce day-by-day.
  • The body of the patient becomes weak, face is turned yellow and cheek becomes red at noon for a while (artificial).
  • Fever begins to come daily and profuse sweating at night. 
  • The pulse of the patient becomes too fast and the blood is reached in the lungs in the condition of aggravating the disease.

T.B. and the treatment of it by different homoeopathic drugs:-

(Threatened Consumption)

1. Calcarea-carb:- If the patient is cool natured, his weight is increasing speedily, milk is not digested easily, and sour belches go on coming all the time, meat is not digested easily, the body is feeling too weakness, and whole the body remains wet (drench) with sweat all the time. Menses have stopped, etc.; giving Calcarea-carb at an interval of every 6-6 hours is beneficial.

2. Calcarea Iodide:- If the patient is hot natured, milk and meat are not digested properly, sour belches comes all the time, weakness is occurring in his body, whole the body remains wet with sweat all the time, menses have stopped and the patient is becoming thin with the possibility of Threatened Consumption, etc., giving Calcare Iodide 3x at an interval of every 6-6 hours is very effective.   

3. Iodium (Iodum):- Such male and female who seem old before time, any kind of trouble persists in their chest all the time due to which, they are unable to climb a height, can able to live in a hot room, phlegm comes out with blood. Such patient who eats much however remains weak. They suffer from dry cough all the time. Thus, giving Iodium 2x at an interval of every 6-6 hours is very useful in the condition of Threatened Consumption. 

4. Vaccininum:- The patient becomes lean and thin, the shoulders bow, the chest of the patient remains flat completely with persisting troubles in it all the time. He feels tiredness all the time. In this condition, if the patient gets cold and catarrh, it is not cured by treatment, etc. Thus, giving Vaccininum 200, 1M or C.M at an interval of every 2 or 3 weeks is appropriate.

Two important remedy for T.B.:-

1. Kali-carb:- Kali-carb is known as very effective and important drug for T.B. Perhaps, there is no any patient (nobody) who has cured without giving Kali-carb to him. This drug should be used carefully, because it is very effective. This drug is very useful for those patients who have suffered from T.B. after pleurisy. The patient feels pain in his chest as if someone has injected needle in it; saliva produces like clot; even a little touch generates painful feeling in his sole; hoarseness; occurring violent cough in the morning in which, phlegm comes out with blood. These symptoms of the disease are aggravated from 3-4 o’clock in the morning. Swelling of the eyelids is an important symptom of T.B. Thus, giving Kali-carb is very effective in these symptoms. 

2. Arsenic-Iodium:- Arsenic-Iodium plays an important role in all types of T.B. The patient gets catarrh due to exposure to cold, weight begins to reduce day-by-day. In the initial stage of T.B, fever of the patient gets aggravated at noon, profuse sweating; the body becomes weak. In these types of symptoms, Arsenic-Iodium is very effective. 0.26g of Arsenic-Iodium 3x should be given to the patient daily 3 times a day. Sometimes, pain can also start in the stomach of a patient with loose motions due to side effect of this drug. So, stop giving this drug to the patient in this condition.

T.B. of the lungs and cough:-

First of all, T.B. attacks on the lungs of the patient. In this condition, cough goes on occurring slightly in the patient all the time. Sometimes, this type of cough gets wet and phlegm removes out by itself. Sometimes, patient swallows this phlegm which goes in to the intestines and makes him also the patient of intestinal T.B. 

The important drugs of intestinal T.B. are as follow:-

1. Phosphorus:- Phosphorus is known as an effective drug for T.B. The action of this drug is better on the lungs and the bones. Giving this drug in the initial stage of T.B. is appropriate. In this condition, the chest of the patient is contracted, the body becomes lean and thin, the chest produces whirring sound due to exposure to cold, phlegm is stuck in the chest, and shivering begins during cough, the patient’s chest and throat are dried, he feels severe fever, profuse sweating at night, fever becomes violent at noon which persists till midnight, etc. thus, in this condition, taking Phosphorus is very effective. But this drug should be given to the patient only in the initial stage of T.B. If all the symptoms of T.B. present in the patient, 30 potency of this drug should be given. 

2. Lycopodium:- If pneumonia does not cure on time completely, the lungs become swell. Later, this swelling becomes T.B. Lycopodium 30 is very useful if maximum part of the lungs become sick, the patient start suffering from constipation, thich urine, etc.

3. Hepar-sulph:- If the lungs of the patient become rigid, the chest produces whirring sound due to phlegm, yellow phlegm comes out with cough and all the symptoms of T.B. are aggravated at night, giving Hepar-sulph 6 at an interval of every 2-2 hours is very useful.  

4. Bryonia:- If cough occurs violently early in the morning, the patient feels pain with cough in the chest like biting, pain also starts in the part between the shoulders, etc., giving Bryonia 30 is very useful in this condition.

5. Drosera:- If the attack of cough occurs and phlegm comes out, giving Drosera 12 is beneficial.

6. Stannum:- If saliva is sweet in the day and the chest becomes flat, taking Stannum 30 is very effective.

7. Carbo-animalis:- If cough occurs in the last stage of the lungs T.B., the throat gets closed, whole the body of the patient starts shivering while coughing, stinky spit like pus comes out and he feels short breathing during cough, Carbo-animalis 30 should be given in such symptoms of T.B.

T.B. of the glands and the bones:-

1. Drosera:- Drosera is widely used in the condition of T.B. of the glands and the bones. By the use of this drug, T.B. gets cured. Health begins to cure, face becomes shiny. This drug is also very useful in the condition of pain of the joints and the bones with hereditary T.B. and other diseases. Drosera 30 should be given to the patient only once, but should not be repeated.      

2. Silicea:- Silicea is very useful in the case of T.B. of the throat glands. This is also very useful in the condition of smelly sweating in the legs and profuse sweating on the forehead during sleep. If the patient becomes too timid, his self confidence gets end, he does not like moist cold but likes dry cold even the patient is cool natured, T.B. of the bones or the glands, etc., this drug helps to cure these symptoms. Remember that this drug is very effective.

3. Simphytum:- Simphytum is known as very effective in the fracture of the bones. When wounds appear inside the bones in the condition of T.B., this drug is very useful. Addition to it, this drug also helps to join the fractured bones. If the bones of the patient’s legs and hands have to cut and the patient feels pain continuously in the bone, taking this drug is appropriate. 30 or 200 potency of this drug can be given. With it, the mother tincture of it can be also given to the patient.

4. Calcarea-carb:- Calcarea-carb acts on every glands of the body. If the nature of the patient is same as the nature of this drug, it is also very useful in T.B of glands or bones. The patient seems healthy in appearance, but in reality, he becomes weaker internally, the head is big and profuse sweating while sleeping due to which, the whole pillow is wetted. The patient is not able to bear even little cold, sour smell comes from his body. With these symptoms, if the patient has T.B. of the intestines, glands and bones, this drug is very useful.   

5. Phosphorus:- This drug is used in T.B. of the bones of those persons who work in match-box factory. It is so necessary to know the nature of drugs before taking or using. The patient whose nature is similar to the nature of phosphorus is very weak, his height grows speedly, the patient wants to drink cold water all the time, he wishes to eat salt, afraid to live in alone, begins to fear in dark, remain sad all the time, the patient does not like to talk or meet to anyone. If the patient has the symptom of T.B. same as the nature of drug, giving this drug is appropriate.

6. Iodium:- Iodium is used in the condition of becoming the glands rigid, swelling, enlarge, etc. If all the glands of the body are enlarged, breasts become dry, becoming more vexing, feels restlessness all the time, the patient wants as of he goes on doing something, eats more but remains weak, etc., Iodium 2x is very effective in such symptoms of the patient. 

7. Baryta-carb:- Such children whose physicla growth does not proper, their height remain small, the brain of these type of children is same as the brain of the children even becomes elder, does not want to do any work, hesitates about facing others, their legs sweat is smelly, aggravating their disease by cold, feels piercing pain in the bones, pain begins in the bones of the hands and legs, glands become swell, sometimes boils appear in the glands and pus is formed in them, etc. Thus, giving Baryta-carb 30 is very useful in such symptoms of the patient.   

6. Sulphur:- Sulphur is very useful in T.B. of the bones and swelling of the glands in children. Chilren becomes lean and thin, symptoms like old begin to appear in his childhood, feels hungry all the time. Thus, giving Sulphur 30 or 200 is very useful in this condition.

7. Tuberculinum:- Tuberculinum is known as very effective drug in T.B. If a person has a hereditary T.B. with the symptoms of gland’s T.B, he is  not able to sit at one place, moves all the time, feels too fatigue, becomes weak, flesh does not visible on his body, craves for food all the time, feels troubles in a closed room, wishes to live in an open air all the time, etc. Thus, taking Tuberculinum 200 or 1m is very useful in this condition.

Blood comes from the mouth in the case of T.B:-

1. Ferrum-aceticum:- If the additional blood comes out from the patient’s mouth and the reason does not traced, give Ferrum-aceticum 2x at an interval of every 10-10 minutes untill bleeding is stopped. To cure this disease completely, this drug should be given to the patient at an interval of every 8-8 hours.

2. Aconite:- If the patient feels as if blood has been accumulated in his chest, skin is drying, feeling fever, blood comes from the lungs even after little expectoration, he feels restlessnees all the time, he thinks as if his last time has came, etc., giving Aconite 3 provides relief in this condition.  

3. Phosphorus:- If little blood comes with cough, giving Phosphorus 3 is very useful.

4. Ackelif Indica:- If the patient feels pain in his chest continuously, blood comes as shiny in the morning and black as clot at noon, dry chough, blood comes out from the chest after cough, etc., giving Ackelif Indica 3 or 6 provides benefit in this case.

5. Millefolium:- If deep coloured frothy blood comes without coughing, Millefolium 2x or 30 should be given at an interval of every 15-15 minutes.

6. Hamamellis:- Giving Hamamellis 3 or its juice at an interval of every 15-15 minutes is appropriate in the condition of coming black blood as clot.  

7. Ipecac:- If black blood as clot comes with cough and his chest produces whirring sound with the feeling of nauseate, taking Ipecac 3 is appropriate.

Hetric fever:-

1. Arsenic-Iodide:- Giving Arsenic-iodide 3x at an interval of every 1-1 hour in the condition of hetric fever cures it. This drug should not be given in an empty stomach, but after taking meals.

2. Baptisia:- If hetric fever is converted in typhoid, fever goes on rising slightly daily which is 1 degree more in the evening compared to the morning, fever increases 1-1 degree in this way till 10 days, taking Baptisia 1 at an interval of every 2-2 hours is appropriate.

3. Aconite:- If the skin becomes dry in hetric fever, patietn feels restless, occurs violent cough, etc., Aconite 3 should be given at an interval of every 1-1 hour.

Profuse sweating in T.B:-

1. Pilocarpus:- If sweating is the main symptom of disease, giving Pilocarpus 3x at an interval of every 1-1 hours is beneficial.

Different types of homoeopathic drugs in different types of T.B:-   

1. Olive oil:- Giving 14-28 ml of olive oil at an interval of every 2-2 hours to the T.B. patient helps to increase his weight.

2. Onion:- According to most of the doctors, taking raw onion or its juice in the case of T.B. is very useful. If the T.B. patient is not able to eat raw onion, fried onion can be given to him. Besides it, smelling the garlic after cutting it is also beneficial in T.B.

3. Jaborandi:- If the patient feels profuse sweating in the conditon of T.B, giving Jaborandi 2x is beneficial.

4. Hydrastis:- If the patient feels lack of appetite in the condition of T.B, taking 3 drops of Hydrastis daily 3 times in a day is beneficial.


  • Date (pind or bux) should be given to the T.B. patient.
  • Taking goat’s milk, cow’s milk, ghee, butter, etc. is beneficial in the condition of T.B.
  • Soup of small fish or mutton can be also given to the T.B. patient.
  • Bread of ground flour, green lentil, banana flower, etc. can be given to the patient.
  • We should protect the T.B. patient from dew or cold.
  • The patient should go to bed timely (not awake too late at night) and he should work hard.
  • The T.B. patient should not take part (involve) in sexual intercorse.
  • Windows and doors of the room where the T.B. patient live should be opened.


  • Utensils, clothes, bed, etc. of the T.B. patient should be kept seperately.
  • The mouth of the T.B. patient should never be kissed.
  • Small children should be kept away from the T.B. patient, because the bacteria of T.B. attack easily to them.