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Having information about the directions of this website is very essential before the adoption of its formulae

Approx complete knowledge related to health has been added in the website of Huge description about different therapies as Nature Therapy, Acupressure, Mantra Treatment, Yoga Asana, Magnetic Therapy, Massage and merits and demerits of medicine which are obtained from the plants and herbs has been added in this website. With the help of this knowledge provided here, a common person can get complete information about his health. Paying attention on the guidance or direction (Terms & Conditions) is necessary before using formulae, which been provided in this website or software.

Website - software: Essential directions for patients, users and doctors-  

  • We request if you have been suffering from any disease, you should go to an able and experienced physician.
  • Normal principles of Ayurveda and rules, daily routine and food according to weather have been presented descriptively in this website. Huge information about plants, herbs and flora has been provided here. In addition to, information about the causes and symptoms of all the diseases along with treatment is available here. Treatment of minor and chronic diseases of male and female in all therapies as Ayurvedic Treatment, Air Treatment, Reiki, Acupressure, Massage Therapy, Water Therapy, Mud Therapy, Sun Therapy, Aroma therapy, Oil Treatment, Diet Treatment, Food And Abstinence, Self Urine Treatment, Yoga Treatment, Magnetic Treatment, Juice Treatment and other therapies has been given here.   
  • The invention of each therapy has been done due to need because a young person can be cured by massage, acupressure, acupuncture, hard therapies and medicines but these therapies cannot be used for old, disabled or those patients who have been suffering from chronic diseases.
  • The doctor should try to know about the disease of a patient before starting the treatment. In addition to, science of medicine should be studied by the doctor because having knowledge about the primary symptoms, causes of the disease and treatment is very necessary for a doctor.
  • Principles of Ayurveda and homeopathy are same to some because homeopathy has taken birth from the Ayurveda as treatment of poison is done with the help of poison and a thorn can be draw out with the help of a thorn. 
  • Three things should be remembered by the doctor while examining symptoms of the patient. First observation second touch and third questioning with the patient. According to Shushrat, a thinker of Ayurveda, a disease can be identified properly through five senses as ear, skin, eye, tongue and nose. 
  • The doctor should start treatment after questioning with the nurse about patient’s physical strength, condition, digestion power, nature (cold or hot) and surroundings.
  • The doctor should prescribe a little medicine for the patient to find out if the medicine is suitable for the patient or not.

As one cannot be a teacher without complete knowledge of grammar in the same way no  medicine should be prescribed for the patient without having complete knowledge about the disease of the patient because each medicine has different kinds of merits or demerits and harmful or beneficial. 



  • You will responsible if you feel any kind of opposite result or harms by using the formulae that are available ‍in this site. We are not responsible for it because these formulae produce opposite results according to time, nature and season. 
  • If you have been suffering from any serious disease, you should go for the treatment to an able or experienced doctor. Here it means to say that the treatment of any chronic or serious disease should be done in the supervision of an able and experienced doctor.
  • The patient should pay lots of attention on his diet during treatment because abstinence is necessary while taking medicine.
  • Knowing about the cause of any disease is very essential before prescribing any medicine to the patient. Ask to the patient to know the cause of the origin of disease because appropriate medicine cannot be prescribed to the patient if the doctor has insufficient knowledge about the symptoms and causes of the disease. A wrong medicine can be prescribed to the patient in this case. This kind of treatment cannot cure the disease but it will produce several other diseases and chronic diseases.
  • Information about the pure meal is very necessary for strong and powerful body because you can cure most chronic diseases by root with the help of this information.
  • Some medicines in each therapy are very effective on the diseases. 
  • This knowledge can be obtained through professional people so treatment should be done in the supervision of an experienced doctor. This website means not to harm any person. We want to provide lots of benefit to the patients and doctors.



Treatment of minor diseases is very costly for common people in this present era. So, the treatment should be done with the help of homely medicine. Total information of all the therapies about the treatment of diseases has been provided in is being used in our and other countries since ancient time. Modern treatment has also accepted its advantages.


Modern system of treatment (allopath) says that chemicals should be sprinkled in home to avoid the mosquitoes of dengue but these chemicals are very harmful for our body. Several side effects can be seen on our body if we use chemicals. Ayurveda suggests us to keep the stomach clean to increase resistance power so that we remain unaffected if mosquitoes of dengue bite us. Purification of our surrounding is also necessary and for it burn leaves of neem so that we may take pure oxygen while breathing. By doing so our resistance power gets increased viz our body becomes strong and gets power to fight against diseases. According to Heinemann, the father of Homeopathic, we should keep our body warm and try to remain far from cold as much as we can. Our body remains far from diseases by doing so. 


We don’t fall ill by using medicines but our dietetic errors and wrong living styles are the cause of our illness. We should improve our dietetic errors and living styles according to season if we want to make our resistance power strong for avoiding us from diseases. If we can become healthy by taking a small pill, injection, capsule, powder, ointment and herbs, we can become the victim of several fatal diseases by taking these medicines in a wrong way. Therefore, we request if you have been suffering from any disease, you should go to an able experienced doctor for treatment.


In our country, several efforts have been done to use medical science properly for the welfare of humanity from ancient to present time. Medical science took birth along with the origin of human being. If we talk about medical system, only two medical systems were in use in the beginning.


There are two types of medical treatment systems: first Shidhdha Chikitsa and second Ayurvedic Chikitsa (Ayurvedic Medical System). Our ancient saints and specialist do not accept one the father of medical science. In place of it, they accepted God, creator of this world, the father of medical science. 


Sidhdha Aushadhi Vigyan (a type of medicine science) took birth in south Indian and Lord Shiva is considered the founder of it who gave the knowledge of this medical system to his wife Parvati who gave this knowledge to Nandideva and Nandideva gave this knowledge to Sidhdhon. They are called Shaiv Sampradaya and Shidhdha Sampradaya.


The word “Shidhdha” comes from Sidhi which means attainment of anything. Shidhdha are those people who have got accomplishment viz success in medical science, medicine science, yoga-practise (sadhana) and penance. There are eight kinds of accomplishments which are obtained on the base of yoga-practise and penance. Names of eight kinds of accomplishments are as Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Pracamp, Ishitatva and Vashitava. Followers of this accomplishment had got the knowledge through mental power by involving in meditation and accomplishment. Followers gave this knowledge to their disciples and disciples keep that knowledge not only safe but spread it far and wide.      


It is considered that there are 18 followers of accomplishment who gave good knowledge in the field of Shidhdha Chikitsa on time to time. Their names have been mentioned further- Tirumular, Punnikisher, Pulstiyar, Punekakannar, Idaikakadar, Bhogar, Puligai Isher, Karuprar, Kod Kanvar, Kalingi, Chattainadar, Ajhganni, Agape, Pambatti, Tairaiyar, Kudembe.  


Credit is given to saint Agastaya for Tamil Bhasha Aur Shidhdha Gyan. Saint Agastaya is considered the founder of Tamil culture. According to experienced persons, it is believed that the work of spreading Tamil language was given to saint Agastaya and the work of spreading Sanskrit language was given to saint Panini Muni. Grammar of Sanskrit language had been presented by Saint Panini for the first time. It has been observed in the basic principles of science of Shidhdha Chikitsa Vigyan that human being achieves knowledge through five senses from the outwardly world. Not only knowledge is obtained through this knowledge but such kinds of substances get dissolved in the body in the form of energy.


Combination of concrete, chemicals and all kinds of liquids and five elements is used to make human body. Therefore, three kinds of Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) are found in human body. Blending of these five elements produce these Doshas as sky is found in Vata Dosha, fire in Pita Dosha and water and earth in Kapha Dosha chiefly. Different kinds of diseases appear in the body if there is disorder in the balance of these things. Urinary bladder, pelvic region, lower portion of the kidneys, intestines, thighs, legs and bones get affected because of Vata disorder. Disorders related to sweating, lymph, blood and stomach appear because of Pitta Dosha whereas Kapha Dosha produces disease related to chest, head and bones because Kapha is found in upper portion of stomach and fatty tissues of the body.  


There is difference between ayurvedic medical system and Shidhdha medical system. In Shidhdha medical system, mercury, brimstone, copper, arsenic, iron and different kinds of metals and minerals along with herbs are used. There are plenty of herbs in ayurvedic medical science. “Charak Samhita” an ancient epic was written in last half part of first century and “Ashtangahirdaya” by Vagbhatta was written in seventh century. There are lots of herbs in these creations whereas gold, silver and iron are also used in some medical system.


Ayurveda got popularity in north India and its creator was Lord Brahma. He gave this knowledge to Prajapati and Prajapati to Ashwin Kumar and Ashwin Kumars to Indra and Indra to Kashiraj Divodas Dhanvantri. Thereafter, disciples of Shrushrat, Aushdhenav, Vaitran Aurabhra, Paushkalavat, Karveerya, Gorpur, Rakshit, etc. got this knowledge. This tradition was called Brahma or Aarya Sampraday. 


There are two streams of Ayurveda working treatment and surgical treatment. First is famous by the name of Aatreya and second by the name of Dhanvantri. Spiritual preceptors wrote several epics. “Charka Samahita” is main epic of Aatreya (School Of Physician) and Shushrat Samhita is the main epic of Dhanvantara (School Of Surgeon) among all the epics avail this time.   


Today, diseases are more than the number of people in this world. In some contemporary years, several efforts have been done for the treatment of different kinds of diseases and more and more efforts are being done in a modern way. Number of diseases is not becoming less in spite of such kinds of efforts.  


There is no doubt in it that lots of improvement has come in the field of treatment because of too much development in science. There are many diseases which are chronic even this day. Sometimes, medicines are not beneficial after having the knowledge about cause of the disease. Besides it, some medicines are too expensive to afford by the common people. Is there no other way of treatment except medicines? This question arises in the mind at this time.


Ancient saints and sages understood the importance of natural rules and on its base they got peace in life, similarity and patience. That was why they succeeded in getting their goals. They understood the importance of pure air, simple food and natural atmosphere provided by almighty. This was the reason behind their holy ideas and feelings. In addition to, they passed a healthy life throughout life.



Founder of homeopathy, Hahnemann started his career with allopath. Allopathic is known by the name “Medicine of System” in ancient time. “Medicine of system” had been called allopathic by Hahnemann which had been accepted by all the doctors after sometime.  Hahnemann was not satisfied with allopath completely so he gave up it. To improve his knowledge, he accepted the job of care taker in a medical library.     


Thereafter, he made homeopathic medicines and cured many patients from several diseases. He thought that the soul which controls the body is very subtle and the cause of the origin of diseases in our body is also very minor.



Acupressure is such a natural treatment in which every disease can be cured easily. Different kinds of diseases can be treated without using medicines because patients have natural power in their body which has the capacity to fight against diseases.  Magical impact of this medical system is the biggest characteristic of acupressure medical system. Chronic diseases can be cured completely by this system of treatment within some time. A patient can cure his diseases at home without spending money. There is no side effect of this medical system.



How did our ancestors find out about the magnetisms and other divine powers of the earth and their impact on life and diseases? Finding about it is very hard. There are many stanzas (shlok) in atharveda based on Ayurveda which describe that magnet is used to check the diseases. At present, thousands doctors have got success in curing the patient who had been suffering from such kinds of disease which make a person handicapped. Many camps for the treatment of diseases have been established on different parts of our country where patients have been cured with the help of magnet.   


Juice therapy:

Today, it has been proved indisputably that juice therapy is like a panacea for the treatment of different kinds of diseases. Small diseases don’t attack by drinking juice. Costly diseases are vain in serious diseases as cancer, jaundice, etc. but these diseases can be cured by drinking juice. Life taking disease cancer can be cured by drinking the juice of sprouted wheat. The disease named jaundice can be cured completely if sugarcane or radish juice is drunk. 


Nature therapy:

The first important element is sky among the five elements viz water, earth, wind, sky and fire. This element is called zero too. As God is invisible but a truth in the same way the element is invisible but a truth. This element makes a person healthy spiritually, mentally and physically. It is truth that without this element neither we can take breath nor we have our existence in this world. The element sky is the base for all the remaining four elements.   Sky is the base of universe too. A powerful means to get this element is fasting. Generally, we can get peace and pleasure in life with the help of this precious and beneficial element by eating less than our appetite.  


The wind is the second most important element among the five elements viz sky, earth, water, wind and fire. Water is life and wind is breath (pran). Therefore, wind is very important element for human being. We inhale seven times fold wind than the meal and water we take in day. The wind oxygen mingles with the blood after reaching in the body with the help of lungs. Oxygen purifies blue and impure blood and makes it red and clean. Carbon dioxide comes out from the blue impure blood which keep on exhaling with nitrogen wind, steam etc. from the body.   

Water is available everywhere. Either the curing powers of water are ignored or most of people are not aware about them. Water is used on large scale in the conditions of emergency.



Several epics, Upnishads, Purans and Gita depict about yoga. Different ways have been depicted in all the epics related to yoga but the aim of all is one and that is making the mind and body healthy and calm. Practice of yoga is as necessary for all the people as water, food and wind are. Practise of yoga is for only the yogis. Thinking so is quite wrong. Eight organs of yoga have been depicted in the scriptures of yoga and these eight organs are as yam, niyam, pranayama, pratyahar, dharan, meditation and Samadhi. Final stage of meditation and Samadhi are only for the yogis. Rests of all the organs can be practiced by every person because practice of exercise in yoga is done to make the body healthy.    


Self or own urine:

This kind of treatment had been established by lord Shiva. He described about it before his wife Parvati. Drinking own urine has been described in this kind of treatment. Almost every disease can be cured in this kind of treatment.   



Treatment by fragrance comes in ayurvedic medical system. In ancient time, people don’t understand the difference between fragrance and smell but the difference between the two has become clear when lots of information has been gained after different researches and investigations.  


Not only human being but also birds and animals are sensitive about good or bad odor. The most developed sense organs are found in the dog among all the animals. Dogs can be identified anything by smelling which are not possible by the human being. It is the reason that military takes the help of dogs in the operations of investigation because their smelling power is wonderful.


Good smell can be obtained from different kinds of oils as oil of rose flowers, oil of sandal wood, etc. there is long process to make these kinds of oils. About five tones flowers of rose are needed to prepare one kilogram oil of rose. This is the reason why such kinds of oils are very costly. There is a need to be careful while preparing food. 


Different diseases can be cured with the help of different kinds of fragrances. Use of fragrances is done with steam in the form of oil for the treatment of diseases. For example- useful fragrance in the form of steam is used to get rid of gloominess and exhaustion whereas massage is needed in headache and joints ache.   


Treatment by sunlight:

The real source of all the powers which defend the life of every creature is sun. None can live for a single moment if there is no sun. Sun rays play a very important role in the life. Different kinds of chronic diseases disappear when sun rays fall on the body. Germs which produce diseases in the body are destroyed by the sun rays. The mind and body gets affected with the rays of sun. Doctors say that every kind of disease can be cured with the help of sunlight. 


Scientists of all the countries have been trying to develop such kind a medical system far from present prevailed medical system for the treatment of chronic diseases and which is simple but effective. Now, they are giving up inhuman ways of treatment and artificial ways and adopting natural ways of treatment. That is why several medical systems like magnet therapy are being developed.  


Ayurvedic treatment is based on herbs and medicines of forest. In ancient time, saints and sages have established Ayurveda by living in the forests and mountains for many years where they tasted several herbs and medicines of forest. They discovered the cause of the origin of diseases and medicines for their treatment. After that, they provided all the knowledge related to Ayurveda to the common people.


We know that nature of a person is different from another. This is the reason why only one medicine does not work same on all the patients. This is why different kinds of ways of treatment have been given. Their use should be done according the nature, quality and atmosphere of the patient.


There is no person in this world who can say that he is quite well and has no disease. Of course, the busy life, modernity and fast food have disturbed the life style of human being very much. This kind of life style has made the body an abode of diseases which keep on appearing on time to time. After becoming the victim of many diseases, a person goes to the doctor for treatment and the doctor suppress the disease by prescribing costly medicines. Several side effects of the medicines can be seen easily on the body. On the other hand, nature is so strong in itself that it cures all the diseases.      



According to ancient saints, a scripture which describes the harms and benefits of life viz no fulfillment of desires, disease, and treatment is known by the name of Ayurveda. The treatment of all the diseases except death is possible in Ayurveda.  If there is failure in the treatment of any disease, it is the fault of the doctor or physician which are diagnosing. Ayurveda medical system is complete in it self.


Ayurveda is made of two words-aayu viz life and veda viz scripture (shastra). Thus, Ayurveda means that combination of body, senses, mind and soul is called aayau viz life. Here it means to say that a person lives until his senses, mind keep on working and soul keeps on surviving the breath (pran).  


The influence of Ayurveda was so deep on the heart of people that they could not forget it after the period of Yavan to britisher whereas both authorities have tried their best to abolish this tradition of Ayurveda. Nowadays, several people are dependent on the herbs on distant rural areas.  


It is said that knowledge disappears if it is kept hidden and reaches on the heights if it is lighted. Here it means to say that, the knowledge what we gained if will not deliver to others, it will disappear with us. 


If any formula is used for the treatment of any disease, it should be guessed that chosen formula is providing benefit or not. If the treatment is harmful, the opposite medicine should be given. Here it means to say that if hot natured medicine has been given, the medicine with cold nature should be given. If cold medicine has been given but it does not provide relief, the hot medicine should be given. 


Treating any disease and treating any disease with specialty both are different to each other. If someone has been suffering from headache, the doctors prescribe one painkiller for headache. But the treatment with proficiency is quite different from this treatment. For example, if a person of headache goes to the doctor, the doctor should not prescribe him painkiller for headache but he should try to find out the origin of headache. Doing so is rather important. 


If someone has been suffering from constipation, the liver should be observed. If it is normal, treatment of the main disease should be done by taking information of blood deficiency, any kind of fever, inflammation of any gland, condition of blood circulation and sleep. This treatment is called the treatment with proficiency. The patient gets permanent relief by this kind of treatment. 


It is the rule of nature that no person can remain far from diseases and shadow of death after birth. Death is inevitable for all living creatures. Not only human beings have been suffering from diseases but also pet animals sometimes become the victim of diseases. But insects, birds and forest animal always remain far from diseases. They sleep in the lap of death when the time comes but they never become the victim of any diseases because they depend on the nature completely and the nature keeps them healthy. Contrary to it, the wisest creature of this world viz human being keeps on going against nature all the time and consequently they have to become the victim of nature punishment.


Life is a beautiful gift of God and living healthy is the biggest boon. Nutritive food is very essential to live healthy. Such kind a food is the base of passing life. If we keep on passing restrained life by improving our eating habits, we can live till hundred years easily. It has been said in ‘Gita’ that natural food and taking less food than the need enhances the life of a person. So, we should take always less food. 


We should eat food by chewing properly whether the food is tasty or not. A person dies soon by over eating but gets long life by eating less. Laughing makes a person healthy. Medicine does not work if the victim does not follow the rules of food and abstinence. Health and beauty keep on surviving by taking meal according to need. We will be as healthy and get long life as much we are close to the nature. 


In natural treatment, natural food is taken. According to natural doctors, food is the medicine and medicine is food. Natural food enhances the internal resistance power of the body so much that the body becomes able to fight against diseases and contagious disease. Our body remains far from disease by adopting natural treatment.


Yoga and natural are becoming the biggest necessity of this present busy unnatural life which is full of tensions. Healthiness means not only remaining far from physical and mental trouble but also getting zest, enthusiasm, strong vital power, confidence, intellectual, decision power and aim for passing life.  


There is only one aim of natural treatment and that is prevention of different diseases. For achieving its aim, the nature takes the help of the patient’s self treating powers so that elements can be produced in the body to fight against diseases. Although we have got knowledge about the secrets of universe through several techniques yet several diseases of the human being are understood by a few doctors. 


As a deer keeps on running here and there to achieve the musk deer whereas it is situated in the stomach of the deer in the same way the situation is same with human being too. Human being is wandering here and there to make the body healthy whereas the power to make the body healthy is present in our body. The result of it is that the health is decreasing in spite of reaching on the heights of science. The nature made our body in this way that the disease of a person is done with that element which is the cause of the origin of disease.


There is no doubt in it that spectacular development has come in the field of science. But it is true that the scientists have not got complete information about the universe made by God thought the science has been developed very much. It is Rubicon truth and will remain forever. The same thing can be said about the treatment. No treatment system has got hundred percent successes in the treatment of all diseases. For example, if it happens, the number of diseases has become less in place of increasing the number of diseases. 


There is one main cause behind it that diseases are suppressed by the use of medicines and those diseases appear in serious diseases after some time. Besides it, those medicines which are beneficial for the treatment of diseases but they are too costly to purchase for common people. Is there is no system of treatment which is simple, easy, available everywhere and without medicines? Here this question arises in the mind naturally.  Undoubtedly, our ancient natural treatment is such kind of natural treatment and almost all the diseases can be cured with the help of this treatment.


We have given great importance to the natural diet and good life style at our website The body of human being will keep on becoming the victim of several new diseases until simple life and good life style are not adopted by us. Development of science will not play any role in it. At present, people have been suffering from such fatal diseases as cancer and aids on large scale. If people do not improve their diet and life style, they keep on suffering from different kinds of diseases.   


A person can remain far from different kinds of diseases with the help of good habits of health, nutritive meals and some exercises. If a person becomes the victim of any disease in spite of following all the rules of nature, treatment should be done by natural treatment and principles of yoga because doing so is rather useful. The most important thing of natural treatment is that there is no need of any medicine in natural treatment. Hence, there is no doubt of any side effect in natural treatment.  


At present, people are becoming more and more conscious about their health. People are eager very much to know the cause, symptoms and treatment of the diseases. People want to know about it because they know that avoiding diseases is better and easier than the treatment of the diseases.


Diseases don’t take a person in their disease themselves but they are the result of many year’s negligence, wrong eating habits and lifestyle. As far as patients are concerned, there are three kinds of patients. First are those patients who depend on doctors and don’t take the responsibility of treatment. Second are those patients who bears the responsibility of their treatment themselves but they have the lack of patience and trust for the treatment by natural treatment. Third are those patients who have deep faith in natural treatment and they are eager to pass their natural life without harm with strong confidence.


First of all, a doctor should know the cause of the origin of disease and ways of treatment. It is rather beneficial in place of the treatment of diseases. The patient should possess patience and discipline at the time of treatment. Getting good health is our native right. Treatment is not limited only those persons who are involved in the treatment but every person has a doctor in himself. In this case, we have to arouse the doctor hidden ourselves. It is possible only when we follow the rules of nature by believing in nature.


Invisible powers which are present in every particle of our body but we cannot them as fire in wood, ghee in milk, a huge tree in a small tree. If these things are analyzed scientifically, no information about these things can become clear. Everyday millions and crores people and creatures are dying. What the thing is of which separation makes the body dead? Even today, scientists have no answer of such kinds of questions.   


Eyes and ears have limitation of observing and hearing. Our hearing and observing power becomes weak after a limit. If our hearing and observing power is infinite, passing life will become impossible for us. In this situation, we will have to observe those things which are far from the bearing power of human being. Either we will become deaf or mad in this case because words have no limitations. The word is “Brahma” and immortal. Words spoken thousands and millions years ago are present in the universe till now. Scientists have been trying to catch those sounds at present.


Words have infinite power. On the base of words, sages and saints had created mantras of which affect is faster than the speed of rocket. But everything is invisible. The formation of human body and every organ is strange in itself. The formation of the brain of human being is filled with many wonders. In ancient time, all the discoveries and inventions have been done till now are only a glimpse of this complex brain.


Healthiness is the natural condition of the body and keeping ourselves healthy is the aim of the minutest unit of body or parts and their actions. At present, modern medical system of treatment of disease and science of their treatment is only a glimpse whereas yoga is proved as the science of health. Its formulae depend on the proper thinking of right way of working of the brain and body along with good health, vital power and youthfulness. 


At present, we are living in transient period of the changing era. This is the reason why what we learn one day becomes old next day. Besides it, every person in this concrete world is running to achieve any huge imaginary achievement by using unplanned ways. In this process, sometimes we get something but we lose our real form. Finally, when we evaluate our achievements, we feel that we have paid too much in the form of mental peace, physical health and spirituality to achieve huge imaginary achievements.


In the modern society, most of women and men have been suffering from several chronic diseases of which our ancestors did not know. In our society, tension has got permanent place like junk food and software. These things affect our health and body very much in a bad way. Tensions take birth if we have too much desires or such desires which never be fulfilled.


Every person should be aware about his health so that he may keep healthy and active body, peace in the brain and remain far from the influences of atmosphere.


Sound mind lives in sound body and healthy ideas strike in healthy mind. Healthy ideas satisfy a person and satisfaction provides pleasure and calmness. 


Our body is made of five elements which are earth, fire, water, wind and sky. After death our body mingles in these five elements. Abundance and scarcity of these five elements in the body become the cause of disturbances. We want to become healthy soon after falling ill and take the help of allopath. In this case our body becomes well soon but its side effects are more than the benefits. Not only so, disease cannot be cured by root by adopting this medical system. For the permanent relief or treatment we will have adopt natural treatments because disease can be cured by root in natural treatment. 


Allopath is accepted by all because of their characteristics. It is on the fore in fatal and surgical treatment but it cannot cure several simple diseases by root but it suppresses them temporarily. Sometimes, side effects of these allopathic medicines are very fatal. Diseases keep on appearing again and again whereas Ayurveda cures any disease by root. It enhances the resistance power of the victim too. Because of this reason, people all over world are adopting ayurvedic treatment.  


Not only in India but also the whole world is adopting ayurvedic treatment. New inventions and discoveries in this field are taking place day by day.  Natural treatment is another form of natural treatment. Herbs, fruits-vegetables, grains and spices are qualitative and effective. All these things are counted in ayurvedic treatment. All these homely formulae are assumable and they are harmless, healthy and invigorating. These things enhance resistance power of a person in true sense and help in the treatment too. When there is disturbance in the five elements because of the activities of human being or natural changes, this stage is called illness.   


In homely treatment, treatment is done in natural ways. This treatment suits us because human being is the fraction of nature. Those elements which are present in the nature are found in the living creature necessarily. So, natural elements are beneficial for human being undoubtedly. 


No substance of this nature is superfluous. Every substance has its own merits and demerits. Taking these substances of merits and demerits according to need is called treatment. In natural treatment, besides herbs, other means of nature are used. Sun light, moon light, wind, soil, water and different kinds of gems and magnet are successful means of homely treatment.           


Natural treatment is a divine knowledge of nature. Besides traditional medical system, there are many optional medical treatments too at present. But no medical system can be compared with natural treatment. Of course, it is boon for human being gifted by nature. Only one thing among water, soil, wind, sun, nutrition and fasting has the capacity to cure any disease.     


Yoga and pranayam are such kinds of physical and spiritual activities which cure every kind of trouble and bring happiness and calmness in the life. These things cure simple and chronic diseases of the body and their spiritual impact makes the mind calm and serene. If it happens, a human being will achieve the biggest aim of life. 


Human being has been suffering from different kinds of diseases in this modern age. He looks towards yoga for the treatment of many diseases and becomes able in the treatment of disease. Thus, he will keep faith in yoga. A person gets mental development and spiritual pleasure.


If a person will accept yoga for the treatment of diseases, he will not complete relief because yoga is not a disease but it is an art to live life with happiness and pleasure. A person will get benefit surely if he makes yoga an essential part of daily routine life.


Massage is used too for the treatment of diseases. Oil massage and dry massage are most appropriate massages. Mustard oil is considered the best for massage. Sun bath after massage and then taking bath with water is very beneficial.


Ayurveda is a science of life which paves the path of safety and magnification of human being health. In it, there is not only a description of diseases and medicines but also there are universal principles and experiences for the safety and enrichment of health. Nowadays, people are curious to know basic knowledge about health, daily routine, sustenance, sexual life in the point of view of Ayurveda. They want to know medicines of the diseases and all the principles for the safety and enrichment of human being so that they can cure normal diseases and improve the level of health. 


It is found after observing Ayurveda minutely that Ayurveda is full of Indian culture, civilization and traditions completely. And Ayurveda is peerless in the treatment and safety of health. Nothing is wonderful in it that Ayurveda is the only treatment for villagers, autochthons and those who live on distant places in spite of the growth in science and great achievements.  


In the present time, there is a big need of Ayurveda for the safety of human being’s health. Doctors of this world, scientists of medical field, institutes of education, big research centers accept the importance of Ayurveda. They keep on studying and researching about the activities of different subjects of Ayurveda. Not only people related to medical field but also common people are eager to know basic knowledge about the diseases and their simple treatment.   


It has been proved indisputably that Indian medical system is very ancient. As Vedas have been considered God gifted in the same way it is believed that these herbs considered as boon of nature, were produced at the same time when seasons came in existence. Our saints and sages researched about the birth place, nature, qualities and influences of herbs in ancient time. 


Ayurvedic treatments are not only beneficial for the rich but also for the poor and it is the best quality of ayurvedic medical system. The matter which is used in ayurvedic medical system for the treatment of several disease is available in each season and place easily.


Often people don’t take food, rest and sleep properly because of the lack of time or laziness. They do not make a definite routine of their day to day life. Because of this reason, they keep on suffering from different kinds of diseases. We should get up early in the morning before sun rising and go for walk and exercise. We should do Pranayam and exercise according to physical capacity too. We should take food after taking bath. Food should be eaten by chewing properly. Don’t leave the work of teeth for the intestines. We should go into bed after two hours of taking food.  


Ayurveda has been kept on the highest place among all the medical systems from ancient time to present time. Where, modern medical system (allopath) suppresses the diseases, Ayurveda provides resistance power to the body for fighting against the diseases in future by purifying the body.


We are grateful for good guidance and help of those experienced learned persons and friends who helped us in making We hope that more and more experienced learned people of this field will help us. We appeal to send important information to us for the welfare of human being if one has something important to make this website more effective.  


We are hopeful and have full faith that will come true on your expectations. Causes, symptoms and solutions of physical and mental diseases are available on this website free of cost. Software will be made on demand for experienced people related to this field. Randomly solution will be available about the treatment of diseases. 



In ancient time, several saints-sages, inventors, scientists and experienced scholars have described their knowledge about Ayurveda. Some descriptions among those have been given here. In Satayuga, a saint named Atri worked hundred times more than us in his ‘Atri Samhita’. In Tretayuga, saint Charak penned “Charka Samhita” for the welfare of humanity. In the same way, in Dwapar Yuga, saint Shushrut showed magic by presenting “Shushrut Samhita”. In kalayuga, an epic named Ashtangand has been written by Vagabhatta. Vagabhatta changed Avyurveda Shastra to a large extent. By inspiring these books of great scholars, our team has prepared a software and website with the name of     


 Making aware people of all classes about their health by providing complete information is the aim of this website and software. Beside it, this website will give huge knowledge to the patients and doctors about several therapies as Acupressure, Mantra Treatment, Yoga Asana, Magnet Therapy, Massage Therapy and merits and demerits of medicines which are obtained from plants and herbs. Providing this kind of information and the treatment with its help is the dream of this website.   


In our country, a large number of people are illiterate and financially weak even now. Such kinds of people get the treatment by believing in different kinds of religious traditions, bad customs and superstitions because of poverty-stricken life. They go to fake doctors for the treatment who keep on extorting money from them. Their minor diseases become chronic slowly. In this case, they have to go to big hospitals for the treatment after becoming the disease chronic where lots of money is spent by them. Our website contains the knowledge of diseases, their causes and treatment to make such kinds of people aware.   


We want to provide sufficient knowledge to the doctors, persons involved in medical field and common people so we have added the complete information of health in this website.


Having information about the directions of this website is very essential before the adoption of its formulae

Essential directions-

1. If you are suffering from any kind of ailment, we are requested to start your treatment in the supervision of any experienced doctor because taking  medicine without consulting to the doctor and adoption of therapies more than one at one time can be harmful.

2. If you feel any kind of harm by using the formulae available at our site, you will be responsible yourself for it because adoption of these formulae in wrong method can create opposite influence. Besides, the influence of Ayurvedic formulae is different according to the nature, time and atmosphere of the patient.     

3. You should pay full attention on your diet while taking medicines because abstinence plays an important role in the treatment of any disease along with medicines.

4. Getting information about the cause of any disease is very essential before prescribing any medicine to the patient. Knowing total information about the main cause of the origin of disease from the patient is very essential because appropriate medicine cannot be prescribed to the patient if the doctor has insufficient knowledge about the symptoms and causes of the disease. In this case, medicine of any other disease is given to the patient. This kind of treatment worsens the condition of the disease and makes it incurable.

5. Information about the pure sustenance is very essential for making the body healthy and powerful because you can cure the most chronic diseases by root with the help of this information.

6. Some medicines in each therapy are very effective over some diseases. 

7. Each therapy came into existence in need because a young person can be cured by massage, acupressure, acupuncture, hard therapies and medicines but these therapies cannot be used for the treatment of old, disabled and those patients who have been suffering from chronic diseases.

8. Doctrines of Ayurveda and Homeopathy are same to a large extant because Homeopathy came into existence from Ayurveda as-treatment of poison is done by the poison and a thorn can be draw out by the help of a thorn. 

9. Three things should be remembered by the doctor specially while examining symptoms of the patient. First-observing, second-touching and third questioning to the patient. According to great Rishi ‘Shushrat’, the reality of a disease can be identified easily through five senses as ear, skin, eye, tongue and nose. 

10. The doctor should start treatment after getting the information about the patient’s physical strength, condition, nature, etc from the nurse.

11. The doctor should prescribe a little medicine to the patient for finding out whether the medicine is suitable for him or not according to his physical nature.

12. As one cannot be an eligible teacher without full knowledge of grammar in the same way no medicine should be prescribed for the patient without having complete knowledge about the disease of the patient because each medicine has different kinds of merits-demerits.