Direction / Terms & Conditions

Having information about the directions of this website is very essential before the adoption of its formulae

Having information about the directions of this website is very essential before the adoption of its formulae

Essential directions-

1. If you are suffering from any kind of ailment, we are requested to start your treatment in the supervision of any experienced doctor because taking  medicine without consulting to the doctor and adoption of therapies more than one at one time can be harmful.

2. If you feel any kind of harm by using the formulae available at our site, you will be responsible yourself for it because adoption of these formulae in wrong method can create opposite influence. Besides, the influence of Ayurvedic formulae is different according to the nature, time and atmosphere of the patient.     

3. You should pay full attention on your diet while taking medicines because abstinence plays an important role in the treatment of any disease along with medicines.

4. Getting information about the cause of any disease is very essential before prescribing any medicine to the patient. Knowing total information about the main cause of the origin of disease from the patient is very essential because appropriate medicine cannot be prescribed to the patient if the doctor has insufficient knowledge about the symptoms and causes of the disease. In this case, medicine of any other disease is given to the patient. This kind of treatment worsens the condition of the disease and makes it incurable.

5. Information about the pure sustenance is very essential for making the body healthy and powerful because you can cure the most chronic diseases by root with the help of this information.

6. Some medicines in each therapy are very effective over some diseases. 

7. Each therapy came into existence in need because a young person can be cured by massage, acupressure, acupuncture, hard therapies and medicines but these therapies cannot be used for the treatment of old, disabled and those patients who have been suffering from chronic diseases.

8. Doctrines of Ayurveda and Homeopathy are same to a large extant because Homeopathy came into existence from Ayurveda as-treatment of poison is done by the poison and a thorn can be draw out by the help of a thorn. 

9. Three things should be remembered by the doctor specially while examining symptoms of the patient. First-observing, second-touching and third questioning to the patient. According to great Rishi ‘Shushrat’, the reality of a disease can be identified easily through five senses as ear, skin, eye, tongue and nose. 

10. The doctor should start treatment after getting the information about the patient’s physical strength, condition, nature, etc from the nurse.

11. The doctor should prescribe a little medicine to the patient for finding out whether the medicine is suitable for him or not according to his physical nature.

12. As one cannot be an eligible teacher without full knowledge of grammar in the same way no medicine should be prescribed for the patient without having complete knowledge about the disease of the patient because each medicine has different kinds of merits-demerits.