Diseases of uterus


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There are many diseases in the uterus as being closed the uterus mouth, tumor, looseness of the uterus, coming out of the uterus, hemorrhage, etc.

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1. Camphor:


If the woman suffers from uterus pain caused by menstruation with pain or other reasons, giving ¼ parts camphor to her twice a day provides relief. Note: The delivered woman should not take camphor because it reduces breast milk.
2. Gum guggul:

Gum guggul:

The woman who suffers from chronic swelling of the uterus should take ¼ parts to one gram camphor with jaggery twice day. This medicine should be taken after every 4-6 hours until you get benefit.
3. Indian cinnamon:

Indian cinnamon:

Indian cinnamon should be used in the condition of uterus looseness. Take it in 1-4 grams quantity twice a day; it ends uterus looseness. If the patient suffers from abortion due to uterus looseness, Indian cinnamon should be taken. Use this process, it ends uterus looseness and consequently; embryo exists in the uterus.
4. Saffron:


  • Make the tablet of saffron and put it in the vagina, it provides relief in uterus pain.
  • Taking 250 grams pulp of gmelina grialea fruit and liqourice with hot milk twice a day makes uterus strong. This process should be used for some days regularly.
5. Kurchi:


If the woman suffers from vagina looseness after delivery, give 10-40 ml decoction of kurchi bark to her twice a day regularly, it provides relief in vagina looseness.
6. Ashoka:


Boil 10-20 grams powder of ashoka bark with milk and take it in the morning regularly, it provides relief in all disorders of the uterus. It also purifies the uterus.
7. Keli:


Take 20-40 ml stem juice of keli twice a day regularly, it provides relief in all disorders of the uterus.
8. Hirabol:


The woman suffers from looseness of the uterus should take ¼ gram hirabol twice a day regularly.
9. Paeonia officinalis:

Paeonia officinalis:

If any woman suffers from uterus disorders caused by menstruation or leucorrhoea disorders or any types pain or inflammation, 20-40 ml decoction of paeonia officinalis should be given to her because it provides relief. 1-3 grams powder of root of it can be taken too.
10. Darunajakarbi:


Take ¼ gram to half gram root of it twice a day, it provides relief in uterus pain.
11. Emetic nut:

Emetic nut:

  • If the embryo does not exist in the uterus, 5-10 grams powder or 10-20 ml decoction of bark of emetic nut should be given to the suffered woman. It purifies the uterus within some days and makes able for pregnancy.
  • Mix 5-10 grams powder of emetic nut with equal quantity of sugar and give it to the woman, it stops blowing water from the uterus.
12. Aconite leaved kidney:

Aconite leaved kidney:

Take bread of aconite leaved kidney, it purifies the uterus after delivery.
13. Ground nut:

Ground nut:

Take 60 grams ground nut regularly while pregnancy, it develops the embryo.
14. Fenugreek:


Mix fenugreek with other food stuff and give it to the woman after delivery, it purifies the uterus after delivery and increases appetite. It also clears the stomach by loose motions.