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[ D ] Related homeopathic drugs:


Dolichos acts better on the liver. It generates such symptoms that are responsible for jaundice. It cures constipation and makes stool white.

Use of this medicine according to symptoms of body parts:

Symptoms of the eyes: If the patient has yellowness in his eyes, drugs like- Cheli Sinche, Iodum, Plumbum, etc. can be also used instead of this medicine. 

Symptoms of the throat: If the patient has an intensive pain in the right side of his throat and he faces trouble while swallowing food.   

Symptoms of the Cough: If the patient coughs after sleeping, this medicine is used.

Symptoms of the eyes: If the patient has itching without any eruption in anywhere on the whole body and this type of itching is also felt after curing jaundice, in these symptoms, this medicine is used.

Symptoms of the Skin: If the patient has black spots on the skin, this medicine can be used.

Symptoms of the Ringworms: If the dry ringworms affect the skin, which side effects appear on the hand, legs that look like pimples having pus in them, etc., in theses symptoms, this medicine is helpful.

Relations: Calcarea-carbonica, Cheli, Hepar, Rain, Podophyllum, Rhus-toxicodendron, Sulphur.