Eagle Wood



Mostly, eagle wood’s tree is found in Assam, Malabar, ‘Chatiya’ island of ‘Navka’ city situated near border of China country, upside tropics (Hot) field of south Bengal and on ‘Jatiya’ mountain near by Silhat district. The tree of eagle wood is huge and evergreen. Its tree is rough. Its flower appears in the month of March-April (Chaitra). Seeds of eagle wood become ripe in July month. Its wood is soft. The eagle wood’s holes are filled with soft and fragrant liquid like resin (Raal). People cut it with knife and take its liquid. The eagle wood is used to make Agarbatti and rub on the body. Its fragrant makes the brain happy.

Name in different languages:

Sanskrit                -       Swadvgroo

Hindi                     -       Agar

Bengali                 -       Agar

Marathi                 -       Agar

Kannada              -        Agar

Tamil                     -       Agar

Gujarati                -        Agroo

Telugu                   -       Agroo Chettu

Malayalam            -        Aakel

Parsian                 -       Kasbebwa

Arabic                   -       Oodgar kee

Greek                    -       Agelokan

Latin                      -       Sakkyleriya Egeloka

English                  -       Eaglewood

Color:  Eaglewood is black and brown.

Taste: It is fast, bitter and fragrant.

Structure: Eaglewood is wood of a tree, which is found in Assam. Although it has many kinds but black eaglewood is the best in all the types of eaglewood. Its wood provides fragrance while burning.

Nature: Eaglewood is dry and hot in nature.

Precautions: Eaglewood is harmful for pitta natured persons.

Bad Effects Removal: Rose flower and camphor remove the bad affects of eagle wood.

Qualities: Eaglewood is hot, spicy, bitter, fast and cool. It eliminates gas and brings out phlegm. It keeps the brain happy and makes active to the body. It also increases memory power and makes the mind fresh. It is useful for the skin and ends cold of the uterus.

Useful in Different Diseases:

1. Skin diseases: Applying a paste of eaglewood on the affected part is useful for skin diseases.

2. Burning sensation: The patient should rub powder of eagle wood on the body to get relief in burning sensation.

3. Excessive sweat in fever: Make the powder by grinding eaglewood, sandal and cobra’s saffron together and thereafter boil it with water of cherry plum. This paste should be coated on the affected part because it provides relief in excessive sweat.

4. Perfumed body: Grind fine eaglewood, camphor, saffron, benzoin (Loban), cuscus, lodhra, black cuscus and nut-grass in equal quantity together. After that, rub it on the body to make the body fragrant.

5. To make cloths fragrant: The fragrant of eaglewood should be sprayed on the cloths to make cloths fragrant.

6. How to make incense sticks (Agarbatti):

  • First preparation: Grind 40 grams black eaglewood, 20 grams cuscus, 40 grams cyperus, 20 grams bud of rose, 20 grams gum guggul, 40 grams benzoin (Loban) and ninety grams litsea glutinoss (Maida Lakdi) together. Filter this mixture with the help of cloth and mix 180 grams liquid storax (Shilaras), 10 grams musk and jaggery in it. Now spray water in this mixture and prepare thin paste from it thereafter coat it on thin sticks of bamboo and dry.
  • Second preparation: Grind 5 grams Malabari sandal, 3 grams Indian pennivert, 50 grams benzoin, 90 grams honey, 20 grams gum guggul, 40 grams litsea glutinoss (Maida Lakdi), 50 grams sugar, 110 grams Eaglewood, 50 grams musk and 15 grams amber together. Now prepare agarbatti (incense sticks) from this mixture according to above rule. These agarbatti (incense sticks) are very perfumed.

7. Asthma or breathing problems: Drip 1-2 drops oil of eaglewood in betel leaf and take, it ends breathing problems.

8. Fever:

  • Grind equal quantity of eaglewood and Ogatawar together and thereafter prepare a decoction from it. This decoction should be taken to reduce fever.
  • Grind fine eaglewood and take it with water as dose, it reduce fever.

9. Cough: Grind eaglewood and root of Indian birth wort together. After that, coat it on the child chest to get relief in cough.

10. Chronic cough: Take one gram saw-dust (powder) of eaglewood with 6 grams honey twice a day to cure chronic cough.

11. Vomiting:

  • Grind eaglewood with water and make the patient drink, it prevents vomiting.
  • Mix loaf-sugar with juice of eagle wood and heat it. After that, give it to the patient to stop vomiting.

12. Impotency: Taking eaglewood choya with betel leaf is useful to end impotency.

13. Hiccups: Lick about half to 2 grams eaglewood with honey twice a day to prevent hiccups.

14. Impotency: Drip 1-2 drops old perfume of eaglewood on betel-leaf and take, it cures impotency.

15. Loose motions: Taking about half to 2 grams eaglewood with honey twice a day is useful to stop loose motions.

16. Excessive thirst: If someone has been suffering from excessive thirst due to fever, prepare decoction of eaglewood with water. After that, giving this decoction to him quenches excessive thirst.

17. Rheumatism: Coating eaglewood gum on the affected part provides relief in rheumatism.

18. Head ulcer: Grind eaglewood grinded with water and apply it on the affected part, it head ulcer.

19. Locomotors Altaxia (Chalvibhram): Take about ¼ parts eaglewood twice a day regularly to get relief in locomotors Altaxia.

20. Thigh numbness: Make a decoction by boiling equal quantity of dry ginger and eaglewood with water. After that, take this decoction to stop numbness of the thigh and other parts of the body.

21. Body numbness: Make a decoction by boiling equal quantity of dry ginger and eaglewood with water. Body numbness is stopped by taking this decoction.

22. Scabies, Itching and Face marks: Grind eaglewood with water and apply it on the body, it ends scabies and itching of the body.

23. Elephantiasis: Grind eaglewood with water and apply it on affected part, it ends swelling, inflammation and other diseases of the skin. It is also useful to cure elephantiasis (Fat and hard skin caused by swelling). If the patient suffers from inflammation with redness due to any reason, grind eaglewood with water and apply it on the affected parts, it provides relief.

24. Nerves inflammation: Make a paste by grinding eaglewood with water and coat it on the affected part, it provides relief in navel inflammation.