Earth Therapy

EARTH therapy has magical effects to cure diseases. It is a very easy treatment therapy that gives more benefit you.

Treatment by earth therapy is a very useful to end many types of disorders

Earth is one planet among the nine planets which is not equal to a single atom in spite of so large size in comparison to big planets and sun. Third strange thing related to earth is the origin of creatures on the earth.
A famous epic describes that the origin of sky is soul. Besides it, water is the source of the origin of earth and medicines and herbs take birth from earth; corn has taken birth from the medicines and man has taken birth from the corn. Hence, earth (corn) is the source of the origin of human being.

Treatment of different diseases by water

Using hot water to cure different types of disease as like pain and headache, etcAll the disorders as unconsciousness, thirst, insomnia, vomiting and laziness disappear by water and it makes the body strong. Satisfying to the mind, keeping the heart disease free, curing the disease named illusion, curing all the disorders of the different diseases and disorders are the work of the water. The water makes six types of juices by which the body remains healthy. Water is like nectar for the life in the world. Natural qualities of water are- cold, easiness, lightness, clarity, pervasiveness, instability and absence of good qualities. The water is known by such different name as paniya, salila, neera, keekala, jal, ambu, aap, vari, varika, toya, paya, path, udaka, jivan, van, ambha, arna, amrita, dhanrasa etc. The water is also called nectar along with these names by which it is clear that presence of water is necessary to sustain the life in the world. Water is the base of life. By curing different type of diseases, it makes the body healthy as mentioned below: