Food Substance With Nutritive Traits

 Such foodstuffs contain special nutritive elements. Therefore, such foodstuffs should be taken necessarily.



          Such foodstuffs contain special nutritive elements. Therefore, such foodstuffs should be taken necessarily.


        The basil is not only important religiously but also it is very important in the medicines. The fragrance of the basil makes the environment pure and healthy wherever it goes. It checks the production of harmful germs, flies and mosquitoes.

There are two kinds of basil-

  • Shyama tulsi (basil)-its branches and leaves are black in color.
  • Rama tulsi (basil)-its branches are white and leaves are green in color.

          All types of basils plants are equal in smell and qualities but shayama tulsi (basil) is the best than Rama tulsi (basil) in qualities.

        A person who takes five leaves of basil in the morning daily remains far from many types of diseases. It ends the mental weakness and strengthens memory. Old persons who take basil leaves regularly do not feel weakness in the old age and they remain far from the infectious diseases.

          Basil leaves purify the blood and increases the beauty.

          The basil is a unique medicine for the treatment of diseases. It is nectar because a person who has been suffering from many diseases can be treated with the help of basil easily. Basil has been called Tridoshanashaka in ayurveda.

Basil juice-

         If a person takes basil juice by mixing in the water on empty stomach in the morning, this preparation makes his memory strong. Its use increases digestive power and kills the worms. A person who is suffering from vomiting gets relief by taking this juice. Basil juice is very beneficial in the case of the malaria and its use increase the working capacity of the kidneys. It is also very useful in acidity, dysentery, white flecks, obesity etc. The person, who has been suffering from fever, cough, catarrh, cold and asthma, should take three grams basil juice. The patient of stone should take basil juice mixing with honey in the case of stone because its use is very beneficial. Basil juice reduces the cholesterol in the blood.

Indian gooxberry-

          It contains the qualities of both fruits and medicines. It has great in ayurveda. It is bitter and sweet in taste and cool by nature. It ends phlegmatic and gastritis problems because its bitterness. It ends bile because of its trait of sweetness and cool nature. Therefore, it is Tridoshnashak so normalizes the vatta, pitta and kapha.

  • Vitamin C is found in rich quantity in Indian gooxberry. Its important thing is that its vitamins do not disappear after heating and drying.
  • It keeps the young persons young and provides young age to the old persons. The saint named ‘Chewan’ got young age again by using it. No thing in this world has so many qualities as much the Indian gooxberry has. It has resistant power and purifies the blood. Its use increases sperm count. Therefore, it should be included in the daily diet to keep the health fit.
  • Indian gooxberry makes the teeth and gums strong and healthy. The body of a person becomes active and energetic. It is very useful in the case of nervous system, mystification, heartbeat problem, obesity, liver disorders, blood pressure, ringworm, leucorrhoea, uterus weakness, weakness, impotency, skin diseases, bones disorders etc. Indian gooxberry should be taken with the honey to end the liver weakness and jaundice. It works as a tonic.
  • Indian gooxberry can be taken in the form of sauce, juice or powder with the water.


        A mixture, which contains one part myrabalan chebulie (harad), two parts beleric myrabalan (baheda) and ¼-part Indian gooxberry, is called trifala. It is a normal food as well as medicine. It contains all types of juices as sour, bitter, pungent, sweet and salty.

  • Trifala is very beneficial in all types of diseases and increases vitality power. It clears the stomach and provides sound sleep. Taking one spoon of trifala powder with the fresh water in the morning is very beneficial.
  • Trifala is very useful in the case of disorders of reproductive organs of men, menses disorders and white leucorrhoea of women.

Benefits by taking trifala until twelve years-

  • A person gets rid of laziness by taking it for one year.
  • All the diseases disappear by taking it for two years.
  • Its use increases eyesight if it is taken for three years continuously.
  • Its use for four years regularly increases beauty of the body.
  • If a person takes trifala for five years, his brain is developed.
  • The body becomes strong and powerful by taking it for six years.
  • Its use blackens hair if it is taken for seven years.
  • The old person becomes young by taking it for eight years.
  • Eyes get a special power, if someone takes it for nine years.
  • Trifala clears the voice if it is taken for ten years.
  • A person gets command over talking (Vaksidhi) by taking trifala for 11 years.


        Astanga yoga is necessary for the vaaksidhi.


        Neem tree is very useful. All the parts as root, branch, flower, leaves, and fruit of neem have medicinal traits. It is like kalpaviraksh (a heavenly tree) for all the people. Its bitterness is the biggest quality of it. No tree has leaves in summer season but neem has green leaves.


  • Mostly, neem ends all the germs. All types of diseases can be cured by chewing five soft leaves of neem. It purifies blood and a person remains far from the infectious diseases. Besides it, all the diseases of teeth disappear by its use and it makes the voice sweet.
  • Teeth become clean, strong and shiny and disease free by brushing with the neem soft twig. The patient, who has been suffering from boils and pimples, should apply neem leaves by grinding because its use is very beneficial.
  • Flies and mosquitoes run away by burning the leaves of neem.
  • All the skin diseases as scabies, itching, acota and sorayasis disappear by taking bath in neem leaves boiled water but the person should keep his diet in balance.
  • Neem oil is used in many types of medicines. In ayurveda, neem normalizes the vatta, pitta and kapha. Allergy, skin diseases and diabetes are cured by taking the juice of the neem leaves.
  • A person can get rid of baldhead and grey hair by dripping two drops of neem oil. Apply neem oil in hair at night to get rid of dandruff.


          In Indian culture, coconut is considered pure and holy fruit and is used in every occasion and holy deeds in Hindu religion. The description of the coconut’s importance has been described at many places in veda and other religious granthas.


  • The coconut is used in eating and medicines. It contains vitamin A, B, C, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other minerals in rich quantity. Alkaline oil of good quality is found in it too by which the body gets smoothness in rich quantity. The protein, which is found in it, is high in quality and its carbohydrate develops the body very much.
  • Coconut seeds are cool in nature, digestible and nutritive. It increase strength and purifies the blood. Its use cleans the urine and ends the bile and blood disorders. Its dry seeds are fragrant, interesting and provides strength.
  • Any type of cancer does not occur in the mouth by taking coconut regularly. A beautiful and healthy son baby takes birth if coconut seeds are given to the pregnant woman regularly. Its use reduces labor pain. The water of the soft coconut contains many qualities, which are very useful for the children.
  • Ulcer, constipation, colitis, weakness diseases can be cured by taking coconut milk. It is useful for the weak digestion system.

Coconut water-

        Coconut water is sterilized and mineral water naturally. Coconut water destroys poisonous effects of our body. It is very tasty and helps in digestive activity. It is very useful for the children. If someone takes it with the honey, it works like a tonic.


  • Coconut water is very beneficial in the case of cholera because it helps in bringing out the germs of cholera from the intestines. If a person has been suffering from the deficiency of water in the body, he should take coconut water mixing with lemon juice because it is beneficial.
  • Coconut water contains potassium and chlorine in sufficient quantity. It is also useful in the case of kidneys disorders, lack of urine, stone, presence of poisonous elements, excessive albumin, measles, typhoid etc. 
  • If any child or pregnant woman has been suffering from vomiting and loose motions, he/she should take coconut water mixing with the lemon because it is beneficial. If someone takes the coconut water with the milk, it helps in the treatment of constipation and indigestion.
  • Coconut water is useful in all types of infectious diseases. It is also useful in asthma and ulcer. Black spots, wrinkles and pimples can be cured by washing the face by the coconut water regularly. Its use increases beauty.   


          Honey is considered like nectar in human life. When the body becomes weak very much and the person is not able in speaking clearly, honey should be given to him in such types of cases because it circulates the new life in the body. honey is digestible foodstuff so it provides strength in the body after reaching into the body. Therefore, honey is taken from birth to death. Children become healthy and diseases free by using honey with the milk to the children. It makes the human body healthy, beauty and intelligence. It generates new energy in old people.

  • There are different types of chemical elements in the honey, which are very beneficial for the human being. It contains vitamin A, B and C in rich quantity. Besides it, essential minerals as iron, copper, calcium, sodium phosphorus, iodine are found in it. It destroys the germs. 
  • Regular use of honey provides energy, strength and freshness in the body by which resistant power of person becomes strong. It is useful in the case of breathing problems, asthma, liver disorders, digestive system disorders and skin diseases. It purifies the blood and brings the phlegm out. Its use increases digestive power.
  • Tiredness of a person disappears by taking the syrup of honey and lemon. Honey has such special quality, which makes a person fat and thin according to need.
  • Honey mixed water should be taken on empty stomach. If a person takes too much hot honey by mixing in water, it is harmful. Honey should be taken by mixing with lukewarm water in winter season. Honey should never be heated.

Identify of pure honey-

  • Pure honey cannot be dissolved in the water easily.
  • Pure honey is fragrant. It freezes in the winter and melts in the summer. 
  • Any type of mark does not originate on the paper and cloth if it falls on them.
  • Immerse a cotton piece in pure honey and burn it. It keeps on burning.
  • Someone can look transparently in pure honey.  
  • The dog does not take pure honey. The dog leaves it by smelling.
  • If pure honey is dropped in any plate, it falls like snack coil and the impure honey spreads in the plate after falling in the plate.