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Several physicians consider that treatment by electroculture is a part of natural treatment and it comes in fire treatment.


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        Several physicians consider that treatment by electroculture is a part of natural treatment and it comes in fire treatment. Whereas some physicians do not accept treatment of electroculture as natural treatment because electricity cannot be produced with the help of five elements- sky, air, fire, water and earth in all the conditions easily on one hand.

        Secondly, common people cannot get benefit from this method of treatment without getting complete knowledge about it because the method of using instruments is hard in this treatment. Third thing is that there is a danger for life if a person is not careful while using this treatment with the help of electricity. Yet, none can refuse from this thing that treatment by electricity is a scientific medical treatment. In this treatment, several diseases can be cured properly by adopting right methods of electroculture.  

          A famous person did not include treatment by electroculture as a natural treatment because this kind of treatment was not easy for every person. There is nothing in this whole world without electricity. All the substances, living beings and herbs contain electricity in them. If any thing has no electric power, it should be considered that destruction of this thing is definte. In the same way, deficiency of electricity in men, birds and beats or plants indicates that there is disease in the affected person, birds and beats or plants. 

        Contradictiory of it, if electricity is present in sufficient quantity, they are heathy and strong foreever. When electirc power reduces in a person, he becomes the victim of several diseases. Hence, such kinds of diseases can be treated by completing elctricity power in the body. It is called treatment by electricity or electroculture.       

        One principal of treatment is applied on all the plants, human beings and birds-beats. Scientists have proved after several experiments that the water and gas reache into every minute portion of the tree and this is the reason that any kind of turmoil creates in them. It is a kind of electricity of trees. Therefore, a withered plant can be made green by giving eletric shots on the inner side cells of dry plant.

Three formulae have been described in electroculture to keep the animals far from diseases and to make them strong.

  • Fodder of the animals should be kept in the sunlight in the morning. Harmful germs of the fodder die by doing so. Sunrays create beneficial traits in the fodder if it is kept in sunlight.
  • Sometimes, light electric shot shoud be given on the throat of animal. Remember one thing that wire of electricity should not be touched with the animal. 
  • Water of electricity makes the cattle food (consisting of chaff and oilcake mixed together) digestible. Animal become healthy by taking bath with the water of electricity.
  • Tie a wire of magnate on the neck of animals. Thereafter, sparks of electricity enter in body of the animals by moving the handle. Acitiveness comes in the body of animal because of the sparks of electricity. Wound heals up soon by pouring water of electricity but in addition to, sparks of the electricity should be given to the animals necessarily.

        Electricity is present in human being like animals and plants too. A person who does not have electricity in sufficient quantity keeps on becoming ill always because electricity situated in the body is another name of vital power. A famous scientist said that the strength which is gained by a person after eating meal changes into electricity in the body. A person gets health and strength in the nervous system and muscles because of electricity.  

        A person is not alive because of warmth of the body but it is electricity which keeps a person alive. Electricity affects the body double like most of other substances. First impact is that all the disorders of the body disappear and second impact is that the person becomes strong because of electricity.

        When shots of electricity are given to the body in a proper and right way outwardly, the nervous system becomes excited and bleeding starts. Thus, electricity circulates energy where electric shots are given. The body gets immunity power to fight against the diseases and flabby and weak organs become strong again. In chronic diseases, electro culture provides relief. 

        There are five methods to use electric shots on the body of a patient for the treatment of diseases. 

Treatment by Galvanic electricity:

        There are two points of this machine and one point is called positive and another point is called negative. Both these points affect to the body differently.

Treatment by Faradic electricity:

        Weak muscles become strong and work properly by this treatment.

Treatment by Sinusvandel electricity:

        All the diseases of the muscles as paralysis disappear.

Treatment by high frequency electricity:

        High voltage electricity is used in it. Blood supplies in excessive quantity in the organs of body by adopting this treatment.  

Treatment by Static electricity:

        It is used with the help of machine too.

Use of electric sparks:

        Giving sparks on the body of a person is called electric spark. Such sparks should be used after learning on five machines properly. Often, this work is done by using magnets too in the markets. For such kind of sparking, touch the wire of electricity on the glands of neck of the patient for two minutes by holding the handle of wire in hands.

        Thereafter, keep the wire on the naval for two minutes. After that, touch to the wire from anus to the throat from below to up ten times. Thereafter, touch to the pits of ribs near about the back from one head to another head one by one. At last, touch wire of electricity to give sparking for five minutes on that portion of the body that keeps on becoming affecting from any disease or where there is excessive pain.

        If the patient feels excessive electric shots while giving sparking, sparking should be given by fixing the wire of electricity inside the flesh of the body. If sparking is given in the naval of the children, it proves beneficial for them. Or point of the electric wire should be touched on the disease affected portion hurriedly for sometime. It proves beneficial for children.   

        Tumors of the throat are attached directly to all the rest elements of the body especially to the digestion system. Therefore, giving sparking on such organs proves very beneficial.  

        Blood circulation becomes normal in the body by using electricity in this way. Vain veins, muscles and cells get strength. In this situation, the patient becomes healthy soon.  

Use of electric light:

        Often, electric light is used in electric light bath. This bath is taken when people are not able to take bath in rain and in sunlight.  

        An instrument is necessary to take electric light bath in which an arch lamp is attached which provides white light and it is beneficial like the instrument which scatters the rays of sun. Carbon lamp and colored lamp can be attached in this instrument. In the lack of this instrument, a box is used to take electric light in which the patient takes electric light bath by sitting and lying there easily. Remember one thing that neck of the patient should be out from the box.    

        A squeezed towel after drenching in cold water should be kept on the head while taking electric light bath. Wet towel should be kept on the heart of the person who has weak heart necessarily. Rays of electric light reach to the blood cells inside the body when they fall on the whole body and any portion of the body and the pores of the skin stretch by opening because of this reason. Toxic substance comes out from the body through these pores of the skin.       

        Many such kinds of diseases as chronic rheumatism, vata disorders, sciatica, diabetes, obesity, disturbed liver, urinary diseases, stomach disturbances and intestines disease disappear within some time by taking electric light bath.  

Use of electric air:

        Morning air contains excessive electricity. In the morning, a person should take breath slowly by wearing shoes of rubber or by standing on the heap of dry grass before sun and he should stop breath in the body as much as he can stop. This process of taking breath is a kind of pranayam and through which electricity is reached in essence of life. One thing should be remembered all the time while taking breath that there should be no hurry while inhaling, stopping and exhaling breath.   

Use of electric light:

        All the people know one thing properly that rain water especially the water when there is lightening with rain proves very beneficial for plants and all the living creatures in this world. The reason behind this is that this water contains the power of electricity which provides life to all. This is the reason that electricity runs very fast in a thing which has some portion of water. The water of rain has the power of electricity if there is lightening with rain but this kind of water is not got everywhere and every time. Here one easy trick is presenting to make the water which has electric power.

        For sparking, all the magnets should be on by attaching the electric wire in the jar of glass, pitcher or pond for 5, 10, 15 and 60 minutes. Thus, the water will get power of electricity which proves very beneficial for living and non living things. This water should be drunk daily to get good health and to avoid from diseases. This water should be used to take bath too. For taking such bath, a six foots long tub should be used in which a person may lie easily.  

        Fill water in the tub of which temperature is 98 degree. Thereafter, make the patient lie in the tub by putting off all the clothes. The patient should make lie in this way that his whole body may sink into the water except the neck. He should take bath from 10 to 15 minutes in this way and thereafter he should mop his body.

        Several kinds of diseases disappear by taking bath with this water regularly. This bath proves very beneficial for those children who are the victim of rickets. Nervous system of a person gets relief by taking this bath. A person gets rid of tiredness and gets activeness. Using electric water proves very beneficial if a person has been suffering from boils and pimples. In the same way, this water proves beneficial in many diseases as inflammation in the eyes, earache, toothache and pyorrhoea if affected portion is washed with this water. All the patients who have been suffering from anorexia feel hunger properly by drinking this water. if medicines are prepared with electric water, medicinal traits of the medicine increase very much and the patient who uses these medicines gets rid of disease soon.

Preparing electric water with an onion:

        If magnets are not available because of any reason, the water can be made electric by another way. Uproot an onion from the ground and keep in 100 fold water for five minutes. In this way, whole water becomes electric. This water contains all the qualities which are found in the water that is gained by using magnets.

Use of meal which has electric power:

        Like water, the meal can be made electric which can be used for the treatment of diseases. For it, food becomes electric by keeping it in sunlight for half hour in the morning. It can be proved with this principle that fresh vegetables as carrot, radish, turnip, sweet beet and karamkalla (a kind of cabbage) are used in raw condition because they have taken bath in sunlight in the field. Such kinds of vegetables keep on providing vital power to the body if they are used. Use of vegetables helps to get rid of diseases.

Use of electric garland:

        Prepare garland by reeving porous seeds of different colors in different metals wires. Wear garlands of 3-4 strings at night before sleeping. This garland affects to the body by producing electric light. The patient of insomnia gets lots of relief by wearing such kinds of garlands and they sleep soundly.   

Use of electric rubber:

          Keep 3-4 inches broad pieces of rubber under each pier of cot. A person sleeps soundly and gets rid of many diseases by sleeping on this cot.