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Appearing boils and pimples is a common disease of the skin. Boils and pimples appear on the skin with itching sensation, but sometimes the patient feels itching sensation without boils and pimples. Mainly, boils and pimples appear on the face and in the condition of eczema and urticaria. The eruptions of the skin are of several types. Sometimes, these eruptions appear with itching sensation. In the condition of such eruptions, homoeopathic drugs are used.

Use of different drugs to cure different types of eruptions:-

1. Chlorelum:- High potency of this drug is used to cure eruptions on the skin. Using Chlorelum 1x is very effective in the condition of appearing eruptions of measles or red eruptions or eruption in urticaria, etc.

2. Rhus-tox:- If pimples have erupted on the hairy place or on the palm and erupted after curing on another place, using Rhus-tox 30 or 200 is very effective. This drug is also beneficial in the itching sensation of pimples erupting in the condition of malaria or gastric problems. If pimples appear on the palm again after curing, in the place of Rhus-tox, using Anagalis 3 is beneficial.

3. Sarsaparilla:- To cure eruptions appeared on the thigh joint with itching sensation in menstruation period; using Sarsaparilla 1, 3 or 6 is beneficial.

4. Selenium:- Selenium 30 is used in the eruption on the joints, corners especially on the joints of ankle, etc.

5. Carduus:- If eruptions have erupted due to liver disease and on the area below the liver and heart, taking the mother tincture of Carduus is beneficial.

6. Anthracocaili:- This drug is useful for many diseases of the skin. Taking Anthracocaili 3x is very effective in the condition of appearing eruptions on the testicle, hands, bone below the knee and on the shoulders. If the symptoms of this disease ameliorate in the full moon day then this drug is very useful for the treatment of this disease.        

7. Lobelia:- Using Lobelia 3 is very effective in the condition of eruptions with itching appeared on the back part of the palms, small arms and in between fingers, etc.

8. Croton tig:- If eruptions have appeared with itching on the reproductive organs, testicle, eyes, head, etc., taking Croton tig 6 or 30 is very effective.

9. Oleander:- If itching of eruptions on the head gives a sensation of lice with the feeling of pricking pain by scratching, using Oleander 3 or 30 is very effective.

10. Apis:- If red eruptions appear on the skin suddenly; feels fast itching, burning, pricking pain and if such eruptions appear due to exposure to cold or malaria, etc., using Apis 30 is very effective. 

11. Binca minor:- Such pimples from which stinky secretion begins and that start forming scabs after drying with producing pus in them, the hairs of the head start falling replaced by white hairs, such pimples or eruptions appear on the mouth, head or any place behind the ears, etc; in the condition of such symptoms, taking Binca minor 3 is better.

12. Arsenic:- If small red eruptions have appeared suddenly with fast itching, burning sensation and with pricking pain and caused by eating fish, taking Arsenic 30 is very useful.

13. Pix Liquida:- If pimples have appeared behind the palms with fast itching that causes bleeding by scratching, to cure such pimples, Pix Liquida 1 or 6 should be used.

14. Petroleum:- This drug is very useful in the eruptions that appear with itching sensation. If itching is aggravated by scratching and bleeding starts by scratching but patient gets relief after bleeding then Petroleum 3, 30 or 200 should be taken.

15. Alumina:- If the skin is clean, however patient feels fast itching and blood comes out by scratching, Alumina 6, 30 or 200 should be taken. If wounds are dried up, however itching sensation occurs in them, use this drug too.  

16. Dolichos:- This drug is used in such symptoms in which eruptions does not erupt on the skin and the skin is also clean, but at night, itching starts just after lying down on the bed that are aggravated by scratching. To cure such itching of the skin, taking Dolichos 6 is beneficial.

17. Calcarea carb:- Such eruptions appeared on the skin, which disappear by getting little fresh air; taking Calcarea carb 30 or 200 is beneficial.

18. Psorinum:- Such itching eruptions that disappear in the summer season and appeare in the winter season, to cure such eruptions, taking Psorinum 200 is beneficial. This is a cold natured drug and by using it in the summer season, eruptions remain normal.   

19. Sulphur:- Such itching that is aggravated due to putting off clothes and by heat and itching removes by taking out the legs from bed sheet, using Sulphur is very effective in such symptoms. This drug is used to cure chronic pimples.

20. Pulsatilla:- Such itching that is aggravated due to putting off clothes and by heat and itching removes by taking out the legs from bed sheet, the patient becomes worried with a small matter, he feels loneliness all the time and craves for other’s affection, etc., treatment of such symptoms by Pulsatilla 30 is very useful.

21. Rumex:- If itching sensation starts just after putting off his clothes especially in the lower section of the legs and is aggravated by heat and cold air, taking Rumex 3 or 6 is beneficial to cure such itching. This drug is also very useful in the condition of itching of eruptions.

22. Calcarea Phos:- If pimples have appeared in a woman, this drug is very useful for her. In pimples, taking Calcarea Phos 200 once at an interval of every 3-3 days is beneficial. This drug should be taken for 1-2 months.

23. Calcarea picrata:- This drug acts effectively in the pimples of the young man. So, taking 4 dosage of Calcarea picrata 3x for 1-2 months is beneficial.

24. Sanguinaria:- This drug is used in the case of pimples on the face. If pimples or eruptions have appeared on the face of a woman due to irregular or scanty menses, Sanguinaria 6 should be taken.