Excess cold feeling


Ayurvedic Important articles:


        Some healthy people feel excessive cold in the winter season. Such as people also feel excessive cold in the winter season. In this case, the patient suffers from cold as malaria.

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1.     Garlic:


    Take about 10-30 drops garlic juice or 2-3 ml decoction of garlic with honey regularly, it provides relief in excessive cold in the winter season. This decoction is also useful to cure many diseases caused by cold.
    2.     Sparkka:


      Take ¼ spoons to half spoon its juice thrice a day regularly, it is useful to cure all diseases caused by cold and reduces cold too.
      3.     Marsa:


        If someone has been suffering from excessive cold, toast seeds of white marsa and give it to the patient. It reduces cold. Its cooked vegetable can be used in the condition of excessive cold.
        4.     Fig:


          Give about little quantity than ¼ parts of fig to the patient, it provides relief in heart problems and brain disorders caused by cold.
          5. Coffee:


            If you feel excessive cold, take coffee to get warmth in the body. It also provides relief in cold.
            6.     Banana:


              Mix 4 drops honey with 4 ripe bananas and take it twice or thrice a day. It is useful to cure excessive cold.
              7. Vijaya parpati:

              Vijaya parpati:

                Mix about little quantity than ¼ parts of vijaya parpati with honey or milk and give it to the patient to cure heart problems. It helps in control to blood circulation and provides relief in excessive.
                8. Hairy flowered senanecum:

                Hairy flowered senanecum:

                  Take about 3-6 grams the fine powder of its root with honey, its use gives warmth to the body and reduces cold.
                  9. Dronpushpi:


                    Drip 2 drops of its juice in both the nostrils and smell its juice. It is useful to end cold.
                    10. Jaggery:


                      Boil equal quantity of jaggery, ginger, lemon juice, caraway and turmeric with water then filter it. Give this preparation to the patient to drink; it reduces excessive cold.
                      11. Orange:


                        • Take orange juice with cold water in summer season and with lukewarm water in winter season, it provides relief in cold or cough.
                        • Give juice of sweet orange to children, it stops making any diseases in the winter season. This juice is very useful for baby. It also increases body strength.
                        12. Bay-berry:


                          Rub the fine powder of bay-berry on the chest, stomach, hand and feet, it provides warmth in the body and ends bad effects of cold.
                          13. Mint:


                            Make tea by boiling mint leaves and black peppers with water. Give this hot tea to the patient, it provides relief in cold, cough, catarrh, asthma and fever.
                            14. Clove:


                              Take cloves decoction or 2 drops cloves oil with sugar. It is useful to reduce cold.
                              15. Guava:


                                Guava should be taken for 3 days regularly to end bad effects of cold.
                                16. Long peppers:

                                Long peppers:

                                  • Take one gram powder of long peppers with honey twice a day regularly, it provides relief in cold, catarrh and fever.
                                  • Boil 2 long peppers or ¼ spoon dry ginger with milk and give it to the patient. It provides relief in cold, fever and catarrh.