Homeopathic drugs are used to remove different types of marks and spots appearing on the face and other diseases related to the face.

Facial disease and drugs used in it:-

1. Drugs like- Apis, Bell, Graph, Lache or Rhus-tox, etc. should be used in the case of Irisipila (appearing dark coloured marks on the face).

2. If the patient has a habit of cutting his lips, use Arum-tri, Bryo or Cina drugs.

3. It is beneficial to take drugs like- Ars, Arum, Carb-ani, Coni, Kali-ars or Phos, etc. in cancer.

4. Drugs like- Ars, Arum, Carb-ani, Coni, Kali-ars or Phos, etc. should be taken in the condition of falling moustache.

5. If the patient feels web on his face, he should use Bary-c, Brom, Graph or Magne-c, etc. drugs.

6. It is beneficial to use Lache, Lyc, Mur-ac, Opi or Sulph, etc. drug in the condition of locking jaw.

7. Take Sepi drug if spots like jinn appears above the nose.

8. If face has swollen, drugs like- Apis, Ars, Calc, Graph or Lyc, etc. should be used to cure it.

9. It is appropriate to use of Calc, Causti, Dulca, Nit-ac or Thuja, etc. drugs in the case of spots and warts on the face.

Eupat-Perfo drug is used in the condition of headache.

10. In the condition of swelling of the face, it is beneficial to use of Rhus-vene or Vespa-cra drug.

11. Use drugs like- Arum, Carb-ani, Carb-v, Causti, Hep, Nux-v or Sili, etc. in the condition of pimples on the face.

12. To remove swelling of the face, use of Ant-ars drug is useful.