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Fear is a condition that occurs suddenly in which, a person feels fear without any reason. But, sometimes it can also occur while traveling by aeroplane, at crowded places, while traveling higher places, etc.  


It can occur in the condition of occurring madness, abuse of alcohol or taking katipay medicines. It can also occur due to coming over weakness in the body.


In the condition of this disease, several symptoms are found as- sweating, shivering of the body, occurring obstruction inside the throat or feeling suffocation, stopping heart beat suddenly etc. vertigo also occurs due to feeling fear. Sometimes the patient becomes unconscious due to fear. Afraid of death or madness also occur, tinkling starts to occur in many organs or they become insensitive.

What should we do or not in the case of fear:-

  1.  In the condition of occurring fear, there is no affect falling on the life, but several types of troubles occur.
  2.  Practice of Yoga and meditation should be applied daily in his life style.
  3. The patient suffering from this disease should careful about his diet and daily routine.
  4. The patient suffering from this disease should take rest as much as he can.
  5. Do not take polluted (stale) food.
  6. Take nutritive diet.
  7. Do not take negative thinking in his mind.
  8. Do not think over at any topic.
  9. Taking exercise daily in the morning and evening is very useful.
  10. Do not hurry in doing any work at the time of feeling fear.
  11. Keep positive and creative thinking.

1. Aconite-

  • Afraid about death in pregnancy period, feels fear about death any time, afraid about darkness, ghost. The patient suffering from such symptoms fears about death at the time of sitting in a motor, some patient also starts to tell the date and time of his death, but most of these predicts proved wrong. Thus, Aconite 30 is used to cure the disease of such patient.
  • If the patient is feeling fear about death all the time after over drinking once; is not able to sleep in a dark room. Patient mind is sad, worried, obsessed, etc. thus, Aconite 30 should be used to cure disease of such patient.  
  • Patient fears about death with restlessness or starts to afraid without any reason, fears about ghost, darkness or about to death in pregnancy period. Thus, Aconite 30 can be used for the treatment of such symptoms of the patient.

2. Belladonna- The patient fears with persisting troubles in his body all the time and cries and shout due to fear. Thus, using Belladonna 30 is very useful for the treatment of such patient.

3. Platina-  If the patient is feeling fear about his death with restlessness from shock, Platina 30 should be used for its treatment.

4. Cuprum Metallicum- Feeling spasms due to fear, getting unconsciousness etc symptoms are found, for its treatment, using Cuprum Metallicum 6 or 200 is beneficial.

5. Opium:-

  • For the treatment of disease occurring by fear, 30 or 200 potency of this drug should be used. It is also very useful when the patient is suffering from loose motions due to fear.
  • When the patient suffers from loose motions due to fear, for its treatment, using Opium 30 is beneficial.

6. Stramonium- The patient is not able to live in alone due to fear, fears in a dark room; he is not able to sleep until the room is lighted. He fears about water due to having brightness, any bright thing and dogs. Using Stramonium 30 is very effective to cure such patient.    

7. Hyoscyamus:-

The patient fears that anyone did not give him poison, kill or hurt, etc. thus, to remove afraid of a person suffering from such types of symptoms, using Hyoscyamus 30 is beneficial.

8. Argentums Nitricum-  Feeling afraid with improper function of the brain, he becomes nervous. The patient feels nervousness by any topic; nervousness and fear go on persisting until incident occurs. He makes hurry in all the matter, etc. thus, for the treatment of such patient, using Argentum Nitricum 3 or 30 is very effective. 

9. Phosphorus-  If the patient fears by thinking about coming incident and he is cold natured, using Phosphorus 30 is beneficial for its treatment.

10. Gelsemium- The patient fears and thinks that what will happen at now, if it is happened, what will I do, etc. if the heart of the patient starts to palpitate due to fear, using Gelsemium 30 is beneficial to cure this disease of the patient. It is very useful in the condition of tiredness, strengthless ness, shivering etc with the feeling of fear.  

11. Calcarea carb-  The patient feels as if he will become mad, he thinks that any incident has to occur, whether anyone is increasing his mental troubles. Thus, to remove fear of such patient, taking Calcarea carb 30 is beneficial.

12. Lysine-  If the patient fears about water, taking Lysine 200 is beneficial to remove fear of such patient.

13. Kali carb-  When the patient lives alone, he fears especially in the evening on lying down on the bed.