Female diseases

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How to cure female problems through homeopathic medicines (Homeopathic remedies) resulting you get a lot of benefit.


Breasts Cancer




Symptoms of Pregnancy

Abscess of Breast


Consulting a Doctor

Complicated Delivery


Morning Sickness

Vertigo During Pregnancy

Displacement and Prolapsus

Sleeplessness during Pregnancy

Hairs Falling after Delivery


Pain in Breast



Fear during Pregnancy

Inflammation of the Uterus

Hemorrhage after Labor

After-Labor Pains

Pain in the Ovary


Milk In The Breast



Conception and Delivery

Nymphomania Erotomania

Pain in Uterus

Frequent Abortion

Precautions (Care) During Pregnancy Period

Menstruation Troubles

Diseases Related to Pregnancy Period

Ovaritis (Inflammation of Ovaries)

Convulsions During Labor


Cough During Pregnancy

Diseases of the Ovary

Ovarian Tumor

Vicarious Menstruation

Ovarian Dropsy

Climacteric Sufferings or Menopause-Change of Life

Ovary Troubles

Pelvic Cellulitis


Pelvic Abscess

Delayed Menstruation


Delivery Work

Actual Pain at the time delivery

Fear or Fright during Pregnancy

Sleeplessness during Pregnancy

Scnty Menstruation

Irregular Menstruation

Side Effects of Artificial Delivery

Several Diseases of Menstrual Secretion

Other Troubles During Labor

Preparatory Stage

Desire to Eat Strange Things During Pregnancy

Inflammation (Burning) of the Food Pipe During Pregnancy

Varicose Veins during Pregnancy

Few Important tips during Natural Delivery

False Pains during Pregnancy

Itching in Genitals during Pregnancy



Uterine Cancer

Various types of Uterine Disorders

Contusion of the Breasts


Displacement of the Uterus

Uterine Tumors

Noma Pundendi

Tumour in the Breasts

Hanging (Looseness) of the Stomach after delivery

After Labor


Loose Motions During Pregnancy

Hydrometra or Hematometra

Diseases of the Breast Following Delivery

Cramps in Legs and Abdomen

Vomiting During Pregnancy

Puerperal Fever

Use of Particular Drugs in the Diseases of Pregnancy Period

Nature of Leucorrhea and Drugs

Backache during Pregnancy

Toothache during Pregnancy

Mental Disturbances During Pregnancy

Useful Drugs During Delivery

Salivation During Pregnancy

Dysmenorrhea (Painful Menses)

Care of women after delivery (Bacche Ke Janam Lene Ke bad Stree Ki Sewa*)

Vaginitis (Inflammation of Vagina)

Few Particular Drugs of Women Diseases

Difficult Breathing During Pregnancy

Inflammation of Labia

Constipation During Pregnancy

Swelling of Legs During Pregnancy

Leaving the Navel inside the Stomach after Delivery

Albumin in Urine during Pregnancy

Inflammation of the Ankle/ Corn on Feet

Convulsions During Labor

Loose Motions during Pregnancy

During Labor



  Some other therapies :


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Ayurveda got popularity in north India and its creator was Lord Brahma. He gave this knowledge to Prajapati and Prajapati to Ashwin Kumar and Ashwin Kumars to Indra and Indra to Kashiraj Divodas Dhanvantri.


Homeopathy is a best treatment of disease, Founder of homeopathy, Hahnemann started his career with allopath. Allopathic is known by the name “Medicine of System” in ancient time. “Medicine of system” had been called allopathic by Hahnemann which had been accepted by all the doctors after sometime.


The origination of human being is made by nature. The nature also gives life to each plant, animal and human being. Perhaps that is the reason why nature is called mother. If the rules of nature are not followed properly, we have to face bad consequences.


Several epics, Upnishads, Purans and Gita depict about yoga. Different ways have been depicted in all the epics related to yoga but the aim of all is one and that is making the mind and body healthy and calm. Practice of yoga is as necessary for all the people as water, food and wind are. Practise of yoga is for only the yogis.

Ladies beauty

Everyone wants all types of comforts and happiness in his life, but does not want any sorrow or pain even around him. For making this wish true, facial beauty plays very important role.

Sex therapy

Sexologists consider that both male and female have different point of views about sex. Often, the people define sex on the bases of their education or knowledge. Sexologists have found about sex after analyzing the views of people relating to this matter that a person thinks about sex