In the beginning, most of the people take liquor (alcohol) as hobby or in under pressure of their friends, but progressively (slowly) the affects (intoxicant) of it starts overcome them and they are become the habitual of it. After sometimes, the alcoholic person does not able to keep control on his/her body and brain properly; he/she is neither able to talk well nor able to stand properly, nor able to do any work correctly. Many of them start talking with their selves in the condition of intoxication or start quarreling with others.

        Intoxication is not a serious matter, but an alcoholic person may create serious troubles or problems for others. The possibility of getting any type hurt or injury is increased more due to having no control on his/her physical and mental works. As well as, he/she may also harm other physically. Therefore, it is very important to calm down the intoxication of an alcoholic person as soon as possible for the benefits of him/her and others.

        The habit to taking liquor (alcohol) goes on increasing day after day in every country, society and class. Many people take it for maintaining their status due to modernization. They believe that it is the grandeur and splendor of high profile people. today, even fair sexes are also taking it with male.

Alcohol responsible for intoxication- the liquors (wine), whether it is country’s made or foreign made, all have ethyl alcohol responsible for intoxication. It is, normally, called ‘Alcohol’. due to it only, a person feels intoxication after taking liquor (wine).

        Many people have confusion that the alcohol works like a stimulant, but actually it affects our body like a destructor. It makes our body functions slow especially it affects our brain. in this respect, it can be compared with an anesthetic. due to the affects of alcohol, our reflex action is become slow and the reciprocal understanding of the muscles is decreased. In addition to them, the mental balance is also affected by alcohol. So, it is restricted to drive any vehicle after taking liquor (wine), because it may be responsible for any major (serious) accident.

        The functions of few important body organs are become slower by increasing the quantity of alcohol inside the body. after over drinking, the body is turned into yellow, cold sweating starts, he/she starts vomiting as well as become unconscious too. as soon as, the alcohol goes on digesting inside the body, the unconscious due to it goes on disappearing. It may take few hours. By drinking regularly, the quantity of alcohol is increased as much inside the body as defects start occurring in the important internal organs of the body and he/she may die too.

Primary treatment-

  • If a person is in over intoxication, first of all make him/her to vomit for emptying his/her stomach. For this purpose (vomiting), you can give the lukewarm solution of salt water (a tea spoon salt in a glass of water) 2-3 glasses to him/her and then give him/her concentrated solution of Epsom salt (two tea spoons of Epsom salt in half glass of water).
  • Keep the sufferer’s body as warm. For it, you can cover his/her body with blanket, but never use the bags of hot water.
  • Well, the alcohol generates warm sensation on the upper surface of the body, he/she may be exposed by cold easily and suffered from pneumonia.
  • Do not give any type of sedative to him/her in the condition of intoxication.