First Aid

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What is first Aid?

In the modern age, as much population is go on increasing as the means of traveling are also go on increasing. In the modern age, as much population is go on increasing as the means of traveling are also go on increasing. Today, every family must have minimum a bike or car. When you go to road, you will see as much vehicles on it as it seems like a fare of vehicles. Along with increasing the numbers of vehicles, the possibility of accidents is also increasing parallel to them. After leaving home in the morning, no one knows that he/she will come back or not to his/her own home in the evening. He/she may have to face any type of accidents till evening. Sometimes this type of accident is normal, but sometimes it is very dangerous for life. Few accidents are those due to which a man has to lead his/her remaining life like that of a handicapped after losing any of his/her body organs. In fact or in other words, today the people are loosing their life mostly due to accidents comparison to diseases.

It has been observed by a survey that about 200 people in any particular town having population of 10,000 are gone to the next world due to any of accidents. The town having more the means of traveling may have also more than 200 death rates. Mostly the people of age between 18 to 30 years have to lose their life by accidents comparison to the people of age between 30 to 50 years. Normally accident takes place with the people at their struggling period i.e. (that’s) in the age between 25 to 35 years. In case of accident, any organ of the body may tear, the bones may be fractured and any of the soft body organs may get hurt. In such conditions, if treatment is not given immediately to the suffered person, even small wounds may become too serious and the sufferer may have to endure (face) its result for his/her whole life.         

In other words, anyone may become the victim of any dangerous diseases or serious accident at any moment of his/her life like- sudden attack of stomachache, heart attack, difficulty in breathing by entangling the morsel of food during eating, etc. And, in such conditions, the suffered person needs first aids (primary treatment) immediately.

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