Five Elements


          Our body is made with five elements (sky, air, water, fire, earth). Not only meal saves our body that has been made with five elements but also other remaining four elements (sky, air, fire and water) are very essential. Here it means to say that all the five elements are very essential for our body. If there is imbalance in any element mentioned above, there is an opposite impact on the body and our body becomes the victim of many diseases. We can remain far from several diseases with the help of these elements. We should remember that all the five elements are the base of the name of God (lord Rama) along with the means of five natural elements. Here it means to say that nature therapy is incomplete without the name of lord Rama.   

         A nature therapist knows well that each creature has the power which saves from many diseases and this power keeps the creature healthy. The nature produces several diseases in the body to make the body clean and healthy. It is the nature too which destroys the disease. Different persons call that power by different names as Para Aatma, Antaratma and someone says lord Rama. Thus, if we say this nature therapy the treatment of god, it will be adequate because we should depend on GOD in it. Only god can do everything.


          All the organic forces of the body become passive and unconsciousness from the elements of earth. Hence, lots of strength is essential to make them active. Heavy weight persons, fleshy persons and fatty persons are the examples of this kind. Such kinds of people are tension free and they have no eagerness to gain anything. Such kinds of people fear from struggle. In this way, body of such kinds of people becomes idle and lazy. We remain selfish and greedy until the element of earth remains present in the body. Element of earth is a neutral element.


          This element keeps our body and life safe. Water is cold by nature. Our body contains seventy percent water. Hence, it plays a very important role to maintain body and blood temperature.


          The element named fire produces fire in our body and provides hotness to the water existed in the body. This element keeps eyesight in control. This element digests the food we take and provides strength to our body. This element enhances our thirst and hunger. Nerves of our body remain in natural condition and make the face attractive. Our ideas become pure and make the brain strong by destroying its bad ideas. Fire produces prophylactic power in our body which saves us from several diseases. This element is very essential for our body. If there is lack of this element in our body, we suffer from anemia, jaundice, etc. we suffer from unconsciousness, several kinds of mental disorder, useless obstacles, weakness of the eyes, skin problems, catarrh and gastritis.  

          Hence, a great importance is given to the safety and control of fire element in post treatment system. This element is a positive element.


          The element named air is life. It is a kind of strength and leads every part of body. It controls the heart pulsation, circulation of blood and normalizes the balance of body. It helps in breathing and movement of urine and stool. It produces sound. It enhances mental power and physical capacity. This element gives movement to the motionless bile and phlegm. It is a positive element.


          There was nothing in this universe before the existence of this world except God. The word named ‘Tanmatra’ was produced by the conscious power of God in the beginning of this universe because of which the element named sky took birth. Giving relief to all the four remaining elements, living in and outside of all the elements and becoming shelter of soul, senses and mind- these are the deeds, size and symptoms of the element named sky. At present, sky is known by the name of sky.

          We inhale oxygen into our body through breathing. There should be a space (hollow) place in the body for it. If breathing stops or there is any kind of obstruction in the process of breathing, our body face lots of trouble. Consequently, we suffer from heart attack, paralysis and unconsciousness.

Kinds of nature-

          Different compositions of body elements: Different compositions of all the five elements that exist in our body make the nature of the body definite after meeting. If these basic elements are present in the body in proper quantity, all kinds of bodily activities keep on working properly and our body remains healthy but all our bodily activities do not run properly because of the lack or excessiveness of one or two elements due to hereditary symptoms, diet and behavior of life consequently different kinds of diseases occur in our body. Three kinds of compositions among different compositions are the main compositions. All these compositions make the kind of our body and nature of the body definite. Indian medical system has been classified into three categories according to Ayurveda.   

Kapha nature-

          This kind of composition contains earth and water element on a large scale.

Pitta nature-

          This composition contains fire and air element on a large scale.

Vata nature-

  • It is a kind of composition which has air element on a large scale.
  • Nature of the patient’s body should be mentioned by the physician during the treatment according to Ayurveda. Milk is the adverse element for kapha natured people. So, the people who have been suffering from breathing problems, asthma and indigestion should not drink milk. Pitta natured people should not take spicy food. It is said so that use of one thing is beneficial for one person but the same thing may be harmful to another person.
  • Meaning of kapha nature is a composition of earth and water element on a large scale. It is present in the mostly parts of our body. Sweet food and beverage change into saline after proper digestion because of which blood of our body become alkali. This thing provides strength to the bodily elements. It enhances the strength of life and helps in enhancing pleasure. This thing provides oily substance to the joints of the body and ends the pain of the joints but for it presence of fire element is essential in our body.
  • Our digestion power becomes affected because of such causes as lack of physical exercise, use of excessive food than the need, eating extra things continuously after having meal, use of sweet and fried things on a large scale. Result of it is that heat is not produced in the body because of which level of water is enhanced in the body and level of heat is reduced.  In this situation, we suffer from laziness, idleness, heaviness, too much fat, cold, problem in breathing and finally we become the victim of asthma, arthritis (bones diseases) and Vata diseases.
  • To avoid from this situation, we should not take disliked food, cold beverages and the meal which may produce hunger on a large scale. We should take light meal at the sensation of hunger. We should abandon too much sexual intercourse and too much sleeping. Use of milk is also harmful for such kinds of patients. We should do exercise regularly.

Pitta nature-

          Pitta nature is the composition of fire element and air element on a large scale. Too much heat is harmful for the working power of our mind, eye and liver. Stomach gas and inner heat of the body cause skin problem, impotency, irritated nature, hair fall and other diseases. To safe the body from these diseases we should not use excessive anxiety, hurriedness, spicy and fried food stuffs, sunlight and antibiotics. We should avoid from such kinds of habits as far as possible. A pitta natured (Vata nature) person should keep following mentioned precautions.

  • The person should keep adrenal and point of taste in control.
  • All the pitta natured persons should take the powder of beleric myrobalan regularly in the beginning and thereafter once or twice a week in the form of jalap.  
  • Pitta natured persons should take sweet fruits in the morning after getting up.
  • Such kinds of people should take fruits or sweets after having meal.
  • Such people should do at least some exercise daily necessarily.

Vatta nature-

  • Vatta nature is produced in those kinds of compositions where air elements are present on a large scale. Such kinds of people are lazy. They suffer from gastric problems, excessive sleeping and day dreams. Sometimes, a person becomes unconscious because of the imbalance of air elements in our body. Use of fried or gram flour products become the cause of several kinds of obstacles. Vatta natured people should avoid from adverse food substances, constipation and sleeping during day. They should do some exercises with a little labour so that heart may become strong and circulation of blood may normal.   
  • All the people should have knowledge about the nature of their body and body. According to these things, they should remain far from those things which produce obstructions in the body.
  • Nature of all the people is different and bodily structure, health and obstructions of all are different too. A person can avoid his health with the health of changes in diet. Our brain makes from blood of spinal cord. Therefore, there is an imbalance in the brain and spinal cord due to the lack of proper composition of blood. For example, if there is a big quantity of salt in meal, it remains on a large scale in brain-spinal cord because of which diseases as diabetes and blood pressure occur.  
  • There is special impact of the weather on our body as whey is an essential substance for the body but it is not useful in rainy season. We should drink whey by mixing powder of black peeper and juice of ginger.
  • Nature produces adequate fruits and vegetables in all states and all weathers for creature. Therefore, we should take seasonal fruits and vegetables according to locality. There is a heavy rain fall in Nilgiri and Assam and both these places are known for the production of tea. This is the reason that moisture of this weather is very good for health.

Relation of Naturopathy and Lord Rama-

  • Generally, meaning of Lord Rama, Allah, Nanak and God is one. Almighty and omnipotent God is one but He is known by several names. People remember God by the name of which they like most.
  • When we are giving treatment to any patient through naturopathy, we should not cure only his body but also cure his mind and soul too. The patient will not become healthy until the mind and soul of the patient are healthy. Name of lord Rama is very essential for natural treatment. Name of God and the good behavior is an effective treatment to get rid of and check any disease.
  • Power of the rhythm of Lord Rama’s canticle singing by a group of people is more powerful and quite different than military power.
  • If a person remembers God by true heart and expels out all kinds of bad ides from the mind, he gets lots of peace because of which different kinds of diseases are cured themselves. Hence, no bad result occurs when a person kills all the bad ideas of his heart. If the mind of any person is weak, external strength becomes useless. Mind of a person makes a man and destroy him. It has been called in holy epic ‘GITA’. Here it means to say that mind of a person is everything and paradise and hell depend on mind too.  
  • A man cannot speak the name of Lord Rama at heart until he enhances inner and external truth, honesty and qualities of holiness.
  • Enchanting Lord Rama or remembering God by true hear in any way is a kind of help. The work which can be done by this power cannot be done by any other power. Every kind of pain ends by the name of God.
  • When any disease is becoming burden on us, we should remember God by bending on our knees by true heart for help; our heart will get lots of peace. Treatment should continue with this canticle. In this way, disease is cured soon. Hence, it can be said that name of lord Rama works as a medicine.
  • If a person feels the presence of God inside the body, several kinds of diseases are cured themselves. Thus, several kinds of troubles disappear themselves from the life of a person. Nothing happens only from the desire of remembering God by true heart but everything can happen if he wants by his mind. Only practice is essential if a person wants to remember God by heart. In this way, it can be said that all the people should have faith in nature therapy and god along with self restrain during the treatment by nature therapy if they want to be healthy.