Food combination


Introduction :

          In our life, having knowledge about the good combination of food is necessary. Many things have been described about the combination of food in Ayurveda too. Many substances become poisonous by mixing with altogether. For example, equal quantity of honey and ghee changes into poison by meeting altogether.  

          Different types of digestive juices are necessary to digest different types of elements of foods. If both kinds of foods are taken at one time, digestive juices of both foods will originate on the same time. Thus, acidic juice and alkali juice become ineffective by mixing altogether and because of this reason protein starts to decay and the digestive system does not do its activity.

            In the same way, chemical reactions starts by taking many things as vegetables, fruit, pickles, curd, sweet dish, sweets, flake and many things at one time and the digestive system becomes disturb.

            Taking only one type of food at one time is proper food. This is right that mixed food is a wrong step. The mixture of fewer foods can be digested easily at one time.

            We should take fruits at one time and lettuce in the nest time in meals. It is called single food.

Inappropriate combination :

  • Banana with milk and curd
  • Radish with milk or curd
  • Milk with curd
  • Honey with lukewarm water or any hot substance
  • Honey with radish
  • Mixed heap with pudding
  • Musk melon, cucumber (kheera and kakdi) with milk
  • Curd with cheese
  • Fruits with vegetables
  • Radish or curd at night
  • Hot curd
  • Ghee, which has been kept in the in bronze pot for ten days.
  • Turnip, potato and edible root with pulse
  • Rice and pulse or pulse with chapatti
  • Chapatti with milk or curd

Knowledge :

          The person, who wants to take pulse with the chapattis and rice, should take vegetables in sufficient quantity too.

Appropriate combination :

  • Mango with cow milk
  • Milk with dates
  • Rice with coconut kernels
  • Curd with pulse
  • Guava with aniseed
  • Lambs quarter with salty curd
  • Cooked vegetable of carrot and fenugreek
  • Curd with Indian gooseberry powder
  • Vegetables with Swetsaar
  • Sour fruits with dry fruits
  • Pulse with vegetable
  • Mixed heap of vegetable and rice
  • Chapatti with vegetable of green leaves
  • Sprouted pulses and raw coconut