Food poisoning



Mostly, this disease occurs due to taking two or more food stuffs together having different properties. Poisonous elements get gathered in the stomach due to this disease that makes it more serious. All the food stuffs have no equal amount of poisonous elements, so their effects are also unequal. The digestion power of all the people are also not equal, so some digest them easily and some are unable to digest them and get infection that causes even death too.  


  1. Products prepared with animals milk or milk that has kept in brass container become poisonous and when these poisonous things are eaten by anyone, he is suffered from food poisoning.
  2. Food poisoning can also occur due to taking two or more that two sour eatables together.
  3. Such food items that become poisonous after keeping them in brass or aluminum container and have taken by anyone, he gets food poisoning.
  4. Sometime, it also occurs due to taking outside food.
  5. Sometime, any poisonous insect enters into foods by mistake while preparing them and when someone eats such foods, becomes the patient of food poisoning. 

Food poisonings from different food stuffs are not same; some are intensive while some are mild. So, few symptoms are found in some patient and many symptoms in some patient.

When eatables are put in a copper or brass utensils, these react with copper and brass and the poison or properties of these metals are mixed in these food and when someone take these food, symptoms of vomiting, watery loose motions, stiffness are found in that person.


  1. Sometimes, few are those who die just after eating food due to this disease.
  2. After taking such types of foods, sometimes violent vomiting takes place and start feeling weakness in the body.
  3. Watery loose motions also start and convert into condition as in diarrhea and then the patient die.
  4. In some patient, this type of poison becomes more violent and ends the life.
  5. Due to food poisoning, several types of other disease can occur like- Typhoid, T.B. or worms in the stomach, etc.
  6. Acidity, bilious pain, indigestion, neuralgic diseases, wounds in the duodenum,, etc. diseases are also found in the patient due to food poisoning. 

What should we do or not in the condition of food poisoning:-

  1. If the symptoms of food poisoning are found in a person, take him to a doctor immediately and treat him.
  2. You should make the patient lie down on the bed with comfortable way until a doctor come and beverages or soda water should be given to him.
  3. If the patient becomes unconscious completely, hot fomentation is very effective for him and salt water should be poured on his skin and on the opening of anus with force.
  4. If it is found out that poisonous substances are present in his duodenum, use purgative medicine immediately so that he vomits and poisonous substances come out with vomiting.
  5. If a person has allergy from particulars substances, do not allow him to take that substances, because they can become responsible for food poisoning.
  6. According to homoeopathic treatment, drugs like- Carbo-animelis, Nux-vomica, Pyrozen, Carbo-veg or Allumina, etc. can be used to cure this disease.