Gall stone


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        When any elements get gathered in the bladder, it turns into stone, it is called gall stone. When this stone exist in one bladder, patient feels no pain but when this stone comes out from the bladder, the patient feels unbearable pain.  


        When someone eats excessive fatty food stuff as ghee or butter and oily food stuff, cholesterol, calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate occur in excessive quantity in the body because of that gall stone originates in the body. This disease can occur in small children due to blood disorders too. The woman feels excessive problems due to this disease. Mostly, the woman (who is more than 30 years old) suffers from this disease after pregnancy. Some women also suffer from gall stone due to hereditary. Stone originates due to mix calcium with cholesterol after increasing cholesterol in the blood.  


        Unbearable pain occurs on right side of upper part of the stomach thereafter it spreads in the whole stomach. Liver place increases and becomes hard because of that pain occurs in it. There are many symptoms of gall stone as: slow navel speed, coldness of the body, nausea, vomiting, weakness, anorexia, jaundice, etc. Its pain occurs after 2 hours of meals because of that patient feels very problems.

Meal and abstinence:

        Cow milk, barley, wheat, radish, bitter gourd, ribbed luffa, dry grapes, sesapadula, juice of ripe papaya, light meal, more fruits and juice should be taken for few days in this disease.

        Sugar, sweet, food stuffs (which contain fat and carbohydrate) should not be taken. The patient should not take oil, meat, egg, red chilly, asafoetida, kidney bean, fish, spicy food stuff, jaggery, tea, and fatty food stuff, sour. The patient should avoid from smoking, hard work and anger.

Treatment by different medicines :

1. Celery seed: Giving 1-4 grams powder of fruits of celery seed to the patient twice a day is useful to get relief in gall stone. The patient, who suffers from epilepsy and pregnancy, should not take this medicine.

2. Patherchur:

  • Take ¼ parts to 5 ml its juice twice a day, it breaks gall stone slowly.
  • 5-6 drops its juice should be taken with sugar to get relief in gall stone.
  • 5 ml its juice can be taken twice a day to break gall stone slowly.  

3. Runia cardfolia: Filter runia cardfolia with the help of cloth and store it. After that, take one gram this cardfolia thrice a day regularly to bring out all the types of stone with urine after breaking. If patient feels no relief, doctor advice can be taken for operation.

4. Small caltrop: Take 3-6 grams powder small caltrop with honey twice a day and drink goat milk upon it. Using this process for 7 days regularly is beneficial to break stone.

5. Caltrop:

  • Taking ¼ parts to 1.20 grams nitre with caltrop decoction twice a day is useful to get relief in stone.
  • Mix powder of caltrop seeds and honey with sheep milk. After that, take this mixture, it brings out stone after breaking.  

6. Big cardamom: Grind about half gram big cardamom with seeds of musk-melon and give it to the patient, it provides relief in stone.  

7. Solanum xanthocarpum: Make the powder by grinding equal quantity of solanum xanthocarpum and renganikant root together. Taking 2 grams this powder with sweet curd twice a day for 7 days regularly is useful to get relief in stone.

8. Datura: Take 0.06 grams to 0.12 grams datura seeds with curd to reduce pain and prevent vomiting. Datura seeds should be boiled with cow urine or milk for 12 hours before use. It is useful to break stone.

9. Hoarse radish: Mix asafoetida and rock salt with decoction of bark of hoarse radish root. Taking this mixture twice a day is useful to get relief in gall stone.  

10. Prickly chalf flower: Taking half to 10 grams its root with black peppers provides relief in gall stone or taking 14-50 ml decoction of its root with black peppers twice a day provides relief in stone. Hot decoction should be taken to get more relief.

11. Coconut: Taking 40 ml decoction of coconut root twice a day is useful to get relief in gall stone or all the types of stone.

12. Spinach: The patient should take 10-20 ml juice of cooked vegetable of spinach to break gall stone or all the types of stone.  

13. Radish: Taking 20-40 ml juice of radish leaves twice a day is beneficial to get relief in gall stone.

14. Carrot: Taking carrot juice brings out stone after breaking.  

15. Lemon: Squeeze lemon in lukewarm water and drink, it provides relief in stone.

16. Helcohal: Using it reduces fear of increasing stone. It can be taken in little quantity.

17. Dry ginger:

  • Mix one gram salt with 6 grams ground dry ginger and take it with lukewarm water, it provides relief in stone.
  • Make a decoction by boiling dry ginger, varun bark, red leaves and caltrop with water. Taking this decoction in the morning is useful to break stone soon.  

18. Varun:

  • Give decoction of bark of its tree to the patient, it brings out stone after breaking.  
  • Make a decoction by boiling its bark, dry ginger and caltrop with water. Stone is broken by taking it.

19. Colocynth: Make a decoction by boiling colocynth root and horse gram with water. After that, take this decoction to get relief in stone.

20. Soda water: Mix two spoons glycerin with one cup soda water and take it in the noon and evening for few days regularly. It provides relief in stone.

21. Tamarind: Taking half to one gram tamarind juice with mixed fresh water of impure carbonate of potash twice a day breaks stone. It is also useful to cure indigestion and anuria-dysuria.  

22. Banana: Mix 0.24-1.08 grams banana alkali and equal quantity of sesame alkali with honey. Taking this mixture 3-4 times in a day regularly is useful to break all the types of stones.

23. Banana:  

  • Mix some sugar candy with juice of stem of banana axis and give it to the patient for drinking. It brings out stone after breaking within few days.  
  • Mix 30 ml juice of banana stem and 25 grams nitre with milk. Stone is cured by taking this mixture.

24. Bitter tumbi: Mix impure carbonate of potash and juice of bitter tumbi with sugar candy. Stone is broken by taking it.

25. Grape juice: Taking 200 grams grapes juice or grapes regularly is useful to get relief in gall stone.

26. Pumpkin: Mix rock salt with 25 ml juice of pumpkin and take it, it brings out stone after breaking.

27. Pigeon pea: Grind 6 grams leaves of pigeon pea with 0.48 grams sangeyahood and mix it with water. Taking this mixture provides very relief in stone.

28. Onion: Grind onion, garlic, mustard, mahua and bark of hoarse radish with water. Coating it on the affected part is useful to end swelling and pain caused by gall stone.