Color: Grease is white.

Color: It is vapid and oily.

Structure: It is found in the internal part of the animal body, which is very famous.

Nature: It is hot in nature and has some humidity.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of grease may be harmful for the stomach.

Bad effects removal: Salt and shimala mirach remove the bad effects of grease.

Compare: Grease can be compared with the oil of olive.

Quality: Grease ends swelling and provides relief in pain. It provides humidity in the body, especially in the muscles. Taking grease makes the body powerful, active and strong. The grease of all animals has the quality of same animal’s meat.

Useful in this disease:

Boil (Head boil): Rub pig grease on the body and take bath with lukewarm water. Boils and pimples do not occur for a long time.