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Sometime, headache is also the symptoms of various diseases. Some headache patient feels intensive pain while some feels slight pain. In this disease, intensive pain is felt on the forehead; the patient starts suffering from lack of appetite, the mouth becomes sticky, vomiting comes and he feels nauseate too.

To cure headache, it is very difficult to choose homoeopathic drugs on the basis of its symptoms. If its reasons are find out, choosing appropriate drug is become easy.

The reasons for headache can be grouped as following-

1.     Congestive headache.

2.     Catarrhal headache.

3.     Hemicranias or Migraine.

4.     Gastric headache.

5.     Rheumatic headache.

6.     Bilious headache.

7.     Headache due to sensitivity.

8.     Nervous headache.

9.     Neuralgic headache.

10.   Headache with rise and fall of the sun.

Headache occurs due to several reasons:-

  1. Mostly headache occurs due to stretchiness in the skull or neck muscles.
  2. It can also occur due to stretchiness in the brain by too much staring on any objects for a long time.
  3. Headache also occurs due to pain or tiredness of the eyes.
  4. Headache can be starts by taking various types of things like- alcohol, cheese and other stimulants.
  5. It occurs also due to several reasons like- changing of weathers, disordering of hormones and emotional condition.
  6. Headache can also occur due to taking additional contraceptive peels.
  7. Headache also occur due to smoking, taking additional liquor, flue, meningitis or hurt in the head.


Headache starts suddenly that is followed by vomiting, vision is faded. Sometimes pain occurs in one side of the head and sometimes in the whole section; sometimes it occurs daily at certain time and sometimes occurs on different times; sometimes it is fast and sometimes it is slow (milk). The patient feels as if a bandage is tie around the head and slight pain is feeling in the condition of headache whether it is occurring due to weak vision or by tension. Due to sinus, the patient feels headache with burning sensation too.

What should be do or not in the case of headache:-

  1. The patient suffering from headache should not take liquor, cheese, ground nut, coffee and almonds.
  2. In the case of migraine, nutritive diet should be taken and drugs should be taken according to symptoms.
  3. In the case of headache, eating something is very beneficial.
  4. If headache is feeling with floppiness, tying a piece of cloth on the forehead is beneficial.
  5. The patient suffering from headache should take rest and take too hot teat or coffee in little. It is very beneficial.
  6. In the case of headache, appropriate vitamins should be taken according to the advice of a doctor.
  7. The patient should never take any medicine without consulting a doctor.

Treatment of acute headache with different drugs:-

1. Bryo- If headache is acute and vomiting comes after it, Bryo is very useful for its treatment.

2. Nux vomica- If headache is acute that occurs due to congestion in his forehead with the complaints of vertigo and constipation, etc., treatment with Nux-vomica is very beneficial.

3. Bell- If headache is acute with other symptoms like- red face, hot eyes or feeling the eyes as big, etc., Bell should be used for its treatment.