Natural health

In the natural treatment, it is considered that negligence of natural rules is the cause behind all the diseases.

Green grass, sand and walking on sand with bare foot are the organs of nature therapy. Taking bath in river, different kinds of sources of water and cold water is very much beneficial naturally.To keep the body diseases free, there is a need to adopt five important elements of nature as sky, air, water, fire and earth in a proper way. If there is a lack of such elements in the body high quality treatment systems can not keep a person health for long time. Negligence of these elements is the cause of body ailments. All the persons want to live healthy but they do not follow the rules of health.  We should follow the rules related to health honestly to live healthy mentally and physically. We should know the time and quantity of having food, water, air, sleep and sun heat.

Our life is base on the breaths. We will live a long life if we take deep and controlled breath. According to Ayurveda treatment, imbalance of vatta, pitta and kapha is the cause of diseases in the body..................

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