Heart attacks



        Sometimes you have seen that a person falls down suddenly with holding his/her chest while walking normally. You are surprised just after looking his/her face. You can easily observe his/her violent pain by his/her face. His/her face is wet with sweat and breathes as abnormal. It seems that he/she is trying to vomit. After looking him/her, the people are understood easily that he/she has been suffered from heart attack. In fact, all these symptoms are of the heart attack only and if primary treatment (first aid) is not given to the sufferer in this condition, he/she may die too.

        Heart attack can occur in any age, but mostly the old are suffered from it. There is high possibility to occur heart attack in between 40 to 70 years of age. And, males are suffered from this disease more than fair sexes. Heart attack is also known as cardiac infect, coronary occlusion, coronary thrombosis, or acute myocardial infection, etc. it is the most serious disease of the heart. The chief symptoms of this disease are as follow-

        Abnormal restlessness in the middle of chest behind chest bones for long time, become face as yellow and many time violent pain, etc. are the symptoms of heart attack. This type of pain may also move to the shoulders, arms, neck or jaws, etc. along with pain, profuse sweating also starts. The patient may also feel vomiting. Normally, the patient also feels panting. He/she starts breathing quickly. He/she may also feel vertigo and may also lose his/her consciousness.                 

        In few cases, all these symptoms are disappeared after sometime and the patient starts feeling relief, but these symptoms are appeared again after sometimes.  

        In respect of this disease, it should be kept in the mind that if a person feels chest pain and does not feel relief even after taking rest for 15-20 minutes, it means that this type of pain is taking place due to heart attack.   

Cause- it is not necessary that heart attack occurs while exercising, doing physical work or mental stress. It may occur during lying down or sleeping too.

        There are three chief reasons of heart attack- angzyna pectoris (heartache), acute coronary obstruction and acute heart failure. There are many factors responsible for these reasons like- over smoking, too nutritive foods, fatty foods, lack of exercise, over drinking (taking alcohol additionally) and over obesity.  

Heartache- in this case, the muscular walls of heart do not get sufficient amount of blood. This deficiency occurs due to becoming the heart artery as narrow or by twisting in it. In it, the heart muscles get blood, but in less quantity. This condition is found mostly in the people more than 50 years.

        The current reasons of heartache are over physical or mental tiredness, such a work in which the heart has to do additional work or getting cold, etc. normally this type of pain starts at night after eating fatty or extra nutritive foods. The chief symptom of it is occurring violent twisting pain in the chest which is moved to neck. In few cases, it is moved to the wrist in left hand. The body color of the patient is turned in yellow or dusty. Normally the patient does not become unconscious due to it, but holds his/her chest, becomes too restless and does not want to move from his/her place. Sometimes, he/she starts feeling difficulty in breathing. In most of the cases, heartache is eliminated by taking rest for few minutes or after taking medicine.

Acute coronary obstruction- Occurring complete obstruction suddenly in any branch of heart artery is another reason of heart attack. The patient may become healthy completely again even after this obstruction, but in many cases, he/she may die too due to it. It depends on the branch of heart which does not get sufficient amount of blood due to obstruction.

        In case of acute coronary obstruction, the patient feels violent pain in his/her chest. During this pain, he/she feels as if he/she has been being tightened inside a bamboo. Pain starts from back and is reached to neck, finders in left arms especially to the fourth and fifth finger. He/she does not get relief by taking rest; he/she may become unconscious. His/her face is turned into yellow. He/she may also come in shock. Profuse sweating starts taking place and the body temperature is fallen. The pulse becomes irregular comparison to normal. The patient often feels vomiting too.        

Acute heart failure- it is the last stage of chronic heart disease. It occurs when the heart becomes unable to do its functions and to circulate sufficient amount of blood. In this condition, blood starts congesting in lungs and other tissues.

        The chief symptoms of it are- difficulty in breathing and coughing. In this case, the patient’s face does not fall as yellow, but the skin is turned into black. He/she feels difficulty in breathing especially in lying posture. So, he/she wants to sit.

Primary treatment- Normal primary treatment can be given by following way in case of heart attack occurring due to any reason-

        When heart attack occurs, do not try to move the patient from his/her place. Do not force him/her to sit in a vehicle. Call a doctor immediately after making him/her as lie down comfortably.

        Check that anything like vomiting materials, artificial teeth, etc. is entangled inside his/her mouth or not. If you find anything in his/her mouth, remove out through your fingers. Go on consolidating (give courage) him/her when he/she is in conscious stage.

        If he/she is feeling difficulty in breathing, start the process of giving artificial breath to him/her. Like this, if his/her heartbeats are stopping, try to making it continue. Do not give anything to him/her for eating or drinking even any type of medicine.

        Try to carry him/her to a doctor immediately, because every moment or second is very important for such patient. If he/she is carried to a doctor on time, his/her life can be saved.

        Instead of making the patient as lying down completely (straightly), it is better to keep him/her as lying down partially. Place a pillow under his/her head or chest. It proves helpful in breathing.

        Do not try to move the patient even little until his/her pain is eliminated completely. Let him/her to be quite completely. Remove away the crowd around him/her. Do not do such act that generates fear in his/her mind

        Cover the patient’s body with blanket, etc. to keep it warm. Inform a doctor. Keep the patient of acute coronary obstruction as lying down partially. Keep his/her head and shoulders little up and try to maintain this position of the patient until a doctor comes. Do not allow the patient to move even his/her fingers.