Herbal moisturizer


Treatment for beautifying face with the help of herbal moisturizer:

  • Mix one shuffled egg and 7-8 spoons milk in 2 big spoons barley flour to prepare fine paste. Then, apply this preparation on the face and wash face after twenty minutes. This preparation makes the skin soft and beautiful.   
  • Crush one banana and mix one spoon honey and five spoons milk to prepare fine paste. Apply this preparation on the face and wash face after 20 minutes.
  • Take four small spoons apple juice, soyabean and wheat jerm oil each two spoons. Mix apple juice in soyabean flour and wheat jerm oil to make fine paste. Apply this preparation on the face and wash face after some day. The skin of the face becomes beautiful and strong. 
  • Take 7-8 khubani, two spoons honey and 8-10 spoons milk. Then boil khubani in water. Make pulp by crushing khubani after softening then mix honey and milk in it. Apply it on the face for 20 minutes after changing into cream like substance and then wash. A kind of glow comes on the face.     
  • Take 2 big spoons lanolin and two big spoons almond oil, single big spoon oil of khubani. Then, smelt to the lanolin, almond oil and oil of khubani on light fire. Mix lemon juice in it after cooling and keep on shaking until it thickens. Wrinkles disappear within sometime by applying this preparation on the face.
  • One small spoon cocoa butter, two big spoons decoction of elder flower, singe small lanolin, one big spoon almond oil and two big spoons wheat jerm oil. Mix all these things by mixing it in a sauce pan by keeping it on a vessel in which water is boiling. Keep on shaking it until it cools. Apply it on the face like cream.
  • Take 2 spoons seeds of wax, single spoon imalsifying wax, 5 small spoons almond oil, 4 small spoons water and 2-3 drops of lavender oil. Then, smelt to the seeds of wax and imalsifying wax by keeping it in a vessel and then mix almond oil in it. boil water in another vessel and mix hot water in smelted wax and oil. Thereafter, keep on shaking it with the help of a stick. Mix lavender oil in it after cooling it. Use it after cooling properly.
  • Take 1.5 spoons almond oil, half spoon lanolin, 2 big spoons elder flower and 1.5 spoons hot water. Now mix elder flower in almond oil and lanolin and keep on light fire for one hour. Mix it hot water after filtering and then use it.
  • Take 2 big spoons juice of cucumber (kakri), one small spoon seeds of wax, 2.5 spoons coconut oil, one small spoon lanolin, pinchful borax powder and two big spoons hot water. Then, smelt seeds of wax, lanolin and coconut oil by filling in a vessel. Now, dissolve borax powder in hot water and mix in mixture made before some time. Now, put the vessel from the fire. Mix cucumber (kakri) juice in it and keep on shaking it until cream gets ready.