History of magnets


        When we try to know the history of magnet, we find that the ancients (the people of ancient time) had discovered many such substances on this earth that influence human body and its functions and are very affective especially on the human body and their diseases. In this chain, a substance had been also discovered, called magnet. Our ancestors had found such a power in it named magnetism (magnetic power) with the help of which it was attract iron objects, iron fluid and other metals like iron. Later, the people also knew that the magnet affects also all the liquids and semi liquids found inside the body and having iron particles.   

        It had been also found according old ideology that the affects of the moon fall on directly on all types of iron element/fluids and that is responsible for rapid reaction in human brain. It had been also come in existence after many scientific experiments that with the help of magnets, various types of human diseases can be cured.  

        In respects of keeping the body healthy and curing diseases, the beliefs of our ancients were superior (right). Our ancestors had gotten many such ideas (knowledge) that make human life free from diseases and had discovered many such substances in which very effective properties were found. In this way, our ancestors had discovered many types of such herbs to various substances that had proved very useful for human beings. For example- they had discovered Indian goose berry, garlic, turmeric to magnet which are used to cure several diseases of human beings and in the various functions their body.   

        According to the principles of the ancients, we should lie down as north-south direction in last time our life. In the other words, we should sleep with our head and feet towards north and south directions respectively, because it maintains the balance between the magnetic affects of human body and the earth. By sleeping like this, human does not feel any type of pain and trouble at the time of death and he gets peace.  

        According to modern civilization, a type of such substance had been discovered in Egypt that attracts iron, iron fluids and iron objects, which is called magnet. In that time, magnetic power was used widely. When we study the science of pyramid and the miracle power of magnetism, we find that the ancients were using this magnetic power and many types of herbs for protecting the dead body from decomposition. 

        In British museum, an Egyptian body had been kept for watching and studying for the people. One day when the people reached in the museum to see the dead body, a violent outburst (explosive substance) exploded such a way suddenly that the people started run away here and there. Later, it had found about this explosion that the glass of coffin’s lid in which the dead body had kept had broken in to pieces and the dead body had risen up at the height of waist. When this coffin had been established again in right direction, the dead body had fitted again. Later, it had been found that the coffin had not been established according to the gravitational force of attraction by mistake due to which this explosion had taken place.   

        It has been also found that in ancient time, the princess of Egypt was went on wearing a small piece of magnet on her forehead that was considered as the secret of his beauty and youth. 

        Few scientists had also discovered that sunrays scatter the magnets found on this earth. As a result of it, many types of biological changes (reactions) take place and the internal magnetic field of the solar systems keep balance between the function of the sun and the revolution around the earth. In this way, the sudden instability of the magnet found on this earth can become the responsible for serious results in animals.   

        It has been also found on the basis of several scientific experiments that the different organs of human body generate instable (temporary) magnetic field due to various types of body functions. In the other words, a unique magnetic power is found in each of the body cells which acts like a connector between human body and outer environment.     

        It has been also found after various experiments that the north and south poles of the magnet have ability to cure different types of diseases. On the basis of facts, the South Pole is used to cure stiffness, swelling and pain while the North Pole is used especially in infectious diseases.  

        Today, scientists are trying to discover such a treatment system for treating many diseases that is very easy and effective. Now, the scientists are trying to discover such substances which are natural and through which, disease could be treated. In present time, the scientists have discovered such a treatment system, which is called magneto therapy. In this treatment system, diseases are treated through magnetic power.   

        Experiments of magnetism have proved the beliefs of Dr. Madlin F. Barnauth as true that magnetism will be developed soon in medical field as a powerful healer.

        Today, in India, many magneto therapists have gotten success easily in curing several types of diseases through magnetic power. Many medical centers have been also set up in India where different types of diseases are treated through magnet.