It is a type of mental disease arising in women. Mostly, it occurs in 15-20 years old girls.


A hysteria patient is not able to control on her mind and sometimes she starts on laughing suddenly and in the other moment, she starts crying. Sometimes, she falls down after becoming unconscious. Sometimes, a hysteria woman feels as if she is very strong, but in other moment, feels as if she has no strength in her body. Belches and hiccup start that make her troubled; disordering arises in her voice and urine is suppressed.


The chief reason of hysteria is tension or depression. Mostly, it occurs in women due to any type of shock, worry and cheating (trick) in love. The symptoms of this disease are found in women also due to unsatisfaction in sexual intercourse. In many women, it occurs due to disordering in her uterus or ovary. It can occur due to malfunctioning of the nervous system.

Treatment of this disease with different drugs:-

1. Mauscus- If the patient starts on laughing suddenly, she tries much to stop laughing, but she is not able to do this; she falls down suddenly after becoming unconscious and the entire body is fallen cold; her one cheek remains red and other remains yellow; the ball of gas is raised towards the throat; the symptoms of this disease are aggravated in cold air, etc., giving Mauscus 1 or 3 is very useful in such symptoms.      

2. Ignatia- Ignatia acts like a magic in the case of hysteria. This drug can be used in the symptoms of hysteria occurred due to shock, love, etc. Sometimes, patient is happy and sometimes she becomes restless; sometimes she starts on laughing and in the other moment, she starts on fighting with other; feels as if something is obstructed in the throat; the body muscles go on throbbing. When such symptoms are appeared in the patient, the mother tincture of this drug can be used and Ignatia 200 can be used after curing disease.

3. Crocus-Sativa- In symptoms like- laughing continuously, remains sitting in happy mood, talks softly with others, but suddenly she becomes angry, etc., Crocus-sativa 30 or its mother tincture can be given.

4. Platinum- If the patient has following symptoms like- becomes too arrogant, starts hating others, she understands herself as bigheaded, she looks at every persons unknowingly, she keeps on looking the other members of her family strangely, she keeps on feeling sad all the time, she feels as if she is stand at the door of death, suddenly start on crying and suddenly starts on laughing, she has as much sexual desire as she wants to take all in her arms, etc., Platinum 6x or 30 can be given to the sufferer.  

5. Asafetida- If she feels the ball of gas in her stomach; gas is filled inside it that causes pressure in the upper section and the sufferer starts on feeling breathing impairment, etc., using this drug is very useful in such symptoms. It is also beneficial when the symptoms of hysteria start on appearing due to suppression of any body secretion.       

6. Actia-Rasimosa (Simisiphuga)- This drug acts better on the organs of the female body. The patient keeps on feeling cold even in normal temperature. Shivering starts in the body organs; spasm occurs, mental symptoms are appeared. Pain keeps on moving from one side to other side of her genitals. She starts on feeling disordering in her menstrual secretion. She remains too hopeless about her life. Thus, giving Actia-Rasimosa 3 according to such symptoms is very useful.

7. Tarantula- Someone starts visible suddenly in front of the patient due to which, she starts on moving her hands or her hand starts on moving by itself. She remains normal until someone faces to her. Few particular songs make her as much excited as she starts on behaving like a mad. Thus, Tarentulla 6 or 30 can be given to her in such symptoms. 

8. Zincum-Belerianum- In this disease, a sufferer is not able to sit at on place. Her legs go on moving all the time. Thus, using 2 or 3 potency of this drug provides relief easily.

Important tips:-

  • If the symptoms of hysteria are found in any person, we should take him to a psychologist immediately.
  • We should not beat a hysteria patient in anger or due to any reason, because it can give her much trouble physically and mentally.
  • Be careful also about the patient that she can not harm herself.
  • Take the hysteria patient to any hill (cold) station for some days.
  • Hysteria often is ameliorated by urination again and again in large volume, so we should try to make her to urinate again and again.
  • Just after hysteria attack, water drops should be sprinkled on the patient face after loosing her clothes.