When any part of the body is scratched, a type of bacteria are entered inside the body through that scratched skin which causes inflammation of the mucous membrane, called ‘Erysipelas’. This type of inflammation can appear on a part or several part of the body. Erysipelas goes on shifting in different organs of the body. Sometimes organs of the body start decomposing due to erysipelas. Inflammation and burning can occur on the skin in any type of erysipelas. This disease persists in the body for a week with redness of the affected part, restlessness, creepy feelings and low fever. After that, with shivering in the body, affected part becomes red, swelled and after 6-7 days, blisters and eruptions appear. It is like the skin disease- urticaria or herpes. The chief drugs for this disease are- Belladonna, Apis and Rhus-tox.

It is a type of latest infectious disease. When a part of the body is cut or scratched by any way, the bacteria named ‘Straptocoquis Payozens’ are entered inside the body through it and create swelling and burning sensation on the skin or in the mucous membrane. The disease caused by such bacteria is called erysipelas. The main reason of this disease is- sperm deficiency or avoiding health rules.  

This disease are of three types (this disease has the following three types) :-

  1. Wandering Erysipelas:- Erysipelas that roams (shifted) from one part to another instead of occurring in a certain part, is called wandering erysipelas.
  2. Philegmonius Erysipelas:- Erysipelas that occurs with swelling and burning sensation, is called philegmonius erysipelas.
  3. Gangrenous Erysipelas:- Erysipelas, in which gangrene presents, is called gangrenous erysipelas.   

Erysipelas persists for a week. After occurring this disease, the patient starts suffering from different symptoms like- shivering, nauseate, low fever, trembling in obsessed part. After that, the temperature of the body is risen up, trembling becomes fast, patient starts to grumble (murmur, effervesce), the affected part becomes swell with shiny and red, blisters filled with water appear. After 5 days, eruptions begins to dry up (dejected, faded) and disease is cured. This type of disease can occur again also, fever generates due to pus, urine comes with sperm, wounds appear, swelling and burning sensation generate in the membrane inside the heart, lungs inflammation begins to generate, etc. Therefore, Belladonna, Apis, Rhus-tox, etc. can be used in any type of erysipelas. If a person has been suffering from erysipelas and his skin is clean and smooth then Belladonna 30 should be used to treat him. Apis is also very useful in this case. If you want to cure this disease soon then Rhus-tox can be needed with Belladonna and Apis.

Disease and drugs used in it:-

1. Rhus-tox:-

  • If the patient is suffering from different symptoms like- appearing water blisters on the throat, face, the skin of the head and the other organs of the body, swelling of the area near armpit, feeling pain like sting in the entire body, secretion from pimples and burning sensation, spreading erysipelas from the left part to the right part of the body, etc., Rhus-tox 3 should be taken.
  • This drug has known to be very effective to cure any type of skin disease. In the condition of this disease, if the patient has the following symptoms like- appearing blisters on the skin, restlessness, occurring erysipelas on the face, feeling burning sensation on the obsessed part, appearing big blisters on the skin with the nature of multiplying, becoming the skin color bluish red, suppression of the skin by pressing, spreading erysipelas from left to right side on the face, feeling relief from heat and by movement and aggravating the troubles by cold and moist, etc. In the condition of such symptoms, taking Rhus-tox 30 or 200 is beneficial. In erysipelas, if the skin is red shiny and clean with fever and delirium then taking Belladonna instead of Rhus-tox is very useful.

2. Belladonna:-

  • In erysipelas, if burning sensation occurs on the skin, the affected part becomes shiny red and little swelled, burning on the face, severe fever, violent headache, wide eyes ball, patient acts like an idle chatterer, stretchiness in the body and if urine has become concentrated and brownish, Belladonna 1 or 3 should be used in such symptoms.       
  • If erysipelas patient is suffering from different symptoms like- cleaned skin with becoming the skin shiny red or deep red or appearing red lines on the skin, generating a little swelling on the affected part, more blisters do not appear, throbbing pain occurs and is moved to the brain, etc., Belladonna should be used in such symptoms. In this disease, sometimes delirium occurs, organs trembles and throbbing pain reached to the brain. Belladonna is also used in such symptoms. But, remember that, use Belladonna only in the initial stage of this disease. This disease attacks suddenly, the skin becomes red, hot and dry. Give Belladonna immediately to the patient in the initial stage of his disease.    

3. Apis mel or Apium Virus:-Taking Apis mel 6 or 30 or Apium Virus 6 is very effective in the condition of appearing watery hot pimples with burning sensation that is swelled with itching. Inserting pain occurs in them, etc. 

4. Arsenic:-If black or pusy blisters have appeared with burning sensation and pain in the case of erysipelas, feeling lethargy, becoming the body thin, feeling restlessness, patient feels much thirst and fever, gangrene in sannipat disease, etc., Arsenic 6 or 30 should be used.   

5. Apis:- In the condition of erysipelas, if the skin has inflamed with burning sensation and pricking pain, blisters have appeared with swelling, swelling the eyelids like water bag, erysipelas spreads from right to left side on the face, patient gets relief from cold, the troubles of the patient are aggravated by heat, patient feels restlessness and goes on moving, he becomes irritable temperament and becomes sleepless, etc. then use Apis 30 to treat such symptoms.

6. Amon carb:- Using this drug is very effective in the case of appearing erysipelas in old ages. If the memory of erysipelas patient has become less (short) with sorrow then using Amon carb is very effective.

7. Hepar-sulph:- If erysipelas patient can not bear even little touch on the affected part and also cold is also unbearable for him, in this condition, to cure blister or eruptions, this drug is used.

8. Sulphur:- Taking Sulphur 30 is beneficial in the condition of occurring erysipelas again and again, burning sensation, changing the skin into red blue, aggravating the disease by bed heat and between 10 o’clock to 12 o’clock in the night, if patient wants to eat ghee and butter but sometimes he hates them and when he eats ghee and butter, his digestive system becomes our of order, itching in the eruptions of erysipelas, troubles are aggravated in the hot room and on the bed, if patient does not want to take bathe, etc.    

Use of different drugs in different symptoms of disease:-

  • If the patient has suffered from fever in the case of erysipelas, he should take Acon or Vere-vir.
  • Any one among drugs like- Bell, Bryo, Puls, Arnica, etc. can be used to cure smooth or watery blisters.  
  • Taking Rhus-tox, Cantharis or Veretrum-vir, etc. is very useful in the condition of watery blisters.
  • If obsessed part becomes swollen in the condition of erysipelas, taking Apis is very effective.
  • If burning sensation generates in erysipelas, using Ars, Carbo-veg or Nitric-acid is very effective.
  • In the condition of gangrenous erysipelas, Lach, Ars should be used. It provides relief soon.
  • If disease starts to become chronic or cure, taking Sulphur is very effective.

Other treatment:-

  1. In the chronicle (serious) stage of disease, greens, barley or arrowroot should be taken.
  2. Add 3-4 drops of Rhus-tox in the hot water and then fomenting the affected part with this water provides relief.