A man has to pass his time with his wife in the absence of other family members. It is the meaning of honeymoon.


When husband and wife go on a tour after marriage, it is called that they are on their honeymoon trip. It is Indian custom or foreign custom- nothing can be said definitely about it. The word ‘honeymoon’ is as intoxicating as the first intimacy. A person feels strange kinds of currents in the body if he thinks about it. It is called ‘a month of honey’ too.

A man has to pass his time with his wife in the absence of other family members. It is the meaning of honeymoon. Going on a honeymoon trip after marriage is essential in foreign countries because during this period all kinds of hesitations between husband and wife disappear. Besides it, sexual urges, which have been suppressed after marriage, become fierce during this period.    

After marriage, a man wants to pass his excessive time with his wife but both husband and wife do not get alone place for lovemaking as they want. They get chance for sexual intercourse only during night.  Therefore, going on a trip of honeymoon is the best way to get all kinds of freedoms.

Purpose of a honeymoon trip:-

Boys and girls are not allowed to meet altogether before marriage in Indian society. This is the reason that they do not get chance to know each other. Both husband and wife do not say the secrets of their heart to each other because of the presence of family members at home. Therefore, both husband and wife get a chance to open their hearts before each other by going on a honeymoon trip.  

For understanding to each other:-

To create closeness between husband and wife is the aim of honeymoon. Both husband and wife try to know each other’s likes and dislikes, interest and hates. Besides it, they become aware to each other’s nature through honeymoon. By doing this, they avoid different kinds of problems, tensions, misunderstandings in their married life.    

Apt choice for honeymoon trip:-

  • Spot for honeymoon trip should be decided by both husband and wife.  
  • Honeymoon spot should be peaceful. Crowded place should not be selected for honeymoon at any rate.
  • Both husband and wife should select such a spot for honeymoon where none has gone already.  
  • Before going on a honeymoon trip, both husband and wife should find out about the weather.  If you go Gujarat in summer season, it may be the cause of trouble because it is too hot there.
  • Both husband and wife should choose honeymoon spot by considering the distance of way. Way of traveling should not be too long. Going on different place in less time is called the best honeymoon.  

Preparations before going on honeymoon trip:-

  • Both husband and wife should take soft and light clothes for honeymoon trip so that no kind of problem can take birth while walking.
  • Selection of clothes should be according to weather. If you are going in a cold area, woolen clothes should be taken. 
  • Before packaging for honeymoon trip, you should keep cotton, dettol, sanitary napkin and anodyne medicines.  

Sexual intercourse is must on honeymoon trip:-

  • Both husband and wife should not forget the real purpose of honeymoon.
  • Manage sufficient time to make sexual relation during honeymoon trip because sexual intercourse provides great sexual pleasure at this time.
  • Avoid to excessive eating and walking during sexual intercourse because both remain far from laziness and exhaustion by doing so.
  • Both husband and wife should not argue to each other and they should avoid too much talking. They should take the pleasure of nature by living in silence for some day. Both can talk to each other through eyes because language of love is spoken by the eyes.   

Apt time for honeymoon trip:-

  • Both husband and wife should go on honeymoon trip just after the marriage. Going on honeymoon trip after many days of marriage is not good.
  • Going on honeymoon trip just after marriage is the best time for honeymoon. This is the period when new married couple makes the foundation of their happy married life.