In men, the less ability of sexual intercourse or ending the ability of sexual intercourse is called ‘Impotence’. Due to this disease, the male has no ability to pregnant a female. Mostly, this disease occurs due to involving in sexual intercourse excessively or due to masturbation.

In this disease, the sufferer does able to enjoy completely while involving in sexual intercourse. At this time, whether emission takes place early or the penis becomes loose.


Impotence occurs due to over aged, diabetes, loose veins that make the penis excite (straight), lack of hormones, additional use of such medicines that increases sexual power, too much masturbation, etc. Mostly, it occurs due to mental obstruction. 


Well, impotence is rear means it occurs occasionally. This disease can occur suddenly or slowly. The patient suffering from this disease practices masturbation easily, but does not get full satisfaction while sexual intercourse. In this disease, sometimes emission takes place early during sexual intercourse.

Use of different drugs in this disease:-

1. Sewal Seroolata- If sexual ability has reduced due to weakness, using 5 to 10 drops of the mother tincture of this disease is beneficial. It is used to remove impotence occurring due to masturbation and involving much in sexual intercourse.

2. Terena-satieva- If this disease occurs due to doing too much mental works, unnatural sex, teasing the reproductive organs irregularly, etc., the mother tincture of this drug is very useful to cure this disease. 5 drops of this drug should be used twice a day.

3. Agnus-cactus- Taking Agnus-cactus 2x or 3 in acute impotence is very effective.

4. Lycopodium- If impotence becomes chronic, Lycopodium 30 to 200 can be used.

5. Acid-phos- If impotence has occurred due to over involve ness in sexual intercourse, using Acid-phos 2x is very effective.

6. Anacardium- If this disease has occurred due to masturbation or involving sexual intercourse with prostitute, taking Anacardium 6 is very useful to cure this disease.

7. Agnus-cactus- In the initial stage of this disease, Agnus-cactus 2x or 3 is very useful.

8. Staphisagria- Teasing the penis much, thinking dirty things all the time, having desire for sexual intercourse, weakness of the body, backache, shyness, etc. symptoms are found in the patient, using Staphisagria 3 to 30 is very effective to cure such symptoms.

9. Phosphoric-acid- In the condition of impotence due to involving too much in sexual intercourse with women, Phosphoric-acid 1 or 3 is used. It cures this disease and enhances the ability for sexual intercourse.

10. Hypericum or Arnica-

If impotence has occurred due to injury, taking Arnica 3 or Hypericum 1x is very useful.

In addition to above said drugs, other drugs can be also used to get extra benefits as like the powder of Cuprum-acetic 6x, Nux-vomica 30, Konayam 3, Acid-nitric 3 to 30, Selenium 6, Phospho 200, Sulphur 6 to 200, Jells 1x to 30 or Calce-carb 30, etc.

11. Phosphorus:-

  • If a person is sensual by physically and mentally and due to which, he has suffered from impotence, Phosphorus 30 to 200 should be used for its treatment.
  • If impotence has occurred due to much masturbation, this drug should be also used. If a person gets excitement in a normal way and has suffered from impotence due to looseness of the testicles, he should take Konayam.

12. Lycopodium- This drug has known to be very effective in impotence. If a person marriages 2 or more times and yet, he is not able to pregnant of a woman, Lycopodium is very useful for them. In the case of impotence, Lycopodium 30, 200 or 1m should be taken. It is also very useful in impotence occurred due to masturbation or unnatural sexes. If the penis has remained small, feels much sexual excitement, sometimes sexual excitement as much as he becomes unable to tolerate it and due to which, strength fewer nesses comes, etc., Lycopodium should be taken. First of all, its lower potency should be used and incase if it fails then higher potency of this drug can be used.

13. Agnes-cactus- Such people who lead much sensual life in their young age and after 60 years, they become unable physically and emission takes place by itself due to impotence then Agnes-cactus 1 or 6 will be useful for such people.

14. Graphitis- If a person feels too sexual excitement, he should take this drug. If the patient does not get enjoyment or emission does takes place while sexual intercourse, etc. that make him troubled, Graphitis 30 or 200 should be used to remove such type of impotence.

15. Calcarea-carb- To cure impotence occurring due to involving much in sexual intercourse, Nux-vomica, Sulphur, Calcarea-carb, etc. are used. When a person feels much sexual excitement, but only mentally, he has less physical excitement; he has desire for sexual intercourse, but not has physical desire, etc. then Calcarea-carb is very useful for him. In this condition, if he involves in sexual intercourse, the penis falls loose or emission takes place early or before sexual intercourse or emission takes place incompletely, etc., using Calcarea-carb 30 or 200 is very effective. In this way, sometimes the sufferer starts to live alone after becoming hopeless. In case if he wants to involve in sexual intercourse then headache starts, the legs become strength less and weakness comes. Thus, Calcarea-carb is very useful to remove such symptoms.

16. Selenium and Sulphur- If the patient feels weakness due to involving much in sexual intercourse and wants to sleep, but weakness keeps on persisting even after waking up; he does not feel any type of neuralgic tiredness; his health becomes worse after masturbation, sexual intercourse with woman or nightfall, etc; he becomes irritable temperament due to emission; is not able think properly, headache; weakness come in his spinal cord and feels as if it has attacked by paralysis; prostate secretion starts by itself; emission due to dreaming vulgar (indecent) dreams; emission is taken place at the time of excretion, urination, etc. thus, Selenium 30 or Sulphur 30 should be taken in such symptoms. If the patient feels coldness (looseness) in his penis with contraction, using Sulphur is very useful for its treatment.

 Important tips to get full pleasure while sexual intercourse:-

To get much satisfaction in sexual intercourse, copulate slowly. Normal exercise enhances energy level and physical ability. Yoga, meditation, massaging, etc. remove tension. Try to solve the problems of impotence with keeping patience and with the cooperation of the partner.

Few other treatments with treatment of impotence:-

Actually impotence is not related with the problems of the reproductive organs, but it is related to the brain (psychological). So, live tension free to avoid impotence and do not allow sensual thoughts in the mind. In this way, involving in sexual intercourse without tension can give full pleasure. It is not important that how much the penis is long, because few inches of the vagina take part in sexual intercourse. But of course, early ejaculation is a problem.