Information about food

 The human body is made of nerves and cells. These nerves are made by the nutritive elements which are gotten by the food we eat.

In our ancient epics, one thing has been mentioned that food should be taken half stomach and ¼ parts of the stomach should have water and rest of place of the stomach should be kept for the air. However, a fewer persons pay attention in this direction this fact.

Many people consider that body is not able to get complete nutrition by taking less food, this fact is quite wrong. The food, which is digested easily by the body, is useful for the body.

You should remember this fact that you will suffer from a large number of diseases if you take excessive food. You can try this example on you. You will feel hunger by taking half stomach food for 3-4 days but the stomach will become habitual of this condition. Thereafter observe your body and behavior. You will find that your body has excessive consciousness. Since then you will follow this formula by knowing the benefits of having less food.

In this world, those people who have passed a long span of age are habitual of having less food.

Serving excessive food to the guests because of respect is wrong.

If all the persons come to know about the secret of less food, they will become healthy. In addition to, the problem of food will disappear...................

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