Introduction :

        Intestines inside the body are cleaned without any inflammation and excitement by the help of enema bath. The whole body becomes soft and clean by cleansing the intestines. The water, which is used in this activity, is free from polluted elements, so giving bath to the patient with this water is useful for the treatment of all types of diseases by which the body becomes strong and powerful. If someone clears the stomach by taking enema 1-2 times or more than this time in the case of new or chronic diseases, about half disease of the patient is cured by adopting enema. A famous doctor named Wilson called it destroyer of all the diseases.

        Dr. Hall has been considered modern discoverer of enema bath. Enema bath is being used since ancient time in India. The scholars of yoga have described enema in Hathyoga. Enema bath has been described as bastikirya in Shatikriya in Hathyoga. Enema is the small form of enema activity in real so enema is being used in India since ancient time.

        Different types of machines are available in the markets for enema bath. But, using box, which is hanged on the wall, is the best. Enema is known by many names as fountain syringe, the gravity douche, large intestines bath, douche, medicine, oon mubarak. It is called Hukana in Greece.

Enema :

        When a person takes heavy and much spicy food, he becomes the victim of constipation. Stool does not come out properly due to constipation and it starts to decay there. Water reaches in the rectum from the anus to clean the dirt from rectum by which rectum becomes clean. The process of cleaning the dirt of the rectum is called enema. The stomach is cleaned by enema because mostly diseases occur from the stomach. This process circulates strength and energy into the body after cleaning the stomach.

Technique of enema :

  • The machine, which is available in the market, is used for enema. A box is fitted in this machine. A different type of box is present for enema by which process of enema is completed. A pipe is pulled out from that box upon which there is a tap or nozzle. The water is boiled for enema thereafter lemon juice and 20-25 grams salt are mixed in it. Now fill this lukewarm water in the box and hang it on a wall on some height of three feet by which water starts on flow downwardly with a pressure. After that, apply Vaseline on the top of that nozzle and lie down the patient on the floor on the back or stomach thereafter apply this nozzle in the anus and supply water in the rectum (which is felt in machine). In this activity, if the patient feels pain, reduce the flow of water or stop the water.
  • Hang the machine on some lower place to reduce the flow of water. Stop the water flow by supplying about 200 ml water into the rectum and exclude the pipe from the anus. After that, move the hand on the stomach or say to the patient for walking for 5-10 minutes. Thereafter, go for evacuation activity. The water filled in the rectum will come out in the form of stool and gathered stool will also come out through the rectum. In this activity, about 1-1.5 liters water reaches into the rectum.
  • If the patient feels pain in the stomach due to gas while taking enema, give light massage on the intestines because it provides relief in pain. After giving enema, keep the water in the rectum for about 4-10 minutes and walk for sometimes. After that, go for evacuation and evacuate stool. The gathered stool comes out with water from the rectum. Thus, enema can be taken for 2-3 times. Sometimes, the patient is not able to stop water in the rectum by taking enema first time.
  • In such condition, a person takes enema for many times to clean stool. To cure any disease in such condition, the patient becomes habitual of taking enema because of taking enema for about 8-10 months. The patient should not give force to exclude the stool because stool comes out by itself after taking enema because stool does not come out properly by giving pressure.  

Take enema by using other things :

  • Rubber bottle, which is used in fomentation, also can be used for enema.
  • Enema also can be taken by applying pipe in a tin box. Enema activity can be taken by making hole in lower part or bottom of the box.

Benefits in diseases by enema :

  • Rectum becomes clean by enema. It cures chronic constipation and ends the possibility of many types of diseases.
  • Stool stuck in the stomach comes out by taking enema with warm water. It improves the peristaltic circulation of the intestines and breaks the constipation.
  • If someone takes enema with warm water of 40-42 degree Celsius temperature, inflammation and pain of the rectum and piles are cured.
  • Vomiting, diarrhoea, intestines wounds are cured by using water of 18 degree temperature in enema. It is beneficial in the treatment of fever and piles.
  • This temperature of water is beneficial in dysmeloria and leucorrhoea.
  • In case of infection in the intestines due to as amoebic infection, infection of colitis and stoamch worms, boil the neem leaves in water and give enema with this water. Doing so is much beneficial in these diseases.

Precaution in enema :

  • While taking enema, the temperature of the water should be so warm so that the patient feels no problem in bearing it. In this activity, mixing cold water in warm water is much beneficial.
  • One thing should be kept in the brain while filling water in rectum, the air may not enter into the intestines because it can generate pain in the stomach. Excessive quantity of water should not be supplied into the intestines because intestines become puffed by it, which is harmful for the patient.
  • Enema activity should be taken beside the lavatory because a person has to go for evacuation soon just after filling water in the stomach. Loose motions come in dilute form in this process, which cannot be stopped.
  • Water should be opened after inserting the nozzle into the anus.
  • Greasy substance should be applied on the upper part of the nozzle to insert it in the anus.
  • After filling water in the rectum, stay in this position for about 3-4 minutes.
  • If the stomach does not become clean by taking by taking enema once, it should be taken again.
  • Enema can be taken for 5-6 months easily in pregnancy because it provides relief in vomiting, stomachache and other diseases of pregnancy.
  • Enema activity should be taken in the morning and it should not be taken after eating food.
  • If someone adopts enema while keeping fast, it is much beneficial.
  • If a person has been suffering from stomachache due to eating food or any other cause, take enema because it helps in stopping pain.

Special note :

          This activity can be taken  on the bench or on the floor by spreading bed sheet. For it, make the patient lie down and put a pillow under the waist. Thereafter, enema can be adopted. This activity also can be done without taking help with another person. If the patient feels problem in taking enema by lying down on the back due to any cause, he can take enema by lying towards right side. Thus, enema can be taken by lying down on stomach or sitting on knees.  

          To exclude gathered stool from the large intestines, enema also can be taken by mixing coffee and castor oil in lukewarm water. Taking enema during fast is much beneficial. The enema of cold water also can be taken after taking enema with lukewarm water.