Introduction About Sex



Sexologists consider that both male and female have different point of views about sex. Often, the people define sex on the bases of their education or knowledge. Sexologists have found about sex after analyzing the views of people relating to this matter that a person thinks about sex according to his mentality and thinking. 

Different point of views about sex:-

1. When sexologists inquired to people about sex, they replied that sex is a feeling of mind that is found in all males and females of the world.

2. Other explained about sex quite different point of views about sex. They replied that sex is mental process in which both male and female have attraction to each other.

3. According to some persons, sex is nature. They answered that human life depends totally on the meeting (sexual intercourse) of male and female and it is the base of this beautiful nature.

4. There are several people in society whose answer was quite different from the above mentioned point of views. Such persons think that sex is a mental hunger of all males and females.

5. When sexologist wanted to know about sex to adolescent girls and boys, they answered that sex is the source of love between male and female and it is necessary for peace and harmony in this world.

6. Both male and female have a desire about sex and it does not disappear after sexual intercourse.

7. Sex is a mental and physical need, which is essential for all the males and females, good health and mind according to anatomy.

8. Some persons think about sex that sex is an art which gives bodily and mental pleasure to both male and female.

9. Sex is a pleasurable traveling of a sexual life. Both male and female get physical, mental and internal enjoyment through sex.

Thus, the definition of sex is different for different scholars. If we observe it generally, sex is an only a source viz means of bodily and mental pleasure. Sex occupies a great importance in a person’s life according to sexologists. A person does not pass his life happily without sex. Sex should not only be based upon body but on the feelings and emotions. Here it means to say that both male and female should have desire for sex. Sex is a process in which if male and female involve to their longing, both get physical and mental enjoyment, but a sexual intercourse in which one between the both male and female is not agree, it is not sex but it is called rape.

After marriage male and female starts a new life viz a life that is based upon a family. Conjugal and sexual relation between the both male and female should be harmonious because this condition is very necessary for successful family life. Several difficulties arise in the life of male and female if they fail in sexual life.  They become the victim of despair due to disturbance and fear. Harmony of their conjugal life gets disturbed because of this reason. Sex is a personal deed about which a person does not want to tell to other persons. Some shy persons do not share their sexual problems to other persons consequently, their conjugal life gets disturbed. Sometimes their married life reaches to an end in the lack of successful sexual life. Some person commit suicide and this failure in sex become the cause of murder, divorce, quarrel and other brutal deeds.

Art of sex:-

Sexologists and learned gave it the name of an art because of the importance of sexual relation in married life. All the people should have right and adequate knowledge about sex so that a person may get full pleasure through sex and pass a happy married life. Both male and female can get bodily and mental enjoyment through sex if they have good knowledge about sex. Desire and interest for sex are very essential to know these arts relating to sex. A male should know about a female’s habits, gestures, organs and everything pertaining to female. It is very necessary for a male. A person can pass a happy married life if he has good sex knowledge. A man should be aware about a female to know sex knowledge.

In this way, a male can satisfy his wife fully through sex and pass a pleasurable sexual life if he has a lot of knowledge about woman. Without this knowledge, a person neither satisfies his wife nor does he get pleasure in sex. A person sharpens his sexual skill after knowing the art of sex. Therefore, good knowledge about sex is essential for happy and enjoyable sexual life.

What is sexual pleasure?

When male and female get engrossed in each other during sexual intercourse and they feel bodily and mental pleasure; it is called sexual pleasure. Both male and female should understand to each other properly if they want to get success in sexual intercourse. Consent for sexual intercourse is necessary between the male and female so that both may get full pleasure of copulation. Copulation is not a deed that is to be done in hurry according to sexologist but it demands good understanding and patience. We can say profusely that the real pleasure of sex is that in which both male and female may get physical and mental pleasure and satisfaction fully. Therefore, according to sexologists male and female should be aware to each other properly along with good sex knowledge.  

Physical activity and sex:-

When both male and female attract to each other, the smell of the body, touch and voice produce lust and urge for sex in the mind. Thereafter, sex hormone exudes in the mind. In this way, when sexual desire strikes in the mind, this feeling reaches to the top of backbone and informs to the sexual nerves about sex and consequently, hormone fill in the penis and it becomes excited. 

When penis enters into the vagina during intercourse, a change takes place in the bodies of both male and female. Blood pressure, pulsation of the nerves and flow of the blood increase during sexual intercourse. Redness appears on the body. Bodies of both male and female fill with thrill and their breathing increases during coition. As the activity of sex becomes high as the movement of the body increases and the sound of sibilance begin to start. Some become so agitated during sexual intercourse that they start on grumbling too.    

When a male inserts his penis into female’s vagina, many changes take place in female’s sex organs rapidly. As the penis gets the position of erection or excitement as prostrate glands and the seminal vesicles get agitated. As the numbers of stroke increases during coition as the excitement of mind and nerves also increase. When coition reaches in the last moments, the condition of ejaculation makes. When the penis becomes hard and tight during coition, the pipe of semen fills and ejaculation takes place. In addition to, as semen ejaculates as the attachment between the brain and sexual organs comes to end. Thereafter, the excitement of prostrate glands, seminal vesicles and other muscles reach to an end and they start to loose. The pressure of the blood in the penis reduces after ejaculation and it becomes flabby.     

Necessity of Sex knowledge:-

To know about sex is essential to get complete sexual pleasure and enjoyment. A person can not get full pleasure and joy through sex until he has proper and right sex knowledge. He neither satisfies his wife nor does he get enjoy in the lack of sex knowledge. Some act coition incompletely in the lack of sex knowledge, which is harmful for both male and female mentally and physically. Right and proper knowledge about sex makes coition enjoyable. This knowledge increases the time of sexual intercourse. Sexologists explain in this case that male persons start on feeling excitement soon than the woman.  Here it means to say that a woman takes time in stimulation in the comparison of man. In this condition, by making sexual intercourse with woman without arousing, both male and female do not get pleasure. Consequently, the woman becomes the victim of several sexual diseases.  

In this stage, foreplay is used to arouse a woman sexually. In foreplay, salacious organs are aroused by touching them before going to coition. When a woman gets fully excited, it should be considered that it is the right time to make sexual relation.  Therefore, knowledge about sex becomes essential to get full pleasure through sex and to avoid from several diseases.

Technique of pleasurable sex:-

A male does several activities to arouse a woman to make sexual relation but he does these activities intermittently not one a time. Activities, which are used to arouse a woman, are mentioned below. Such activities are as- embracing viz taking a woman in arms, kissing and rubbing.    

When a male does these activities with a woman, the excitement takes birth in her. Sexual relation after arousing a woman gives full pleasure both man and woman. Thus, a man should love his beloved, kiss her lips and press her nipples; he should kiss by embracing her in his arms and he should touch her thighs lovingly. Such types of activities arouse a woman fully and she becomes ready for sexual intercourse. In this way, both male and female enjoy in sex.

Vatsayayana mentioned several techniques to make sexual relation in his Kamasutra. He thought that there are different ways to perform sexual intercourse but the process of sex is only one. In this process, a male inserts his erect or excited penis into the vagina and starts the process of stroking and finally ejaculates. This process is called sex. In this process, a male person inserts his erect penis into the vagina and strokes continuously. This sexual relation is called sexual act.

Sexologists consider that this thing is adequate that ejaculation after stroking by inserting the penis into the vagina is called sex but this thing is applied also on animals. Then what is the difference between human and animal sex? Answering such questions sexologists say that there is no role of mind in animal’s sex while there is a role of mind in human sex. They get immeasurable enjoyment by their imagination and sensation of touching. This is the reason that the different technique of sexual relation are made to get immense pleasure during coition.

Sex can be made more enjoyable by accepting different techniques of sex:

1.  A man and woman should involve in coition by lying side by side to get great sexual pleasure. A man should lie on the left side so that he may touch and press woman’s sensitive organs properly. If the person is left hander, he can copulate by lying on right side.

2.  Second coital position is that in which a man may lie on the back and woman make intercourse by lying on top. This technique gives immense pleasure to man and woman.  This position suits for those persons who are the victim of early ejaculation. Sexual relation can be made by lying quite different way to above.

3.  In this technique, a man keeps both the legs of a woman on his shoulders and inserts his penis into the vagina then he can stroke slowly.

4.  In this technique, man and woman sit face to face. Then man inserts his erect penis into the vagina and he can copulate by gentle strokes.

5.  Both man and woman should cross their feet and then copulation can be made.

6.  Sexual relation can be made by taking the help of a wall. In this technique, make the woman stand to the wall and insert the penis into the vagina. Then the person should copulate by stroking slowly and the man should press woman’s nipple with his both the hands.

7. In this technique, the man should sit in a squatting posture and made the woman sit in his lap then start copulation.

8. To get immense enjoy in copulation, a woman should stand on her knees and man should do the same. Thereafter, start copulate gently.

9. In this way, there is an animal position like other techniques. In this position, a woman stand on her hands and feet like an animal and then man should copulate gently like male animal. This position is called animal position.

Thus, a person can get excessive pleasure by accepting different positions during coition. A suitable position can be made according to one’s desire or need. Coition many times in a position can be disgraceful. One thing is remarkable here that a man should not hurt his wife by anyway during sexual intercourse whether the position is this one or that one. She should not face any trouble in sitting, standing and lying. Hard technique should not be used during sexual relation because the technique that has been used provides newness but sometimes it does not give pleasure. Techniques should be used during sex to get excessive enjoyment. A man must ask to her wife what technique gives her much pleasure and follow those technique what she likes.    

If the woman is pregnant, coition should do in simple ways. A person should avoid sexual relation in the sixth month of pregnancy because sexual relation can affect on the child that is to be born.

There is a need of foreplay to arouse a woman before sexual relation. Sexual relation can be made by arousing a woman through foreplay.   

Techniques accepted in foreplay:-

There are three techniques in foreplay- touching, embracing and kissing. These three techniques are used to arouse a woman. Both man and woman get full pleasure in coition if woman is aroused before sex.

(1.) Touching:

Sex starts with touching. Both male and female get aroused only by touching. Sexologists say that apt and lovely touch give immense pleasure to the woman. A woman gets more pleasure by touching than coition. According to them touching in the form of foreplay provides the sensation of climax during coition to the woman.

Blood circulation in the veins existed under the skin becomes fast if the whole body of a woman is touched by soft hands. The process of touching produces sexual desire in a woman. Thus, hormones start on exuding in the brain of the woman after arousing a woman. The hormones reach to the sexual organs consequently, the genital regions get arousal. Sex hormones work rapidly by massaging viz touching the body of a woman with soft and gentle hands.

  • Sexual excitement is produced if sensitive organs of a woman are touched before coition.
  • A person can touch the sensitive organs of a woman by the help of his hands, face and lips to arouse a woman for sex.
  • A person should touch the sensitive organs of a woman with hands softly and gently for successful and enjoyable coition.
  • A man should exhale hot breathings by touching woman’s sensitive organs with his face. He should touch the sensitive organs of a woman by his lips.

 (2.) Embracing:-

The means of embracing is cuddling. When man and woman embrace to each other viz cuddle to each other during sexual relation, excitement starts on being in the bodies of both man and woman. The woman gets as much aroused as the man embraced her tightly in his arms and as much she gets aroused as both man and woman gets physical and mental pleasure during sexual relation. Thus, a person should embrace a woman tightly in his arms to more arouse her.

  • A person should take a woman in his arms to arouse her before sexual intercourse. Thereafter, as the excitement may increase as you tighten his grip. In this way, start coition after arousing a woman properly.
  • The excitement increases if a person embraces her by touching his chest. Thus, a woman becomes more aroused by taking her in his arms.
  • The man should press or stroke woman’s breast gently and lovingly by taking her in his arms. This is good and effective technique to arouse a woman.
  • A person should press the waist of a woman by grasping her with his both the legs tightly.
  • The man should embrace the neck of woman by the help of his one hand and he should touch her reproductive organs with another hand gently and lovingly. The woman gets excessive pleasure by touching and pressing her body before sex.
  • Besides it, keep your face on the breast of the woman and clutch her waist with his both the hands. This technique arouses a woman soon. Sexual relation after doing this gives more mental and bodily pleasure.
  • Excitement of woman increases if a person embraces her or takes in his lap. Sexual relation after doing this gives excessive pleasure both man and woman.
  • A person should press to the woman by taking her in his arms tightly. This is also a good technique to get excessive pleasure in sex. The woman gets more excited and she will satisfy after sexual relation. 

Kissing:- Just way touching and embracing arouse a woman in the same way, kissing produces an excitement in the woman. A good kiss produces excitement for sex in both man and woman. Love and effective kiss has the power to enhance the sexual excitement. Sexologist has found after researching that sex hormones exude rapidly if all the sensitive organs of the woman are touched by lips and thus woman will get more aroused. Both man and woman get excessive mentally and physically pleasure in sexual relation if the woman gets aroused well. According to sexologists, a hormone (a chemical fluid) named adrinosartitrisific exudes rapidly by kissing. This hormone enhances excitement in the body.  

Circulation of the blood increases by kissing according to sexologists. The number of white blood cells began to reduce. Pulsation of the nerve increases. Heart works rapidly. All the pores of the skin open. A kiss on the nipples of the woman produces tightness in the vagina consequently; sex desire of a woman becomes high. According to sexologists different types of kissing enhances not only sexual desire but also sexual pleasure.  

  • Kissing is necessary before coition. A man should kiss on the lips of the woman by touching gently.
  • Kiss a woman by taking her in his arms firmly. Kissing this way produces sexual excitement in a woman.
  • Embrace different sensitive organs of the woman by taking her in his arms. He should also rub her sexual organs while doing this.
  • Sexual excitement becomes high if a woman’s shut lips are kissed by the man.  
  • Take her lips in his mouth to kiss. Sexual excitement reaches to sexual organs straightly through lips’ skin and mucus membrane.
  • If a person kisses all over the body of the woman excepting a few special organs, she will become more excited and get excessive enjoyment during coition.
  • Sexual thrill enhances if a person kisses a woman by closing his eyes. Therefore, kiss on the body of the woman by closing his eyes to gain more enjoyment during coition.
  • Clitoris is the most sensitive organ of the woman. Kiss on this clitoris produces a lot of sexual excitement in the woman. Tickling over the whole body of the woman enhances sexual excitement in her.

Sex knowledge is essential for married and conjugal life:-

The apt and adequate age of the girl for marriage is 18 year in India according to legislation. When a girl enters into this age, she is considered able for marriage and family members settle her marriage and get free from their responsibility. However, a few girls know the importance of sex for happy married life after marriage. They do not get right and adequate sex knowledge because of ignorance and illiteracy existed in the society. Sometimes, a girl ends her sexual life because of this ignorance.

In this modern era, as girls are becoming literate as they are getting all the types of knowledge including sex knowledge. Today, 50-55% girls consider that sex knowledge is very essential for happy married life. Both girls and boys have become aware how much the sex knowledge essential for a happy married life is. Woman has equal right as the man has on the orgasm in sexual intercourse.   

Problems originated because of ignorance about sex:-

 Husband and wife have to face many problems at the first night after marriage because of the lack of sex knowledge. Some sexologists consider that when a couple involve in sexual intercourse at first night after marriage, the woman does not get orgasm or she pays no attention towards it. No feeling about sex originates in the heart of woman because of the lack of sex knowledge and consequently she does not get orgasm, pleasure and satisfaction that should have been gotten in sexual relation.   

No knowledge about sex is the cause of this dissatisfaction in coition. It is not so that there is lack of sexual desires in women. They have sexual desire but most of girls do not understand the importance of sex in married life and the cause of this thing is only ignorance about sex. Girls, who pay no attention on the sexual relations, do not know how much important the sexual relations after marriage for happy married life are.

Woman who does not cooperate to her husband during coition in the lack of sex knowledge not only deprive her husband from orgasm but also she herself remains far from sexual pleasure and delight. Sex is as much important in married life as the sugar is in tea according to sexologists. There is no taste in tea without sugar and if there is excessive sugar in tea, it becomes tasteless. Similarly, there is no importance of married life without sex. Life becomes vain and passive if there is no harmony in sexual relations between husband and wife. Sexologist Vatsayayana says that if sex is less than need in life, it seems dissatisfaction and if there is too much sex, it becomes the cause of several diseases.   

Women become the victim of several physical and mental diseases if they do not get satisfaction in sexual relations. Women do not make her sexual life thrilling and happy willingly in the lack of sex knowledge.  About these problems pertaining to sex, sexologists say that the cause of dissatisfaction in sexual relation is not only the man but the woman also. Lack of sexual desires and taking time to get aroused for sexual relation are because of women’s mentality according to sexologists. According to them, both man and woman do not get satisfaction until a woman cooperates her partner properly.

It is necessary to know what changes take place in a woman’s body and mind after getting aroused.

To excite women for sex:-

There is a big difference between the sexual desires of a man and a woman. Physical structure and nervous system is made in this way that a man becomes excited only by girl’s imagination, fantasy, touching and observing a woman’s body or picture but sexual desire in a woman exist in deep so to arouse them knowledge about sex becomes necessary. Only a man trained in sex knowledge can arouse a woman properly. This difference between the two exists in the root of their sexual deeds’ difference. Woman’s genitals have been formed for the purpose of offspring’s production and nourishment. In this great purpose of nature, man plays only a small role or part. Sex relation performed by the man is only a deed like other deeds done by him whereas sexual relations in a woman is her complete future and it is related to her existence  in this world. 

Sexual excitement remains in unconscious state in women which is aroused through kissing, embracing, rubbing and touching by the men. Men who do not have the art of arousing women remain fail to satisfy their wives in sexual intercourse. All the persons know that there are several sensitive organs in a woman, by touching, kissing and rubbing them a woman can be aroused for sexual relation properly. 

All the sexologists agree with this fact that a woman never forgets her first sexual intercourse. She keeps on remembering her first sexual intercourse repeatedly and she keeps on thinking that no better sexual relation than the first will never take place in future. A woman never forgets her first sexual relation because she tastes the pleasure and enjoyment of penis from a man on  the first time that never took place before and this is the only reason that she was not aware about the sexual pleasure and thrilling. To sum up, we can say that this is the reason that a woman never forgets her first sexual relation.

It can be said according to sex and medical science that some women feel sexual excitement during menses and some before menses and some after menses. The cause of this sexual desire is that fresh hormones are produced in the genitals of the woman on these occasions (before, during or after menses). Not only outer postures of a woman show the symptoms of this sexual desire but also her labia, walls of vagina, mouth of the uterus and vaginal region all become excited during this period.   

Necessity of sex knowledge:-

Today, when man has cross the boundary of moon and fashion is on its high level, people are in the darkness of ignorance relating to sex. Here it means to say that they have no knowledge about sex. It is a misfortune for all the countries where the word ‘sex is not seen with respect and reverence. Inhabitants of these countries feel ashamed while talking about sex and the cause of this thing is the lack of sex knowledge. In great economic country like India where people want to be on the first position in the fields of technology and money, people have the lack of sex knowledge. There is no rule for sex knowledge in education so that people may get adequate knowledge about sex. Misconceptions about sex take birth in the lack of sex awareness, which become the cause of several problems in future. Not only so, mental and physical diseases can take them in their grasp because of incomplete sex knowledge.  

All the sexologists in the world accept that sex knowledge should be learnt to all the boys and girls necessarily. If they get complete sex knowledge in the beginning of puberty, they will never face problems in their married life and their married life will not destroy because of incomplete sex knowledge. We can say undoubtedly that they will make their married life colorful and pleasurable if they have complete sex awareness. Besides it, they will help in family planning too. If the girls are aware about sex knowledge, not only they will give birth to healthy children but also they themselves will remain healthy mentally and physically. Therefore, sexologists say that sex knowledge must be given to all the boys and girls before marriage. If they have sex knowledge, they will not become the prey of sexual and mental diseases and will pass a happy married life.

Acharya vatsayanana says that sex knowledge must be given to all the boys and girls during adolescence. All the boys and girls should be aware about sex knowledge. Knowledge relating to make-up must be given to a girl at her mother’s home. Sex knowledge should be given to a girl through friends, sister in law and married sister. The girl herself should pay attention on this topic to end the darkness of sex ignorance.

Nowadays, health of adolescent person has been disturbing day by day and the cause of this problem is the lack of adequate sex knowledge. Not only married man and woman are becoming the prey of disturbed health but also young unmarried adolescents. The cause of this problem is the ignorance relating to sex. When adolescent person (girl and boy) make sexual relation, they involve in sex similar to animals and do not get orgasm of which they should gain. Sex knowledge is very essential for happy married life. Sex knowledge is the base of happy and healthy life of a family. Married couples, who have no adequate and apt sex knowledge, do not get the real joy and pleasure that is gained through sexual intercourse. Thus, they become the victim of frustration and imprecate their relatives.

Sex knowledge cannot be given to boys and girls because it is considered vulgar. Parents do not want to give sex knowledge because of shame and a boundary line. If a teenager wants to know something about sex from herhis parents, they do not provide this knowledge to their children and get free from them by ignoring teenager’s questions. This is the cause of incomplete sex knowledge in youngesters. They get incomplete knowledge about sex and consider it true and the result of this thing never proves good. No body can object from this fact that no parents have the courage to provide sex knowledge to their children and the cause of this thing is our family atmosphere and our sacraments. Therefore, sex education must be given necessarily in a country so that young girls and boys may not destroy their married life because of incomplete sex knowledge.  

According to sexologist, it will be very beneficial for young girls and boys if they get sex knowledge from their parents since childhood. This knowledge can be the source of success in their life. Women, conversant of sex knowledge, can become the good and proficient trainer and teacher of their children. A mother can give the knowledge relating to pregnancy, delivery and nurturing of children properly. No other can do this job this way as a mother can do.  

The condition of India is quite different from other countries if we compare India to other countries in the reference of sex knowledge. Here people neither consider sex good thing nor bad thing. They neither have sex knowledge nor do want to give sex knowledge to their children. Often, they fear in giving them sex knowledge and the cause of this thing is their tradition and culture. There are several countries in the world where sex knowledge is given like other subjects to children. In the condition of Japan is a quite different besides other countries in the matter of sex.

In Japan, sex education is given to children since childhood. Parents and teachers do this job. In this country, salacious pictures are sold freely on the roads and a many photos sold there give the knowledge about sex. Open sex knowledge is the cause of this thing that inhabitants of west prefer to watch match than an adult movie. Western people train sex education to their children and present sex albums them on the ceremony of marriage. They teach them about sex through photos and pictures too.

Youngsters either boys or girls do not become the prey of sexual problems if they have open sex knowledge. Knowledge of sex sounds good on the minds of youngsters. They pass their life happily and easily. This is the reason that sex knowledge should be given to children and teenagers necessarily. By doing so, not only they remain far from astraying but also they will pass happy and pleasant married life.

Rumors about sex:- 

People who think that sex is the meeting or congress of man and woman only are wrong. This kind of thinking shows how much they are far from true and adequate sex knowledge. Sex means not only the attachment of penis and vagina but also it belongs to body organs and brain. If both adult girl and boy observe it as only coition, they should consider that coition is only a part of sex. If the girl is conservative and shy, there is a need to talk her openly about sex to arouse her sexual desires. If sex is only a physical activity, she does not excite her partner to press her nipple and kissing her during sexual relation. A woman gets orgasm only by pressing nipples and rubbing to the sensitive organs.