Introduction of massage

Introduction of massage


           There are several kinds of massage as massage of oil, dry massage, cold massage, hot massage, massage with talcum powder and electric massageSuccession of massage is very ancient and famous. Most of people adopt massage if a person is unhealthy or there is stiffness in the body. Often, wrestlers after wrestling and women after delivery adopt massage. A child should be massaged with mustard oil from birth to six months for body growth. Massage of a child is very essential for the growth of body. In ancient time, masseurs are kept in the court by the kings and dukes to massage the body. Some people fond of massage very much. Here it means to say that massage is very beneficial and useful for health.   

           There is a famous riddle about the health in Hindi language that sound mind in sound health. Good ideas take birth in sound mind. A person gets self satisfaction by good and healthy ideas and self satisfaction provides excessive pleasure.   

         There is one famous riddle in Urdu language that heath has thousands of blessings. A riddle ‘Health is wealth’ is very famous in English language. Several kinds of facts have been described to present the structure of health in an adequate way. Of course, our body has made from five kinds of elements and dissolves in these elements too after death. Diseases take birth in the body if these five elements are not in required quantity or numbers of these five elements are not equal. We have a natural vital power in our body because of which we become healthy soon. Mostly, allopathic medical system is used to get rid of illness because the body stats to feel healthy. Side effects of allopathic medicines are more than the benefits. Not only it is but also the disease is not cured by root by using allopathic medicines. All the diseases produced by nature in the body can be cured only by natural treatment. In natural treatment, massage has been considered very beneficial.    

           There are several kinds of massage as massage of oil, dry massage, cold massage, hot massage, massage with talcum powder and electric massage. In the process of massage, rubbing of oil, moving hands rhythmically, patting, process of grinding, stroking, twisting, pressing, rolling and jouncing have been presented very effectively. To get good, beneficial and fast relief, direct patting, stroking with fingers, bowl patting, blowing, direct and fast blowing, vibrating and moving to the tumors have been presented effectively.  

            Member of a family start to massage the child after some days of birth. Massage not only gives strength to the skin but also nutrition to the every organ of the body. Not only children get benefits but also adult get benefits from massage. It strengthens to the bones.

            Sitting in sunlight after massage followed by bath provides of relief. Massage proves very beneficial for the women along with men.

          People do not get time to take care the health of their family members because of the busy life in this modern age. Allopathic medicines prove beneficial in cold, catarrh, tension, insomnia and other diseases but such medicines cannot end the weakness caused by disease. This kind of weakness can be removed with the help of massage.  

           This is called the era of machines because modern men have become depended on the machines. Machines do such kind of deed which cannot be done by the men. These are the machines which made people lazy. Now, a person does not want to do any work. A person wants a machine to do any work.

           The body of a person has become the abode of several diseases because of the laziness. Such diseases keep on appearing on the body in fatal and simple diseases. a person can remain far from many disease if he does a little exercise with daily routine work.

          The body should be massaged once in week necessarily. If massage is done by any other person viz masseur or masseuse, it proves very beneficial. Nowadays, body is being massaged in beauty parlors but the body can be massaged in the home. First, a mat, an old coverlet, head band, mustard or olive oil, a thick coverlet should be taken before massage. Stretch mat on the floor and then stretch coverlet. First, hands should be massaged. Make the oil warm and apply some oil on the palms of the hand. Thereafter, massage by holding wrist of one hand with the help of first finger and thumb and then bring hands upwardly by moving the hand in circular way. Massage in this way to the shoulders. Entangle fingers of both hands and rub to the palms to each other and massage by moving fingers in a circular way from below to upward. Massage neck and throat from below to upward by applying oil on them. Massage should be done by giving pressure outwardly and patting the body.

           Now, lie down flatly on the body and massage to the body by giving gentle pressure from inside to external in a circular way. Back should be massage by the masseur or masseuse. Calves, ankles, knees and feet should be massaged n this way. Lie down on the mat in an opposite way and massage should be done on the back from below to upward by moving the both thumbs. Taking rest for some time by closing eyes after massage is useful. Doing so proves beneficial for the patient.


Nothing should be eaten just after 2 hour of massage.