Shining teeth play an important role in providing beauty to the face of a person. Our teeth appear at the time of laughing and everyone looks them. Zigzag, dirty, yellow teeth appear very bad. Hence, keeping teeth neat and clean is very good for healthy teeth.  

       Types of teeth depend on the thing how do we look after our teeth. Beautiful, shiny and strong teeth are very important for beauty and good health. Everyone knows that teeth appear again after falling milk teeth but after that teeth never appear again throughout life. Artificial teeth never can be compared to the original teeth. Teeth remain strong and free from diseases if a person will pay too much attention on the cleanliness of teeth.   

          We should pay too much attention on the teeth since the beginning of life as we do for the safety of eye. Here it means to say that attention should be paid on the teeth since the pregnancy. We should pay too much attention on the teeth throughout life.

Some essential tips to keep the teeth safe and healthy:

Care during pregnancy:

          The bones of the child become strong by absorbing calcium from the body of mother during the period of pregnancy. Hence, doctors consult to the pregnant women what kind of meal should be taken by them during this period and how much important the calcium and vitamins are for the development of child’s bones and teeth. Besides calcium, there is a need of vitamin ‘D’, ‘A’ and ‘C’ too during this period. A pregnant woman gets these things by including egg, milk, curd, green vegetable, fish and fruit in her meal. She can get vitamin ‘A’ from butter, milk and yellow colored fruit, vitamin ‘D’ from sunlight, vitamins ‘C’ from lemon, orange, grapes, tomato and mostly from Indian gooseberry and guava.

         Milk, curd, egg, fish, liver of a goat, cheese, apple and green vegetable are the source of calcium and phosphorus. Hence, all these things should be included in the meal of a pregnant woman. Calcium is found in milk and curd and vitamin ‘C’ is found in Indian gooseberry and guava on large scale. A pregnant woman should take calcium tablets and multi vitamin tablets to get rid of the lack of calcium if she is not able to take milk, curd and egg. In this way, the teeth of a child will become strong and shiny since the birth and there will be no deficiency of calcium in the body of the mother too.  

Care of teeth during childhood:

        Start to give calcium syrup and vitamin ‘C’ drops to the child after three months of birth. Calcium and vitamin ‘C’ are given in the form of sweet and sour tablets when the child becomes two years old. Children are fond of such kind of tablets and eat them with great gusto. Such kinds of tablets should be given to the children in place of chocolate and toffee. In addition to, a little shark liver oil or cord liver oil is given too.

Improvement in diet:

          Attention should be paid on the teeth all the time but too much attention should be given on them since the childhood for their proper development. Pulses, sabji and bread should be given to the child along with milk when the child becomes three years old. Fruits’ juice, vegetable soup and suji should be given to the child too. After six months, groats, mixed heap, bread broken in watery pulse, fresh fruits, vegetable soup or boiled vegetables and everything should be given to the child for eating so that all the required nutritive elements may be given to the child. Thereafter, proteins and calcium essential for the body growth should be present in the meal until the body of the child grows.

          Seasonal fruits as guava, carrot, plum and apple with peels should be given to the child to eat by washing properly. Eating fruits does the exercise of the teeth on one hand and the body gets complete nutritive elements too. Sucking sugarcane is a good exercise for teeth too but gargling is very essential after eating any kind of sweet thing. Almonds, chestnut, beetle nut and any hard thing should not be broken by the teeth for the exercise of teeth. Doing so can be harmful for the teeth. Habit of smoking or eating beetle is not good for the health of teeth.  

          Curd should be given to the child along with milk daily. Chalosterine contained in curd is very good for teeth. Besides it, all the children who eat curd remain far from typhoid too. Giving sweet things as ice cream and sweets is not bad but such kinds of things should not be given on large scale. Say to the children for gargling after eating sweets otherwise germs can take birth in the teeth because of particles of sweet things and it is harmful for teeth.    

          Eating dates is a good fruit for teeth but their use can be harmful for children because pieces of dates stick to the teeth and this thing becomes the cause of germ affected teeth. If you are giving such kinds of things to the children for eating, you should never forget to say to the children for gargling. 

Structure of teeth:

          A mother should pay too much attention when new teeth start to appear after the fall of milk teeth. She should observe whether the teeth are growing well or not. She should pay attention too if the child is not scratching with the growing teeth. If the teeth are coming outwardly, they should be pressed backwardly daily. Teeth will grow on their proper place by doing so. If the teeth are coming out from the backside, you can do nothing in it. Such kinds of teeth can be cured by the dentist later on.

          Here, one thing should be paid attention necessarily by the mother. If the child sleeps with open mouth, you should consult to the doctor of nose and throat to find out why the child does not take birth through nose. If the nose and throat of the child are well and the child sleeps with open mouth because of the habit, you should help to the child to kill this habit because germs and bacteria can enter into the mouth due to this habit. This habit changes into snort later on and which cannot be killed easily then.

Cleanliness of teeth:

          Attention on the cleanliness of the teeth should be given after the appearance of teeth necessarily. Keep brush into your mouth and bring inside and outside, upside and below side and then on the portion of incisors in crossed way. Do so five times. Brush should be washed properly before applying paste and it should be kept on a place where there is no dust and dirt after the use. Keep your brush far from the other persons’ brushes. If you find that bristles of your brush have become hard, you should change your brush soon. Teach to the children the right way of brushing. A brush with soft bristles should be given to the child.

          If you use twig to cleanse the teeth, it should be chewed until it changes into the shape of brush to cleanse the teeth properly. Many people do not have time to clean their teeth by twig. In this situation, the use of brush and paste is good for such kinds of people. A paste which contains fluoride should be given to the children because the teeth remain far from germs and other teeth problems by using such kind of paste. Adults should use a paste which contains astringent because its use saves the teeth from pyorrhea. We should brush our teeth twice a day and gargle should be done after eating anything.

          Now, the question of cleansing teeth arises here. Teeth should not be cleansed till ten years. Thereafter, teeth can be cleansed in need at the gap of one to three years. You have no need to clean your teeth by the doctor if you clean your teeth properly. Teeth should be get cleansed if it is necessary. Generally, teeth should be get checked up by the dentist after every six month. Treatment can be done properly after check up if there is any tooth problem. Layer of enamel starts to uncover if too much cold or hot foodstuff is taken. After that, a person suffers while eating cold or hot foodstuffs if enamel removes from the teeth.

          Mostly two types of problems take birth in the teeth-pyorrhea and cavities. If blood comes out from your teeth or foul smell comes, it is called pyorrhea. Blood comes from the teeth in the beginning of this disease and then foul smell start to come from the mouth which is the symbol of the presence of pus in the teeth. Then, teeth start to move and they become separate from the gums. In this situation, uprooting teeth is the last option. Hence, meet to the doctor soon if blood starts to come out from the teeth.  

          Fill cavity in the beginning if it is in any teeth otherwise it can be harmful for the teeth. 

        There is another teeth problem too which occurs rarely but it is very harmful for the teeth. The name of this disease is gingivitis. In this disease, gums become puffed and big and cover to the teeth. Foul smell also comes from the mouth too. Hence, treatment of this disease should be started soon. Women should pay too much attention on this disease because not only their health but also their beauty depends on the teeth.

          Sometimes, a woman wants to hide her dirty and ugly teeth. She can do it but she cannot hide the foul smell that comes from her mouth. If this disease is not treated on time, the pus starts to fill into the mouth and it is very harmful for stomach, eyes and brain. If there is any problem in the teeth or it is moving, it should be uprooted soon. Negligence about it can be very harmful for teeth.   

          If foul comes out from the mouth or there is any problem in the gums, mix emoson or hydrogen peroxide in water and gargle with this water. Eating meat in less quantity is beneficial for the teeth. Eating cock or fish meat is beneficial for the teeth if you want to eat meat. The use of egg is very good for the nutrition. If you are vegetarian, cheese can be eaten in place of egg. Sprouted grains can be eaten too. 

Treatment to avoid teeth from the diseases:

How to use brush properly?

  • Keeping gums and teeth clean all the time is very essential to avoid from teeth problems as bleeding from the gums and decayness of the teeth. For it, teeth should be brushed twice a day gently by using good quality of paste.
  • Many people think that brushing teeth several times in day keeps teeth shiny and healthy but is quiet wrong. Brushing teeth many times and pressing brush hardly decays the external layers of the teeth. Hence, teeth should be cleaned only twice a day.
  • Never brush your teeth by giving pressure on them. Teeth should be brushed gently.
  • If you find that bristles of the brush are not good, you should change your brush soon. Brush should be done at the angle of 45 degree. A gentle pressuse should be given on the gums too by the help of brush.
  • Move your teeth backwardly and forwardly in a circular way. Teeth should be brushed from up to below and below to up side.
  • Bristle should be drenched in water before the use of brush.
  • Don’t eat too much cold or hot foodstuff. The layer named enamel disappears from the teeth by doing so and the affected person suffers very much when cold or hot or sweet foodstuff is eaten after the disappearance of enamel layer.
  • Foodstuff should be eaten by chewing properly. Gums become strong if meal is chewed properly.
  • Mix a little salt in the mustard oil and rub on the gums gently and eject saliva from the mouth and spit on the earth. Thereafter, gargle with water.
  • Milk teeth of a child become zigzag if attention is not given on the teeth since the beginning. There are many causes behind it as deficiency of vitamin ‘c’ and calcium, constant touching of tongue on the cavity of the teeth, chewing nails etc. teeth become strong and shiny since the childhood if a child remains far from above mentioned bed habits.
  • Foul smell of the mouth disappears if a person gargles properly by mixing one spoon emosan or hydrogen peroxide in water. 
  • Foul smell of the mouth disappears by chewing aniseed.

Balanced diet and dental care:

          As our habit of eating something anywhere and everywhere affects our body in the same way this habits affects our teeth too.

Beneficial meal to keep the teeth healthy and clean:

          We should take such kind of meal which contains protein, calcium, vitamin and vitamin c in rich quantity to keep our teeth healthy and shiny. Protein increases the resistance power of our body. Enamel becomes weak because of the deficiency of calcium in the body. Swelling of the gums is a common thing if our diet is not nutritive completely. Dentists give stress on one thing that meal should be eaten by chewing properly along with nutritive meal. Gums become strong and saliva takes birth in sufficient quantity in the mouth at the time of having meal if meal is chewed properly. Saliva in sufficient quantity helps to digest meal in the stomach.      

What thing contains what?

Source of protein:

Egg, meat, fish, milk and milk made precuts contain protein in rich quantity.


Milk and milk made products, soyabean, groundnut, seeds of sunflower and green vegetables contain calcium in rich quantity.

Vitamin ‘B’:

Vitamin ‘B’ is found in green vegetable, meat and fish in rich quantity.

Vitamin ‘C’:

Sour juicy fruits and vegetable contain vitamin ‘c’ in sufficient quantity.

Following are the diseases of teeth:


  • Rub the leaves of sez on the teeth or such them to remove the filth of the teeth. It use cleans and strengthens gums. Teeth become shiny like pearls by its use.
  • Immerse one big spoon of dry sez or half cup leaves of sez in hot water for 15 minutes. Filter water and cool this water. This water is used for gargling and mouthwash. Foul smell of the breath disappears and bleeding from the gums stops by its use.


          Mix 6 big spoons soda bi carb and 4 big spoons salt altogether and fill into a jar. Apply this preparation on the brush like tooth powder and clean your teeth to remove the layer of nicotine stuck on the teeth. The layer of nicotine disappears by its use. Grind orange and lemon peels and mix in the preparation mentioned above. A kind of luster comes on the teeth by cleaning your teeth with this preparation. 


         Mix salt in water and rub on the teeth gently. Spots and marks appeared on the teeth because of smoking disappear by cleansing teeth in this way. Such should be done occasionally otherwise the layer of enamel of the teeth can destroy. 


  • Burn bread and grind into fine powder and mix clove oil in this powder to make paste. Apply this paste on the brush and clean your teeth. Generally, it appears not good but it is very good formula to remove spots and marks from the teeth. Gargle properly after cleansing the teeth. Remove black colored bread particles entangled in the teeth with the help of toothpick.   
  • Burn bread and grind into fine powder. Thereafter, mix honey in it to make paste. Apply this paste on the brush and cleanse your teeth. Gargle properly after brush and remove bread particle hidden in the teeth with the help of tooth pick.


          Teeth become clean by rubbing strawberry on them. A kind of luster comes on the teeth too. Apply a crushed strawberry on the brush and clean your teeth to produce fragrance in the breath. Grind strawberry and apply on the teeth with the help of brush. Cleanse your teeth with the paste. Teeth can be brushed by applying strawberry powder.


          Immerse one cup lavender in hot water for 15 minutes. Filter this water and wash your mouth with this water. Fragrant smell comes out from the mouth by using this water.


          Mix Benzoin in simple water to prepare a solution and use like mouthwash. Its use ends the germs of mouth and stops bleeding of the mouth. Its use produces good fragrance in the mouth.

Liquorice root:

          Foul smell of the mouth disappears by sucking liquorice root, clove or cardamom. Sucking parsley leaves ends foul smell of the mouth.


          Brushing teeth with the help of neem twig provides lots of relief. Teeth and gums become strong by chewing the twig neem leaves. Teeth become clean and shiny by its use.  

Avoidance from teeth problems:

  • Clean your teeth and gums properly by using brush regularly. Then, massage your gums with the help of fingers. Consult to the dentist on time to time about your teeth problems. 
  • If there is swelling in the gums or blood comes from them, this thing clears out about the accumulation of tarter in the teeth. This tarter should be get ejected out on time to time otherwise it weakens the root of the teeth.
  • If teeth are bulging out, uproot such kinds of teeth because they end the beauty of the face. 
  • Gums become affected from diseases because of irregular excretion of thyroid, diabetes and excessive use of betel, betel nut, tobacco, chocolate or bubble gum. So, such kinds of things should not be taken on large scale. 
  • Sometimes, causes of gums diseases are tiny. If there is gap between two teeth, a tooth should be planted there soon.
  • Take such kinds of meal which keep on giving nutrition to the teeth as vitamin ‘c’ protein and calcium etc.


  •  Chewing cloves provides relief to the gums and teeth.
  • Use mouthwash made from tea many times in a day if there is any kind of problem in the gums.
  • Using leaves of sez in teeth problems provides lots of relief.
  • If there is swelling in the gums or toothache, the use of mouthwash made from aloe vera is beneficial.