It is a type of infectious (communicable) disease and caused by a type of viruses that later changed into plague (mahamari). In this disease, the sufferer starts suffering from cold, catarrh, cough and sneezing. Pain starts on the forehead and in the joints. Weakness is come in the body as well as fever and insomnia.  

There are three types of this disease-

  1. Shwasmulak- In this case, bronchitis and pneumonia are found.
  2. Jatharantraparak- In this condition, the patient feels burning sensation inside his/her stomach as well as loose motions and vomiting also start.
  3. Neuralgic influenza- the patient feels violent headache in this condition. The disease remains active for few days, but it can become serious too if it is ignored.


        Since, it is a communicable (infectious) disease, so it is infected from one person to another. When a healthy person comes in contact of suffered people at the time of their sneezing, coughing and speaking loudly, the viruses responsible for this disease are transferred to the healthy person. This disease is also communicated by using the patient’s clothes or hanky. 

Treatment of influenza through magneto therapy-

        A powerful magnet should be used on the palms of the patient in the morning and on the soles in the evening as well as magnetized water should be also given to the patient as a dose of medicine 3-4 times a day. A healthy person can take this magnetized water twice a day to enhance the disease resistance power of his/her body. It is very effective for this purpose as well as provides relief in body pain and tiredness. It also prevents plague (mahamari). In this disease, the patient should take enough rest and take nutritive diet.