Method for making magnet


Magnet is made by following two ways-

When a magnetic material (substance) is rubbed with a magnet, it is also become magnetized (magnet). 1. When a magnetic material (substance) is rubbed with a magnet, it is also become magnetized (magnet). According to this mechanical process when a magnetic substance is magnetized through a magnet by rubbing it repeatedly on the magnet towards a certain direction, the magnetic substance absorbs the magnetism (magnetic properties) of that magnet and is become an independent magnet with two poles on both the ends named north and south poles. This type of magnet is less effective i.e. the magnet has low magnetism (magnetic power).         

2. When electric current is passed around a magnetic substance, this magnetism (magnetic properties) comes in this substance and it is magnetized as a magnet. In this method, an electric wire is coiled around a magnetic substance and electric current is passed through this coil in the center. When electric current is passed around a rod in a circular mode, this substance is magnetized with north and south poles at both the ends. If the rod material is too hard, the magnet made will be permanent magnet while in case of soft material, the magnet made with it will be temporary magnet and magnetism will be present in such type of magnet till electric current will goes on passing in it through coiled electric wire; in other words, this type of magnet works only when it is connected with electricity. If this type of ‘U ‘shaped rod made with soft iron is magnetized by electricity, its magnetism is increased. This type of magnet used mostly in crane.                       

Disintegration of magnets-

        When a big piece of magnet is broken into two independent pieces, the magnetism (magnetic) of both the pieces remains same and each of the pieces has its own north and south poles at both the ends. If both these pieces are broken further in to independent pieces, again we find that each of them has north and south poles. It is also true that both the north and south poles are found in one piece of magnet, but not found as separate i.e. one magnet has North Pole and another has South Pole. In other words, we can say that both the poles i.e. north and south are found necessarily in all the magnets. No any pole is found alone in one magnet. Each of the particles of every magnets acts like a magnet.          

Magnetic motivation-

        When a magnet is brought closer to another magnetic substance (magnet), the small magnet particles of this substance are affected according to the position of first magnet toward its direction. The area of the north pole of this magnet is become dakshnikarshi and only it is called motivated South Pole. Now, the process of attraction between North Pole and motivated South Pole is known as magnetic motivation. For example-  

        This motivation (affect) can be seen by keep a powerful magnet near the heap of iron.

       Hemoglobin is found in the blood of human body and magnet affects this hemoglobin, because it has iron elements. We know that magnet affects iron; hence the blood of human body is affected by magnet too. Thus, it can be said that blood circulation is to be affected indirectly by the magnet. Electric currents (waves) are also found in different tissues of human body, so only due to magnetism, the affects of the nature fall on human body.